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Kayak in a mountain lake

Kayak in a mountain lake by dlritter
Kayak in a high Colorado mountain lake.

Nice photo, where in Colorado was it taken?

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Biffi hi res

Biffi hi res by SatellitesW
British Blue kitten named Biffi.

Such a pretty face, and a wonderful expression! Great photo.


Aw, lovely picture.

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Corrugated Grunge 2

Corrugated Grunge 2 by ba1969
Variations of Corrugated Grunge Cardboard.Please visit my stockxpert gallery: ..

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Grand Teton 1

Grand Teton 1 by criscris1
landscape of grand Teton National Park

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The garden

The garden by vicbuster
No description

Beautiful colours - not dreary like a lot of cemetaries.

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Hot Sandwich

Hot Sandwich by katagaci
Hot chicken sandwich with melted cheese, mushroom, onions and green peppers

really great photo

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Trotting Horse

Trotting Horse by katagaci
Vector Art

Very very good , thanks

Useful....thanks a lot

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Orbit 6

Orbit 6 by barunpatro
3d image to describe network , transport, worldwide, circulation etcA colorful series to choose from

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Beauty in Progress

Beauty in Progress by weewillyd
Various stages of apple blossoms from The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada

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fruit bowl

fruit bowl by lusi

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Green Nature Grunge

Green Nature Grunge by weirdvis
A grungy meadow with butterfly textured background. Lots of copyspace.


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water paint  6

water paint 6 by rocanonz
acrylic on glass

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Rose by johnnyberg
The queen of flowers must be the rose. Here in close up.

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Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections by Gramps
Just a bit of fun. Could be used for invites, wallpaper, poster, whatever.

Good Job


Lovely. Well done!

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Father Time 2

Father Time 2 by matchstick
This funky little twisty clock sits on my shelf, but thought it would make some pretty cool compositions... dont you think?

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pearly baubles and beads

pearly baubles and beads by TACLUDA
necklaces - costume jewellery - baubles and beads

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Rape field

Rape field by Graphic-girl
Rape field

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mantis by tzooka
All of my non human subject photos are unrestricted so you do not need to contact me for permission. If you are planning on using a photo with people, please contact me in advance. Please mind that I will not allow them to be used for any religious purpos

Great shots!

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old horse cart

old horse cart by TACLUDA
unwanted old horse cart left neglected on ridge of farming property

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On the top - HDR

On the top - HDR by johnnyberg
A single tree on a mountain top in Crete, Greece. The picture is HDR using nine images.

Fabulous work - real mastery of HDR.

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Moonlit Tree

Moonlit Tree by weirdvis
Abstract swirly tree at twilight with starry blue background.

Thanks. I used it to illustrate a micro story:

I stil love these!

Lovely series - this my favourite...

fantastic series of illustration

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abstract flower

abstract flower by iammi-z
colorful abstract flower

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Sheet Music 14

Sheet Music 14 by ba1969
Variations on a sheet music collage.Please support my workby visiting the sites wheremy images can be purchased.Please search for 'Billy Alexander'in single quotes at www.thinkstockphotos.comI also have some stuff atdreamstime - Billyruth03Look for me on

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masquerade by Gramps
A masquerade mask with tickets, basic invitation and all the parts to make your own.

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summer by hapekla
no description

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Crumpled Coloured Paper Blue

Crumpled Coloured Paper Blue by xymonau
A square piece of blue crumpled, wrinkled paper suitable for a great background, texture, fill, or design element.

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Trawler by bern161616
Trawler A fishing trawler heads to sea on Penobscott Bay with Blue Hill. Maine in the background

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Pavement Ends

Pavement Ends by dirtroad
A "Pavement Ends" sign. I had to drive around for a couple hours until I found one without bullet holes.

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metal texture

metal texture by jazza

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Urban Decay 1

Urban Decay 1 by ba1969
Variations on urban decay.



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Lochs and Glens of Scotland

Lochs and Glens of Scotland by Gramps
Lanscapes from Scotland

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Looking At The Sea

Looking At The Sea by scottmliddell
Young man sitting looking out to sea

Very nice picture!

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Fresh basil

Fresh basil by gesinek
Fresh organic basil isolated

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Medication Time 3

Medication Time 3 by xymonau
Green and clear tablets, capsules, or medication in clear plastic packaging. Perhaps you would prefer this image:

This is too cute! I can think of a hundred ways to use it. Thanks so much.

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ornate doorway

ornate doorway by TACLUDA
Cambodian ornate carved doorway

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mandala by EveBlackwood
round coloured shape made using elliptic vector shape

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fairytale castle

fairytale castle by alfi007
fairytale castle

A beautiful scene and a beautiful photo!

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Burlap Background

Burlap Background by SeeVee
Close up of burlap texture for background use.

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Watercolour 12

Watercolour 12 by ba1969
Variations on a watercolour texture.

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Christmas by jazza

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