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Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow by andrebogaert
Taken a while back in Thailand but still OK I think.

Thanks for sharing this extraordinay photo.!


vibrant colors!

Absolutely lovely!

uau! :O

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Christmas Banner 2

Christmas Banner 2 by xymonau
A Christmas background in festive green with a bit of grunge.

Merci !

Thank you so much

neat graphic/ nice frame

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Number 7

Number 7 by Zela
House number 7

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World Trade Center

World Trade Center by RWLinder
World Trade Center construction site.

cool foto!


neat shot

Nice shot!!

very nice!

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Bowl by macieklew
Easter eggs inside the white bowl

Thank you - we used it as an E-Card:

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braided texture

braided texture by Ayla87
braided texture

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Golden by weewillyd
Crocuses on my neighbor's lawn

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White bear

White bear by mzacha
A white bear bearing with a photographer ;P.Please mail me or comment this photo if yu decide to use it - just let me know where. Thanks!I would be extremely happy to see the final work even if you think it is nothing special! For me it is (and for my por

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Eggs of quail in the nest

Eggs of quail in the nest by hisks
In the partridge nest

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ripe organic rye field

ripe organic rye field by Ayla87
ripe organic rye field

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This way

This way by sundstrom
Direction arrow on concrete parking lot

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Shoe Leather Texture

Shoe Leather Texture by crisderaud
A macro shot of quality shoe leather. The leather dressing can be seen in the pores of the leather.

nice one, very useful! thanks for sharing!

Great background !

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Azurite by dyet
Azurite from Chile

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Grand Canyon Scenic 5

Grand Canyon Scenic 5 by dyet
grand canyon, rock, geology, stone, landscape

Thank you, I use this image on web page.

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thirsty by colsart
Daughter drinking from a can

Great shot!

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Bridge driving

Bridge driving by johnnyberg
Passing a suspension bridge (Great Belt in denmark); using fisheye lens.

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Dogwood Silhouette

Dogwood Silhouette by jldrew
looking up through a canopy of dogwood leaves

very nice, refreshing

Lovely image

Wonderful !

Very beautiful, thank you

Very nice!!

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going around the bend

going around the bend by TACLUDA
road traffic going around the bend

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cable ship

cable ship by TACLUDA
cable laying ship at anchor in harbour

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Wanted Poster 2

Wanted Poster 2 by weirdvis
Grungy parchment poster: Wanted with border. Lots of copy space.

nice series - thank you for these!

Great series

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red cabbage

red cabbage by TACLUDA
raw red cabbege head

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community garden

community garden by TACLUDA
various plants in community garden plots

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walk like a duck

walk like a duck by TACLUDA
be a duck - not a chicken - caution sign warning of ducks (and chickens) crossing roadway

I’ve written a haiku about your photo and have published it (with attribution) on my blog. It can be seen here: Thanks, Dennis Lange, the bard on the hill

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London park

London park by mzacha
One of the London's park (Regent's).

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wooden shack door

wooden shack door by TACLUDA
rustic old wooden shack

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star by jazza
Christmas star

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Cake by JakeLong
no description

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blue and beautiful

blue and beautiful by lusi

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Sun Red Rose on black

Sun Red Rose on black by Newsham
Vived red rose petals ablaze with the mid-day sun

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Path to

Path to by TouTouke
no description

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Inca Stones Texture

Inca Stones Texture by somadjinn
Close-up Inca stone texture from Machu Picchu, Peru.

They were incredibly skilled craftsmen. Dedicated to their work also. Good example photo of how they fit the stones.

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sea of Galilee

sea of Galilee by alexbruda
no description

Amazing pics! Using some educational retreat. Thank you!!!

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Orange lantern plant

Orange lantern plant by Zela
Orange lantern plant

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peach color roses

peach color roses by coolhewitt23
peach color roses

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parrot series  3

parrot series 3 by r0bvl
red Guacamaya

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Patch Of Grass

Patch Of Grass by crisderaud
Morning sunlight striking dew tipped blades of grass

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Old electric cabinets

Old electric cabinets by COBRASoft
A high dynamic range picture of old electric cabinets

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Peacock Feather Eye

Peacock Feather Eye by Teslacoils
Peacock Feather Eye

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Film Border 5

Film Border 5 by xymonau
A banner or frame with a film or negative border. You may prefer: or:

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Textured Rose Painting

Textured Rose Painting by xymonau
Rose painting on textured background. You may prefer: or: Use within licence or contact me.

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