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Randomness that is my life

1. dragonariaes27 February 2010, 18:15 GMT +01:00

So this last weekend, the boutique my husband and I own got broken into in the middle of the night and all of our equipment was stolen. I had fallen ill the day before, and so had gone home right at closing instead of staying late. I was so sick, I didn't shut down the store properly. I left equipment in the shop that I always take home with me. Everything was locked up, but the culprit had a key from when he worked on this building before we moved in.

This included our graphics computer, my beloved camera, our store stereo system, our cash box and banking information and my lamp. No joke. Kid took my office lamp.

Luckily, he was caught trying to sell our stuff online, so we got it all back, but pretty much everything was damaged.

Camera's memory card is scratched and no longer works, no clue how much of a beating my camera took. Until I get the memory card replaced I have no idea. Doesn't seem to focus anymore, manually or automatically.
My computer monitor is scratched across the lcd screen.
Money spend, bank accounts compromised.
Ipod and stereo system scratched to Hell and back .
He took a knife and scratched the serial numbers off of all of my stuff, voiding all of my warranties.
Only thing not damaged: my lamp.

I'm wondering what kind of deals are out there and whether or not I should poor money into getting an already problematic camera fixed, or if I should just buy a new one.
Mine was a Nikon D40 and I loved it, even though it had some serious technical flaws. It was friendly enough for a non-pro like myself to be able to use and actually understand all of the functions.
Any suggestions out there as to what camera I should look into and the price ranges?

2. xymonau27 February 2010, 18:33 GMT +01:00

You didn't have insurance?

3. fishmonk27 February 2010, 18:42 GMT +01:00

Christine, Sorry to hear that sad news. Can I echo Dez @2???

I bought my D80 2 years ago at almost 900. I love it. It's similar to D40 so you'd not have to start over again. It has been discontinued as other (& better) cameras have superseded it. Nevertheless I saw one in a shop a month ago at less than 200, which I feel is a bargain. Might be worth a look round.

Good luck with it...

4. weirdvis27 February 2010, 18:46 GMT +01:00

Scumbags like that we can do without. :(

5. fishmonk27 February 2010, 18:49 GMT +01:00

Hang on a minute - I was only trying to help...

6. xymonau27 February 2010, 19:20 GMT +01:00

Yeah, but you're still a scumbag, Dan. Own it.

Christine, I didn't mean to be unsympathetic. I sounded like it. I have been burgled twice, at home, and I know how it feels. They took everything of value and I was poor, with no contents insurance. It was devastating, and I'm sure you feel terrible. I hope you can replace everything quickly.

7. dragonariaes27 February 2010, 19:39 GMT +01:00

No I was in the process of signing our policy, so it doesn't cover it.
It's just a pain in my butt.
I'm feeling better about it at this point, accepted that the damage is done and swapped the locks on my place so it won't happen again. Even damaged, I was lucky to get my stuff back ( particularly my computer)
I just have to figure out what to do about the camera situation now.

8. xymonau28 February 2010, 0:58 GMT +01:00

Do you have much money to replace the camera? Would you consider a cheap point and shoot until you can get what you want, or would you rather put that money towards a better one and wait? Either way, you are going to have pain.

9. dragonariaes1 March 2010, 0:38 GMT +01:00

I don't have a lot of money to put towards a new one, but I'm thinking I'm going to just squirrel away my money and get the one I like the most when I can. I just don't even know where to start when looking. I'm so out of the loop tech-wise.
There's no point in buying something to plan and replace it with something better... Thanks though.

10. crisderaud1 March 2010, 13:20 GMT +01:00

That's really bad Christine. I have no sympathy for thieves.

11. scottsnyde1 March 2010, 15:46 GMT +01:00

Hey, thieves are people too.

But yeah, they are sucky people.

I got robbed last year. My D80, both of my apple computers, and all my lenses, my expensive tripod, and my bike were stolen.

I had insurance on my apartment, but it didn't cover "professional equipment", so basically, since I used these cameras to make a living, they weren't covered. Had it been purely a hobby, then they would all have been covered entirely. In the end, I got $250 for my bike.

I was out thousands of dollars on equipment and computers. I know how frustrating it is to be robbed.

However, I haven't even thought about it in a while, and my camera equipment has been significantly upgraded now. (Using the Nikon D700)... So there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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