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Developers | Gallery widget

The RGBstock gallery widget makes your website more visible. Include your RGBstock photo gallery in your own website. It is easy! In three simple steps you create the code for the RGBstock gallery.

Generate code

Create a HTML code snipet by filling in the form below. Fill in the RGBstock username, the width (in pixels) of the widget and the number of photos you would like to show.

Include in website

Include the code snippet into your website. Place the snippet on the exact location where you like to have your RGBstock photo gallery.


Save your website and test the result. Your RGBStock gallery widget will show up on your webpage. You have then included your RGBstock gallery photos in your site quickly and easily.

Show your gallery on your own site? It is simple just follow the instructions above.

Additional Notes:

All parameters for this widget are set in the HTML5 data attributes of the DIV element

<div id="rgbstck_gallery" data-gallery="" data-number="10" style="width:200px;">

data-gallery (required) Name of the photographer
data-number (required) Number of photos that will be shown . There is a maximum of 100 photos
data-nologo (optional) True or false. If data_nologo is set to true, no rgbstock logo will be shown in the widget
data-lightbox (optional) A MD5 hash of one of your public lightboxes.
See to retreive this MD5 hash


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