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1. Zela20 February 2010, 17:28 GMT +01:00

My cloud picture was used in a contest: http://www.pxleyes.com/photoshop-picture/4b798cf74ce62/Games-People-Play.htm

There is a credit but the url was forgotten and could not be added anymore since the contest was closed. There is however a source link to the file on the bottom of the page to RGBStock.com. Every little bit helps ;-)

If you have files used or work to show please drop them here. I would love to see it!

554. crisderaud5 October 2013, 3:34 GMT +02:00

I just found this picture:

Used by Microsoft here:

555. xymonau5 October 2013, 5:31 GMT +02:00

And the image links to the original. Excellent!

@ 562 - Great work, Colin. About is huge, so it will be seen by a lot of people.

556. crisderaud5 October 2013, 16:16 GMT +02:00

@562 Good one Colin. A Google search of that image shows it has been used in over a hundred winter driving safety articles!

Example of just one:

557. xymonau6 October 2013, 5:40 GMT +02:00

Colin, you're on a winner there!

558. xymonau8 October 2013, 11:40 GMT +02:00


One of mine: http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/2dyVNLI/Worry+1 - no credit, sadly.

559. micromoth16 October 2013, 22:50 GMT +02:00

Two of my images (a landscape in Cyprus and a Spanish mountain village) used today on http://www.opp-connect.com/ though without credits, sadly.

560. xymonau17 October 2013, 11:35 GMT +02:00

Well, they look great, Kevin! I guess in a slideshow it's less likely to be credited.

561. micromoth17 October 2013, 13:06 GMT +02:00

Yes, I'm sure you're right Dez, though it would still be nice to see RGB Stock getting some publicity from this site. Never mind; word is gradually getting around anyway.

562. coolhewitt2318 October 2013, 14:25 GMT +02:00

RGB is a growing website, You can notice the new users. The new users out number the photographers and graphic designers.

563. Groningen18 October 2013, 21:53 GMT +02:00

part of my image:


was used here:


564. xymonau19 October 2013, 3:26 GMT +02:00

A great use, Christine. Very art deco.

565. xymonau24 October 2013, 23:34 GMT +02:00


An album cover and a good credit.

566. micromoth25 October 2013, 7:38 GMT +02:00

Great work Dez! I've always liked your ramifying tree image and it's nice to see it getting some good exposure and a good credit with Bandcamp.

567. xymonau26 October 2013, 5:22 GMT +02:00

Thanks, Kevin.

568. jazza5 November 2013, 11:56 GMT +01:00

the yellow tulip photo:

569. xymonau5 November 2013, 13:18 GMT +01:00

Very nice!

570. micromoth18 November 2013, 21:12 GMT +01:00

My geese photo used here - for something I would never have foreseen! - with a nice credit:


571. jazza19 November 2013, 9:26 GMT +01:00

Good one!

572. xymonau19 November 2013, 10:06 GMT +01:00

It's a great photo, Kevin.

573. ColinBrough21 November 2013, 21:42 GMT +01:00

One of my "Georgian Dome" shots is to be used in the production of a forthcoming film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2474972/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

(Don't think its a starring role!! "We would like to use your image in some fake news reel footage, which will be edited.")


574. xymonau22 November 2013, 10:04 GMT +01:00

Well done, Colin! That's one film we'll have to watch.

575. jazza22 November 2013, 10:11 GMT +01:00


576. xymonau22 November 2013, 10:16 GMT +01:00

Wow! Very nice, Michael!

577. ColinBrough2 December 2013, 23:30 GMT +01:00

http://stchristopherolympia.org/keep-awake-a-sermon-for-the-new-year/ - nice credit, with link

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