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Help to Chile!!

1. Lusmi8225 March 2010, 20:33 GMT +01:00

Dear everybody!

I guess all of you know about the terrible earthquake in my beautiful country last february 27, the fifth largest in the world history!

Living an earthquake like this is something I don't wish for anybody, I've never been so scared before in my life and I hope I'll never feel that again, and I tell you this considering that for me and my family was just the fear of the moment, because thanks god nothing happened to us (well just some disasters to clean, but nothing REALLY serious)

The Tsumani destroyed a lot of beautiful places here and my country is so beautiful!, you could take amazing pictures in here!... we have desert in the north and patagonia in the south and a lot of different amazing places you can go, volcanos, beaches, lakes, mountains and also amazing people!! and right now is that people who need A LOT of help, most of them lost everything, their homes, families, and recontruction takes a lot of efforts in people and money.

For this reason I ask you for your help, I see there's a lot of good people in here, I can feel you have good hearts and JUST IF YOU CAN AND IF YOU WANT, I send you a link where you can make a donation to Chile.

Thank you very much to all of you!

Link: http://www.chileayuda.com/international-donations/

If you don't trust the site and you want to help anyways you can do it by sending me food and things for personal bathroom and I can deliver it to red cross or any other organization. If you don't want to help it's ok too, I write this just in case some of you wants to be part of this good cause!! THANK YOU

If you want to know more about it I found this site, here there's what has been our emblematic picture, the guy with our flag... I wish it was me who took that picture, its amazing. http://www.chargerbulletin.com/2010/03/03/chile-struck-by-5th-largest-earthquake-ever/

2. xymonau25 March 2010, 21:32 GMT +01:00

Luz Maria, it has been a terrible thing to happen, and my heart goes out to your country and Haiti. I donate to ADRA, which is in both countries providing relief. They seldom get publicity as the well-known agencies are more newsworthy, and they often provide the items and practical help in cooperation with those agencies, but they do a tremendous job.

I am so glad you and your family were okay. We had a lot of coverage of the Chilean quake on our news services. It was a nasty one.

Yes, Chile is a beautiful country. I have never been there, but have seen a lot of the natural beauty in photos.

And I know I have relatives - very distant ones I have never met - in Patagonia, I believe (Argentina?). They were among the Welsh people who settled there. So I have a little bit of extra interest in South America than elsewhere.

The photo is wonderful! What a great symbol.

3. weirdvis26 March 2010, 7:48 GMT +01:00

I don't donate online but I have already donated physically to both the Haiti and Chile quake relief funds via my bank. I hope your people and your country recovers quickly.

4. Abyla26 March 2010, 10:57 GMT +01:00

For spanish users, you can consult the Red Cross and Embajada de Chile accounts in the Banco de Santander.

5. saavem26 March 2010, 11:43 GMT +01:00

I donate in my bank for Haiti & Chile, It's horrible to suffer a big earthquake!

6. Lusmi8226 March 2010, 15:01 GMT +01:00

Thank you very much to all of you! its really nice to know that you worry about us!

Thank you and if you come someday please let me know!

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