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1. Zela20 February 2010, 17:28 GMT +01:00

My cloud picture was used in a contest: http://www.pxleyes.com/photoshop-picture/4b798cf74ce62/Games-People-Play.htm

There is a credit but the url was forgotten and could not be added anymore since the contest was closed. There is however a source link to the file on the bottom of the page to RGBStock.com. Every little bit helps ;-)

If you have files used or work to show please drop them here. I would love to see it!

506. xymonau15 July 2013, 13:09 GMT +02:00

That's a great illustration, Christine, and I love the little haiku. Perfect!

507. charcoal18 July 2013, 3:39 GMT +02:00

Weirdvis' photo used as a background on a website I'm building... http://showdance.com.au/wip-folder/wip-showdance.jpg Thanks Lyn!

508. xymonau18 July 2013, 15:14 GMT +02:00

Another great design. Looks excellent.

509. charcoal22 July 2013, 4:03 GMT +02:00

Thanks Dez. Their theme is blue and I thought that image looked like a stage curtain. Perfect fit.

510. micromoth27 July 2013, 15:58 GMT +02:00

My blue butterfly shot used on a blog with a nice link here:


511. xymonau28 July 2013, 5:03 GMT +02:00

It is a really nice shot, Kevin. Looks good.

512. micromoth1 August 2013, 21:14 GMT +02:00

Another really nice link, to one of my shots of the Rocky Mountains. Great music too!


513. xymonau2 August 2013, 0:07 GMT +02:00

Great credits, Kevin. It's a lovely photo, and I like the way he edited it as well.

514. debsch8 August 2013, 8:34 GMT +02:00




515. xymonau8 August 2013, 9:20 GMT +02:00

Very nice, Deb! And a great link straight to your photo. I'm impressed.

516. wolliballa20 August 2013, 0:54 GMT +02:00



517. wolliballa20 August 2013, 0:56 GMT +02:00


518. wolliballa20 August 2013, 1:02 GMT +02:00

http://tyopiste.ttl.fi/SiteCollectionImages/Kuvituskuvat 2012/robotti.jpg

519. micromoth20 August 2013, 14:03 GMT +02:00

Congratulations Rainer - some great usages!

520. jazza20 August 2013, 20:47 GMT +02:00

Good for RGBstock.com

and also an other great review:

521. micromoth20 August 2013, 21:14 GMT +02:00

One of my shots of London used here, though no credit on the page unfortunately, only in the Comments section of my gallery.


522. crisderaud20 August 2013, 23:53 GMT +02:00

@520 Both terrific articles Jay.

@521 Ideal use of your image Kevin. Looks good!

Rainer, you have hit the ball out of the park with a whole list of good image uses.
I particularly like the shot of the girl's face through the big Lego blocks.

523. xymonau21 August 2013, 1:10 GMT +02:00


I'm not sure if there is a credit anywhere, but this is one of mine.

Great stuff, Rainer and Kevin!

Jay, we're up there with the big kids now! :0)

524. micromoth21 August 2013, 6:11 GMT +02:00

@520 Fantastic news, Jay!

@523 Wow, that's some graphic image, Dez! And a very apt usage of it.

525. jazza21 August 2013, 12:57 GMT +02:00

Even in Hungary Rgbstock is booming:
I have no clue what they are writing about though

Great links folks! Keep 'm posting

526. lusi21 August 2013, 16:28 GMT +02:00

@ 525 They say just nice things about RGB :)

527. crisderaud21 August 2013, 19:55 GMT +02:00

@525, 526 Ha! Used my image as an example photo. I wonder why they wanted a picture of a motherboard and not a pretty picture.

528. lusi21 August 2013, 21:41 GMT +02:00

@ 527 Perhaps they wanted a handsome man as photographer

529. micromoth21 August 2013, 21:42 GMT +02:00

@527 I think because it's a blog about technology, Chris. Can't get more technical than a motherboard! :-)

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