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1. Zela20 February 2010, 17:28 GMT +01:00

My cloud picture was used in a contest: http://www.pxleyes.com/photoshop-picture/4b798cf74ce62/Games-People-Play.htm

There is a credit but the url was forgotten and could not be added anymore since the contest was closed. There is however a source link to the file on the bottom of the page to RGBStock.com. Every little bit helps ;-)

If you have files used or work to show please drop them here. I would love to see it!

458. ChIandra4U1 March 2013, 11:29 GMT +01:00

It seems so ;-)

459. fanbeihai12 March 2013, 4:15 GMT +01:00

it's my first time to add in this forum, hope great picture be in here!

460. xymonau12 March 2013, 9:47 GMT +01:00

Yes, there are lots of those. The examples in this post show how our images are being used by others.

461. Abyla18 March 2013, 14:58 GMT +01:00

Other photos for the bard on the hill.

462. xymonau22 March 2013, 6:47 GMT +01:00

Looks great, Javier!

463. mzacha22 March 2013, 10:49 GMT +01:00

Great indeed ;-)

464. xymonau27 March 2013, 8:48 GMT +01:00

Here's one of mine. The link was sent to me, so I really appreciated that.


and the original: http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/nLIuVOG/Confusion

465. micromoth27 March 2013, 13:27 GMT +01:00

Congratulations Dez! A very nice usage and credit.

466. xymonau6 April 2013, 15:01 GMT +02:00

Another one, and because of what it supports, I was pleased it was used. You have to scroll down.


And another page with several from RGB, including three of mine down the right side:


467. jazza11 April 2013, 22:34 GMT +02:00

We get more and more good links here.Thank you all, it is a great result.

Another one: A RGBstock photo in a online Dutch news paper

468. xymonau14 April 2013, 8:02 GMT +02:00

Very nice. I have a Seventh-day Adventist magazine that has used small thumbnail sized images - one of Billy Alexander's streamers image :


and the other of a homeless man by leroys:


I don't have a scanner to show the images, and they are tiny. But it was really nice to see familiar pictures. :o)

469. xymonau22 April 2013, 13:01 GMT +02:00


470. micromoth22 April 2013, 13:41 GMT +02:00

Nice one Dez!

471. xymonau25 April 2013, 15:37 GMT +02:00

One of Tou Touke's used on a house restumping site:


I just happened to go there and recognised the photo.

472. jazza26 April 2013, 9:38 GMT +02:00

Nice. What is 'restumping'? Has it something to do with chooks or tinnies?

An other great link with several RGB stock photos in it:

473. xymonau26 April 2013, 11:36 GMT +02:00

Are you sure? I can't recognise anything.

Most old Queensland houses are on stumps off the ground. They may be high, with room for another level underneath, or short stumps, only a couple of feet tall. In the olden days they were always made of wood. These days they usually replace them with metal and concrete. Because of subsidence of the ground, or maybe termites, sometimes the stumps collapse or start sinking, thus making the floor uneven. Re-stumping can either be jacking the house up and replacing them, or packing stuff on top of them to push them back to the correct height. Sometimes people in low block houses want to raise the height for an extra space underneath.


474. jazza26 April 2013, 14:55 GMT +02:00

Ok, Dez I understand now. Thank you for the explanation

in the collage are used this photos. Maybe more.

475. xymonau27 April 2013, 8:10 GMT +02:00

Oh, I see. I thought he was using his own images. He does really clever work.

476. Ayla8727 April 2013, 9:53 GMT +02:00

Book cover
from this one

477. xymonau27 April 2013, 23:08 GMT +02:00

Wow! It looks great, Michael! Are you going to get a copy?

478. Ayla8728 April 2013, 8:58 GMT +02:00

Yes, it really looks great. One of Christas photos. They sent us a copy fresh from London, which looks really nice in our collection :)

479. micromoth29 April 2013, 21:26 GMT +02:00

One of my shots used in a blog about tour groups here - http://seniortravel.about.com/b/2013/04/29/reasons-to-travel-with-a-tour-group.htm

480. Ayla8730 April 2013, 6:39 GMT +02:00

Nice and useful shot, Kevin :)

481. Zela2 May 2013, 15:32 GMT +02:00

A bard of the hill poem for my tree picture. I'm flattered and the poem is beautiful.

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