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Potted plants

Potted plants by TouTouke
Camera: Finepix F30--------------------

nice one, ...but the shadow is a bit odd.

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Tree shadows & photographe

Tree shadows & photographe by saavem
wood shadows including the photographer

I've written a haiku about your photo and have published it (with attribution) on my blog. It can be seen here: Thanks, Dennis Lange, the bard on the hill

love this. Thanks!

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Triple Pad

Triple Pad by woodsy
Three coloured clear pads

simple and nice concept!

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Curtain by Abyla
No description

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Algeciras 5

Algeciras 5 by Abyla
City view. Chaotic architecture.

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african landscape

african landscape by criscris1
African landscape in Tzavo National Park

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Burst Variations 2

Burst Variations 2 by ba1969
Variations on a stat burst graphic.Please visit my stockxpert gallery: ..

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Water by wax115
No description

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Golfer Girl3

Golfer Girl3 by katagaci
Vector Art

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-Fire- by sundesigns
No description

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diagonal old wood

diagonal old wood by Ayla87
diagonal old wood

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Simple Clouds

Simple Clouds by brainloc
This was a simple cloud background, I like the perspective as the they come to the foreground.

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Bouquet by mzacha
Bunch of flowers that is only one flower. Hard to believe?Please mail me if you found it useful. Just to let me know!I would be extremely happy to see the final work even if you think it is nothing special! For me it is (and for my portfolio)!

I love this picture, really great.

This is a pink hydrangea. Very nice shot.

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Trains 1

Trains 1 by Abyla
no description

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Beige again

Beige again by Ortonesque
I was leaving Istanbul. I saw this guy standing in his shop window, wearing the same clothes as the dummies and looking the same way and I snapped him. It's just one of those scenes that makes me smile.

odd but I like it!

thanks for sharing! have used it for this site

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Dos & Dont's

Dos & Dont's by TACLUDA
garden park sign with usage directions and prohibitions

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street bistro

street bistro by just4you
fast food

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Easter by just4you
easter still life in green and yellow

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Friends by zany
Two golden retrievers.

soo sweet :)

Such a sweet image.

nice pose :)

Welcome, nice pair of friends !

Nice couple

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Santa Moon

Santa Moon by weirdvis
Santa flying over an Arctic landscape with moonlit lake.

Splendid ;-)

Great christmas stock !

neat illustration

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Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument by Columbine
Some shots of Colorado National Monument out in western CO. September 2010.

great expanse

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film roll

film roll by lusi

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Backdrop 9

Backdrop 9 by ba1969
Variations on a grungy backdrop.Please support my workby visiting the sites wheremy images can be purchased.Please search for 'Billy Alexander'in single quotes atwww.thinkstockphotos.comI also have some stuff

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silhouette apple_finch

silhouette apple_finch by Groningen
a series of four different bird silhouettes

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Doves&Heart by Groningen
a very romantic vector design for you to use on your stationary, website or for other purposes

Wonderful design!!

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Pansies by Columbine
Some flowers in the garden.

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Vintage Pretty girl

Vintage Pretty girl by knox_x
A Vintage style picture

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London panorama

London panorama by mzacha
A panorama of London - and Thames.

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Construction by naturalna
Construction down by Queen's Quay West

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blue metal chips in concrete

blue metal chips in concrete by TACLUDA
blue metal chips in concrete

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old cracked wood5

old cracked wood5 by TACLUDA
old weathered and cracked wood

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Grass by mzacha
A lawn

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Medieval Wheeled Cage

Medieval Wheeled Cage by mzacha
Wheeled Cage. Photo taken in Trokai, Lithuania.

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cardboard texture

cardboard texture by EveBlackwood
raw cardboard texture

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Beech leaves background

Beech leaves background by micromoth
Fresh green leaves of a beech (Fagus) hedge in spring.

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Grey Render

Grey Render by weirdvis
Painted render background.

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Christmas tree

Christmas tree by nellart
graphic design - illustration of abstract Christmas tree

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Christmas tree

Christmas tree by nellart
graphic - abstract Christmas tree

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Note Pad On Stand

Note Pad On Stand by crisderaud
Leave a note

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Background 2

Background 2 by kimolos
Background 2-CG

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