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I'm So Famous

1. xymonau11 February 2010, 6:44 GMT +01:00

I'm so famous they are painting my portrait. Read it and weep, lesser mortals!



2. weirdvis11 February 2010, 11:04 GMT +01:00

LMAO! Now I'm the envious one...

3. Ayla8711 February 2010, 12:32 GMT +01:00

Oh Dez, I didn't know you are wearing such sharp swords...
Going to hide now ;)

4. xymonau11 February 2010, 13:02 GMT +01:00

Isn't it funny? I was looking for my images on the net, and Googled my name, and there it was. How weird!

5. Zela11 February 2010, 14:20 GMT +01:00

It's a small world after all. Nice find Dez! ;-)

6. crisderaud11 February 2010, 14:55 GMT +01:00

You are rated E for Everyone too!!

7. iikozen11 February 2010, 18:07 GMT +01:00

Now you're featuring your own Manga, next thing we know you're in Hollywood!
I have always been your fan! :)

8. Abyla11 February 2010, 20:02 GMT +01:00

It's fantastic and very funny, Dez..

9. ba196912 February 2010, 2:30 GMT +01:00

I Googled my name. One of the images that came up was a picture of Hillary Clinton.
She got her B.A. in 1969. If you want to see a lot of old people, google ba1969 for images.

10. xymonau12 February 2010, 6:12 GMT +01:00

That's funny! Most of mine in my real name are about bodily pain or some guy called Dez Farfara.

11. dragonariaes13 February 2010, 0:15 GMT +01:00

I laughed so hard I ouldn't breathe. That 'portrait' is awesome. Trading in pointy sticks for samurai swords now?

12. fishmonk15 February 2010, 22:08 GMT +01:00

That knife in your back has knocked your glasses crooked.
Awesome claim to fame though!

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