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About Commercial Use of The Photos

1. mrceviz25 July 2013, 21:10 GMT +02:00

Hi everyone, I hope you are fine. i don't know this is the right place for writing here but my question is about commercial use of the free photos. I know the issue of royalty free licence. I want to learn if we want to make a commercial thing what can we do for use this kind of free images? Am i write to photographer for permission? Best wishes.

2. xymonau26 July 2013, 0:10 GMT +02:00

It is always best to contact the photographer. However, if you go the home page and scroll to the bottom, you'll see the link to the image licence. If what you want to do with an image is not clearly discussed in that, then you must contact the owner of the image.

RGBStock is just a venue for the display of photos and graphics. The images are owned and copyrighted by the people who upload the images. They are not public domain, but some commercial uses are acceptable.

You are not allowed to use any of the images for anything like Café Press or Zazzle objects without permission, because that is selling an image on a variety of canvasses. E.g., a cup or a card becomes the canvas and the reason for purchase is the image. You need no permission to use an image as an illustration online or in a book, but we ask that you seek permission if you wish to use an image for the cover of a book.

One thing I have noticed when images are used is that on some websites if you click on an image, it leads you to one of the original size (not to this site) and that image can then be downloaded. I personally dislike that and I don't think opportunity should be given for redistribution, even if it is not directly offered.

What commercial thing were you wanting to make? Perhaps we can give you a specific answer here.

3. mrceviz26 July 2013, 20:24 GMT +02:00

xymonau thank you for your answer. I understand the issue but most of the time when we try to reach the owner of the photo it is not possible and we don't get a response. I want to use images or graphics in illustrations. Is it right? am i use them for this reason?

4. xymonau27 July 2013, 4:32 GMT +02:00

It sounds like your use is fine. Tell me what your project is. What are you planning to illustrate? I just want to be clear on what you mean by the word, "illustration". Some people interpret it differently. If it is within our licence then you can use any image without permission. (It is just nice for the image owner to be contacted or for you to post in the comments how you have used it and a link if possible. That's our only reward for offering them.)

Unfortunately, if the owner can't be contacted, and you want to use an image for something that is not in the image licence, then you have to find something else.

If you have the time, you could always try posting a request in the general forum for a particular photo or graphic to see if anyone might make it for you. People sometimes like a challenge.

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