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shells on the beach

shells on the beach by krayker
shells on the beach

Great shots!

What shell I say? Thank's for sharing your iconic shell series...


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Little Girl Shoes 3

Little Girl Shoes 3 by xymonau
Little girl's shoes with a magical effect. Edited photo.

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Clouds Moving In

Clouds Moving In by Photonut
Galveston Bay

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Ducks on the Stream

Ducks on the Stream by Columbine
This is a stream that lines my friend's backyard. It's one of the many regulating run-off from the mountains.You know, I lost my cell phone climbing back up the banks right after snapping this photo. But I found it in the grass there later that night.

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Grunge Texture

Grunge Texture by ba1969
Really Grunge Texture with Paint Spatters.Please visit my stockxpert gallery: ..

I've used your picture to illustrate a poem I've posted on my blog. It can be seen here: Thanks, Dennis Lange, the bard on the hill

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green pastures 3

green pastures 3 by criscris1
Pastures over the village of Issime (Ao) Italy

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American dream 7

American dream 7 by criscris1
Landscape of monument valley

Monument valley is one of the most unusual places in the world .... no, not scary. Thanks for the beautiful photo

awesome series

Wow, I wish I was there to take photos. But it must be a scary place, nope ?

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water texture 2

water texture 2 by costiq
water texture in a car wash

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Dots Red and White

Dots Red and White by BlueGum
Dots Punch-Outs from a job we did

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brown marble texture

brown marble texture by Ayla87
brown marble texture

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Dangerous Woman!

Dangerous Woman! by mckenna71
visit my site for more of my free illustrations!A Dangerous looking woman with a hand gun :)**If you are using my designs for online use, i don't want credit... but I would love to see how they are used! So send me a link!**

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Mallard She-Duck

Mallard She-Duck by mzacha
Quack! Quack! Please mail me or comment this photo if you have used it. Thanks in advance. I would be extremely happy to see the final work even if you think it is nothing special.

any chance you could isolate a mallard duckling for a project i'm trying to do? need a mother and babies

If it walks like a duck ... then I will use it in my online Stats class. Thanks!

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Natural amber jewellery 1

Natural amber jewellery 1 by hisks
Gem form baltic amber in silver frame as pendant

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rusted by branox
No description

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Natural landscape of USA

Natural landscape of USA by hisks
Lanscapes form National Parks wests states of USA

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Water on a Fountain

Water on a Fountain by dlritter
Water flowing down the ridged side of a fountain.

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RGB Shirts

RGB Shirts by jaylopez
no description

Nice one!

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Luxembourg Plaque 2

Luxembourg Plaque 2 by debsch
An old decorative plaque found on a wall in Luxembourg City.

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salad by greekgod
a shot of a salad dish with stuff on it... yummy...

nice foodseries

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Lions by tieneke456
Female lions at Zoo Antwerp. This was the very first animal picture I took with my new lens.

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The Matterhorn!

The Matterhorn! by Columbine
Some shots of the Matterhorn from just above Zermatt, Switzerland.

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relaxing by lusi

Lovely capture - and thankfully the horizon is perfectly horizontal. Sadly such a rare occurrence! Thanks.

Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing!

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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence by RWLinder
A chain link fence.

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classic guitar

classic guitar by lusi

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kids playing

kids playing by 11010010
summer in the jardin du luxembourg in paris

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Lots of Hearts 1

Lots of Hearts 1 by xymonau
Lots of Valentine hearts against a white background for a texture, background, backdrop or fill.

Very cute

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Cover Collage 1

Cover Collage 1 by ba1969
Variations on a cover collage.Please support my workby visiting the sites wheremy images can be purchased.Please search for 'Billy Alexander'in single quotes atwww.thinkstockphotos.comI also have some stuff

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Hibiscus&Butterfly Color

Hibiscus&Butterfly Color by Groningen
a serie (3) made with the help of a photo made in 2008 in Emmen Dierenpark

Very pretty!

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Bowland Fells 2

Bowland Fells 2 by weirdvis
Some views of the Trough of Bowland, near Garstang, UK.

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fabtex by TACLUDA
fabrics and textiles with variety of textures and designs

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painter at work2

painter at work2 by TACLUDA
painting tradesman tools

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Stairs by mzacha
A long stairs. Warsaw, Poland.

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Clockwork 5

Clockwork 5 by xymonau
An abstract metallic network of frames, wheels and gears in bronze. Great symbolism or a fabulous textured background. is an alternative.

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Leaf by mzacha
Just a leaf.

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Fairytale Forest - Sunburst

Fairytale Forest - Sunburst by krappweis
Sunburst in natural Spruce Forest - Fairytale Mood

Beautiful scene!

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Stage Backdrop 3

Stage Backdrop 3 by xymonau
A wall and floor with lighting effects that could be a stage, shelf or empty room.

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Stairs of the Sagrada Familia

Stairs of the Sagrada Familia by carloszk
In Barcelona you can see lots of buildings designed by Gaudi. This are the stairs of one lateral tower of the cathedral, at the env a view of Barcelona from 100 mts. Awesome.

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Oil Rig at night

Oil Rig at night by ColinBrough
Night/dusk shot of oil rig in dock in Dundee for servicing

Nice job!

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Industrial Decay

Industrial Decay by rkirbycom
This was once an industrial plant room. Now the boilers are silent and the workers gone.

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Dead tree

Dead tree "1" by jazza
Dead tree in dark landscape

I'm using in a post

It is fantastic

Outstanding! Spectacularly spooky photo! Going into my lightbox.

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