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magnify by jazza
magnifier glass

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Happy Family Happy Home 4

Happy Family Happy Home 4 by xymonau
Silhouettes of a happy family with symbolic decorations and a house shape in the background. None of my images are to be redistributed. Silhouettes from Manfreid Klein - free to use commercially.

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White IT Crow

White IT Crow by Ear_Candy
A fractal created by me and my laptop in August 2008. Created with Apophysis 2.08 beta. A huge (and I mean a HUGE) 'thank you' to the developers of this wonderful program.

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Grunge Canvas 2

Grunge Canvas 2 by ba1969
Variations on Grunge Canvas.Please visit my stockxpert gallery: ..

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Bellagio by criscris1
Bellagio, lake of Como (Italy)

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two by costiq
lonely clouds over hill

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Bedroom 3D

Bedroom 3D by barunpatro
Concept for a bedroom with nature inside

wonderful work. Thanks!

great series

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Rastafarians 1

Rastafarians 1 by 2heads_Advertising
Photographs from the Rastafarian Community in Knysna, South Africa.NB: Credit to read "Photo by Dominic Morel" when publishing / using in South Africa.

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Pencils by woodsy
An assortment of coloured pencils


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Flower Juice!

Flower Juice! by chris2k
With space for copy.Please contact me if you need the photo in a larger size.

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Background - Metal 2

Background - Metal 2 by brainloc
I love industrial stuff, so much texture.

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Little Black Dress 7

Little Black Dress 7 by scottsnyde
Amy in a little black dress

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brickwall texture 11

brickwall texture 11 by sundstrom
Series of various brickwalls or brick-based walls. There are more than 50 unique textures with old and new bricks, with and without cracks, half-timbered walls, different lights etc etc and very small grid distortion.Check out all my brickwalls on SXC:htt

Welcome Lars, good to see you here!

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Construction in bloom

Construction in bloom by Ortonesque
Downtown Beirut

ahhaa ! nice photograph

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Oil Waste 2

Oil Waste 2 by sundstrom
Oil waste and barrels.

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Ernesto! by sailinjohn
Some formations at the beginning of Hurricane Ernesto, viewed while I was in LaBelle, Florida.

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WAWA Panorama

WAWA Panorama by dyet
Wawa, Ontario, CanadaThese Panorama series were taken atop of communication towers. My good friend, is a tower inpector, has kindly given it to me to share with everyone. Most of these panoramas were taken 700 feet + above the ground.Enjoy!p.s. more panoramas

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful photo!

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Wine by mzacha
Button. Glass of wine. Please let me know if you use it! I just want to know where it was used... That's all!

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side of road

side of road by lusi

Thanks for a great pic. I plan to use it on one of my blog. Prasad

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Flavoured Milky Drink 1

Flavoured Milky Drink 1 by Alessandro
Photoshop render of flavoured milk drinks

wow, that'd make for a neat illustration! thanks for sharing

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A lamp

A lamp by mzacha
Just an old lamp. Photographed near Old Town, Warsaw, Poland.

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Sign 6

Sign 6 by ba1969
Variations on a vintage blank sign.


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Torn Paper 19

Torn Paper 19 by ba1969
Variations on torn paper.

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cat friend

cat friend by lusi

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Ronda Bullring

Ronda Bullring by Abyla
no description

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River island

River island by mzacha
An island on a river

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cinnamon rolls 1

cinnamon rolls 1 by morderska
I love cinnamon rolls, specially since I know how to make them from the outset.

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purple & blue - purple heart

purple & blue - purple heart by TACLUDA
abstract backgrounds, textures, patterns, geometric patterns, shapes and perspectives from altering and manipulating images

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Take a Shower

Take a Shower by vierdrie
Take a Shower

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under construction

under construction by drow
several shots of a condo/hotel tower under construction in downtown minneapolis.

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Flowers by Columbine
Some flowers in late spring.

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Concrete by RWLinder
Textured concrete wall.

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Christmas Background 2

Christmas Background 2 by fangol
Christmas background with blur wave and christmas bauble


Always the best!

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watchful sparrow

watchful sparrow by TACLUDA
resting but alert and watchful sparrow

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spring landscape

spring landscape by alfi007
spring landscape

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Colourful Border 3

Colourful Border 3 by xymonau
A public domain image provided by Dennis Hill and Friends, heavily edited in rainbow colours.

I Love all of these frames. The colours are wonderful and alive & and they make me feel the same. Thank You so much. ^j^

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Oval Grunge Background

Oval Grunge Background by xymonau
A grungy background in rust or autumn colours with an oval highlight. Makes a great desktop, texture, banner, etc.

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Grungy Retro Burst 9

Grungy Retro Burst 9 by xymonau
A retro, grungy burst in brown and sepia tones. Great design element, fill, texture or background. You may prefer: or this:

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Old card

Old card by Ambroz
Old decoration paper in two versions

Love the textures

I love this.

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Fireworks by katman1972
Firework explosions

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