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1. Abyla3 February 2010, 14:11 GMT +01:00

Dark side beats again.
From an SXP admin communication:

....StockXpert will cease regular operations. As of today we will no longer be accepting new uploads or signing up new members. Any uploads that are currently in the queue will continue to be reviewed until February 10, 2010. Then, on February 11, searching and downloading will cease.
The StockXpert website will continue to exist and will be accessible after this date for certain functions. You will still be able to access all of your account information, download history, and purchase receipts. SXP will still function for contributor payouts. And if you contribute images to the soon-to-be launched Getty Images subscription site we announced last month, you will still receive your royalties through your SXP account. If you aren't receiving any new royalties from the subscription site, you can request a one-time final payout by contacting Support.......
......None of these changes will have any effect on our free site StockXchng. SXC continues to be the number one resource for your free image needs.......

Im going to delete all my images on that site with my little donkey called iStock photo exception because it was not a free site and because it will not be the number one never again.

2. Zela3 February 2010, 16:04 GMT +01:00

Yes it is sad. All those hours and hours of effort in the site gone in the blink of an eye. All administrators are without a job. But there is light at the horizon......

3. chris2k3 February 2010, 17:04 GMT +01:00

There can only be a new beginning after an ending...

4. mzacha4 February 2010, 8:04 GMT +01:00

I am surprised it happened now. I expected it in summer or autumn. For Getty it is a one and only logical move - to consolidate the websits that are almost the same... Sad, but logical.

5. Abyla4 February 2010, 9:28 GMT +01:00

Yes Michal, is logical but no ethical. They give the contributors a final payment and good bye. They don't assume their footage after years of work.

6. dragonariaes4 February 2010, 19:34 GMT +01:00

Ridiculous. They have no respect for the feelings of people who contribute.

7. mikekorn5 February 2010, 7:32 GMT +01:00

I spent there almost five years working as an image reviewer. It wasn't just a job, but also a place to meet wonderful people, share thoughts and learn.

Peter created a great site, but after JI takeover and some bad management decisions it started to collapse slowly and Getty did the rest.


8. iikozen5 February 2010, 16:44 GMT +01:00

The only constant in the Universe is Change.
Let's all help make good changes happen!


9. krayker5 February 2010, 18:15 GMT +01:00

welcome aboard! we are currently riding the phoenix :)

I'll miss stockxpert though, I hope there's a user friendly & photographer friendly paid site. there aren't many of those kind!

10. boqueron7 February 2010, 22:53 GMT +01:00

Hello, here I am, at last I´m going to forget sxc.

Javier, un hilo en español no estaría mal. A ver si animamos a otros que no hablen tanto inglés y quieran participar.

11. weirdvis8 February 2010, 10:57 GMT +01:00

@9 I believe a microstock site of the kind you describe will be coming along soon. Rumours suggest that past mistakes will not be repeated. :D

12. xymonau8 February 2010, 11:33 GMT +01:00

@ 10 - And you are very welcome! sxc will die eventually. If they don't close it, people will stop going there because of low standards. The place is like a tomb right now. None of the admins gives a hoot about how awful it is there.

13. Abyla8 February 2010, 19:41 GMT +01:00

@10 Welcome to RGB boqueron, I see you left the dark side. Friends are here.

14. scottsnyde15 February 2010, 16:37 GMT +01:00

I've been out of the loop for too long. So, StockXpert is going under? Does that mean that SXC is also not accepting new images? Is everyone making the move to RGB?

I really wish RBG had the bulk upload and editor that SXC had. Do they and I'm just not seeing it?

If any of you are still using a paid stock site, to sell your photos that is... what are you using?


15. Abyla15 February 2010, 19:55 GMT +01:00

SXP is closed, but SXC accepts new images, today 60 added and 1752 pending (and is a good day) for them.
I use Fotolia but being sincere, i don't like. SXP was the best and not only for the photographer's percentage.

16. scottsnyde15 February 2010, 20:25 GMT +01:00

Thanks, that's just too bad. Stock photography is still a good hobby. At least we have RGB that still allows us to share our images.

17. krayker22 February 2010, 3:41 GMT +01:00

@ 15
yeah, I found dreamstime is another pretty decent place.
I loved SXP though

18. Zela22 February 2010, 11:29 GMT +01:00

A little bird told me that there soon will be a new Pay-stock site launched with some very familiar staff and the fairest percentage of them all........

Stay tuned!

19. fishmonk22 February 2010, 13:38 GMT +01:00

Let's hope 'they' are as clever as the programmers 'here' - and put an easy 'transfer your SXP images' button on the site. I won't be caught twice!!!

20. Abyla22 February 2010, 14:23 GMT +01:00

I stay tuned.

@19 We cannot transfer our SXP images, iStock deleted them.

21. Zela22 February 2010, 15:05 GMT +01:00

There will be several methods for bulk upload available and it sure helps to have a nice portfolio here for application and referral as an artist.

22. assiewin26 February 2010, 19:49 GMT +01:00

@21 I can't wait....

23. krayker27 February 2010, 6:52 GMT +01:00

that's good news indeed!

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