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Heart by tinneketin

Valentine's Day perfection!

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Flare 3

Flare 3 by xymonau
Flare of colours against a black background.

nice series

Lovely series!

Nicely done ;-)

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Foam waves

Foam waves by saavem
Foam waves

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Wheelchair by ba1969
Cartoon illustration of a man in a wheelchair.Please visit my stockxpert gallery: ..

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Grunge Paper

Grunge Paper by ba1969
A grunge paper texture.Please visit my stockxpert gallery: ..

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Paper Collage 2

Paper Collage 2 by ba1969
Variations on a paper collage.Please visit my gallery at: ..

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Windmill in holland

Windmill in holland by gabriel77
taken for a contest about windmills

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Steps by vivekchugh
No description

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Wooden sign

Wooden sign by Ozetsky
Wooden sign

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dandelion clock blowball

dandelion clock blowball by Ayla87

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Haunted House 2

Haunted House 2 by weirdvis
High contrast b&w image of a derelict and rather spooky farmhouse.

These are AWESOME. Thanks so much for sharing them.

This is genuinely spooky. I love it.

Cool. Did you enter the house ?

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Beige again

Beige again by Ortonesque
I was leaving Istanbul. I saw this guy standing in his shop window, wearing the same clothes as the dummies and looking the same way and I snapped him. It's just one of those scenes that makes me smile.

odd but I like it!

thanks for sharing! have used it for this site

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Timetable at the airport...

Timetable at the airport... by dlritter
A timetable display at the Seattle/Tacoma airport.

Very useful image. Nice work.

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High black

High black by johnnyberg
No description

Thank you for this beautiful photo. Nice shoes! I used the photo to illustrate a blogarticle on the importance of putting movement in your career. With it I used a song of Paolo Nutini (New shoes). See the article (in Dutch) on my website Josien Sneek / EATC Ervaren Ambtenaren Training & Coaching

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Free Poster 1

Free Poster 1 by ba1969
Variations on a FREE poster with various textures.Please visit my gallery at:http://www.thinkstockphot ..and: ..

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Vintage People on a cruise shi

Vintage People on a cruise shi by dyet
1932 - Vintage Cruise LinerHere is a image taken from a family album. The photo was taken on a cruise liner setting off to Europe

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autumn by lilamilka


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kiwi fruit

kiwi fruit by TACLUDA
uncut and cut open ripe kiwi fruit - Actinidia Deliciosa

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Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace by RWLinder
Versailles Palace in France.

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Florida Gopher Tortoise

Florida Gopher Tortoise by paddlefoot
Tortoise found throughout SW Florida

useful closeup

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Family 2

Family 2 by xymonau
Pictogram depicting a family with father, mother and child.Could be a mother and two children. Can represent many things.

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Propeller by mzacha
Or airscrew.

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Wild forest

Wild forest by mzacha
A path in deep forest.


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Basho Collage 4

Basho Collage 4 by ba1969
Variations on a bashotexture collage.Please support my workby visiting the sites wheremy images can be purchased.Please search for 'Billy Alexander'in single quotes atwww.thinkstockphotos.comI also have some stuff

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Sheet Music 13

Sheet Music 13 by ba1969
Variations on a sheet music collage.Please support my workby visiting the sites wheremy images can be purchased.Please search for 'Billy Alexander'in single quotes at www.thinkstockphotos.comI also have some stuff atdreamstime - Billyruth03Look for me on

I'm going to use this image for a new series I am doing for Trust in the Lord . . . showing old and new hymns and contemporary music. This one will be for O Church Arise. Thank you Billy!

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Cows wandering home

Cows wandering home by micromoth
Cows on the South Downs, Sussex, England, wandering home in the evening.

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Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet by xymonau
Rainbow lorikeet relaxing in the sun. I used to have a flock of about 20 to 50 visit me every day. Beautiful birds with jewel colours. They live on nectar - their natural food - but will eat some seeds and bread. They die if they are fed seeds only.

Pretty bird!

riot of colors!

Nice shot, it looks like a tiny pokemon :) , so colored

Good pic Dez!

You are so lucky, these are such a beautiful bird, noisey, but beautiful, Nice image.

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Dots Texture 4

Dots Texture 4 by ba1969
Variations on a grunge texture with dots

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Ivy background

Ivy background by mzacha
Just a background

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tel aviv

tel aviv by stellab

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Speaker background

Speaker background by Ambroz
Vector background

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shopping mall interior 4

shopping mall interior 4 by Ayla87
shopping mall interior 4

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Pomegranates by gkehat
Pomegranates on display in the fruit market

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Sunrise at Stevns - HDR

Sunrise at Stevns - HDR by johnnyberg
Sunrise at the famours chalkcliff Stevns Klint in Denmark. The image is HDR.

Breathtaking! --Christa

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I wait ....

I wait .... by Abyla
"I wait , till my change come." Job 14,14 San Juan de los Reyes monastery, Toledo, Spain.

Thanks for the image

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Fish oil

Fish oil by johnnyberg
Fish oil pills with white background

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Valentine Cats 1

Valentine Cats 1 by xymonau
Two cats in love silhouetted against a big moon. Can illustrate a lot of things, including love, valentine's day, anniversary, honeymoon, etc.

Love this cats, they are very cute !

Great series !

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Silhouette Magnolia Tree

Silhouette Magnolia Tree by Groningen
a winter silhouette of an elegant magnolia tree (improved)

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Old Building 2

Old Building 2 by xymonau
A grungy old building fa├žade for your illustrations, backgrounds, etc. Not to be sold or redistributed on other sites, e.g. Second Life, even if edited, without my express permission. You may prefer this:

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Polka Dots on Texture 4

Polka Dots on Texture 4 by xymonau
Bright polka dots on textured ackground. Could be cloth or textile, background or fill.

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