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30,000 images and 1,000 users - the first milestone ?

1. krayker27 February 2010, 5:05 GMT +01:00

...the milestone is pretty close by. I've never expected this to be this fast!
...was an incredibly fast journey so far.

good work by RGBstock team!

74. xymonau16 May 2010, 3:08 GMT +02:00

I've eaten a lot of humble pie, but never cat. Perhaps it would taste okay if you were hungry.

75. krayker25 May 2010, 4:51 GMT +02:00

ok ...steady... steady....

approaching 40k now :)

76. krayker5 June 2010, 19:26 GMT +02:00

congrats to the 40,000th uploader! another feather in the RGB cap!

77. fishmonk5 June 2010, 20:34 GMT +02:00

Nice work... just 60,000 more to go in the next 7 weeks. I better get out my best cat recipe book.

78. xymonau6 June 2010, 0:29 GMT +02:00

Keeping them in the pot is always the first challenge. Ornery critters, edible cats.

79. jonfletch6 June 2010, 0:32 GMT +02:00

I was joking, you don't really have to eat your cat.

I can hear the animal welfare lot knocking at the door now...

80. xymonau6 June 2010, 4:33 GMT +02:00

Yes, they don't seem to mind when we kill other intelligent and friendly animals for food, though.

Perhaps Dan could go back to eating his hat instead. I will look for a recipe. What is your hat made of, Dan? Please don't say, "Steak and onions". I will not believe you. And if it's made of cats, I'm afraid you're beyond help.

81. lennie6 June 2010, 13:52 GMT +02:00

3k users is also close, I guess Monday or maybe even today it will happen.

82. fishmonk6 June 2010, 15:18 GMT +02:00

It's mostly wool. Not sure if this is eaten much in the antipodes. Do you have a recipe at all?
*fingers crossed*

83. jimdaly986 June 2010, 16:35 GMT +02:00

It probably involves turning it into soup!. I wouldn't advise it!

84. xymonau6 June 2010, 17:36 GMT +02:00

I tried to get tips from here, but to no avail:

It's a shame you didn't think to rush out and buy one of these before you made such a daring challenge:

If your woolen hat looked like this, it might make it easier to swallow:

Face facts, Dan - it's going to have to be Snuffles.

Jim's idea of soup isn't bad, but the only recipe I can think of is to place the hat in a large pot of bullion. Bring to the boil. Carefully place two clean rocks in the bottom of the pot. Boil until the rocks are soft.

85. micromoth7 June 2010, 6:52 GMT +02:00

I see we're now up to 40,000 images and 3,000 users, this is great progress!
Any predictions on what it will be in another five months' time?

86. xymonau7 June 2010, 9:07 GMT +02:00

Sixty and five. But I'm not eating Dan's cat if I'm wrong.

87. krayker7 June 2010, 10:57 GMT +02:00

I see the site accelerating, you know - once we hit the critical mass, we then see the site progressing at a faster rate! only thing's that we need enough referral or connections to as many design forums as possible.

88. fishmonk8 June 2010, 0:01 GMT +02:00

can we please get a move on then, my cat's quacking in her boots if you'll pardon my spellig.
p.s. I will share if you are wrong.
p.p.s. Love the meat hat site - excellent!

89. lennie8 June 2010, 1:03 GMT +02:00

This might interrest you, these are the 'winners':

Image number 40000, a pretty one as well:


And user number 3000:


90. xymonau8 June 2010, 11:58 GMT +02:00

Perhaps we should eat them - merely to be merciful to the poor innocent kitty.

Congratulations, guys!

91. jazza8 June 2010, 21:22 GMT +02:00

I have three cats. I ate cat food once. Thought it was crispy potato chips, but it wasn't. Doesn't taste good. So cats cant taste to well.

92. crisderaud9 June 2010, 2:38 GMT +02:00

Cat's have little to no sense of taste. Their tongue is too rough for taste buds. They taste through there sense of smell.

At least I know that to be true for cats in boots that quack!

That is a grand image by Lusi.

93. Berenika9 June 2010, 11:21 GMT +02:00

@91 Jay... I can understand everything except this - I can see that you have got unlimited access to yours cats food, but your cats have got very limited access to rgbstock.. no single picture of cat in yours gallery.. Are you protecting their privacy or are just jealous that you cats can became superstars on rgb? :-)))
Please post something - funny cat nose, paws or fur pattern!
I love cats, now I have got only one, and worst thing - cat is in my home city, and I'm in Norway - so we are separated :-(
In Norway sanitary rules are extremly strict - my cat will have to spend 6 months in quarantine - I do not think that any animal used to freedom will be able to do this.

94. Berenika9 June 2010, 11:27 GMT +02:00

@92 i'm not sure about cats little sense of taste Cris - each one of my cats had got his favourities - one was eating potatoes - only fresh cooked and warm - he steel one time from my dinner - in this way I got a knowledge about this; second one was eating sour cabbage - but only without carrot - he was using nail to separate cabbage from carrot, and the third one is eating brunost - it's specyfic norwegian cheese - i have to bring a box of it each time travelling home...

95. Ayla879 June 2010, 13:48 GMT +02:00

The greatest problem with the sense of taste of our two cats is that they do know very well what the do not like. They are very picky with the delicacies we are allowed to offer them. Being a cats tin-opener is sometimes quite a hard job...

Now, what I find funny, Patrycja, is, that one of our cats is also extremely fond of some norwegian cheese, I think it is called Norogold or Gjetost or something like that, made of caramelized milk. This cheese is very useful to hide tablets in...


96. crisderaud9 June 2010, 17:28 GMT +02:00

Cats have few taste buds and then some of those don't work because they lack a genetic protein.


Cat food manufacturers spend millions trying to figure out what cats like to eat. But it turns out that a cat's sense of taste is not all that complex.

The rough, prickly feline tongue is a tool cats have used for centuries. Kitty's tongue is covered with tiny hook-like barbs called papillae. These barbs are placed on the tongue pointing backwards, and cats use their tongues to remove feathers or fur from their prey and to lick meat from the bones. They also use them to groom. A cat's tongue mimics a spoon when drinking -- enabling her to lap up liquids in quantity, swallowing after every third or fourth lap.

97. Berenika9 June 2010, 22:56 GMT +02:00

thanks for this links Chris - but I still have doubts about this, because my experience as a cats tin-opener doesn't fit to the science... maybe if this is not taste,maybe smell attracts cats to some kinds of food?
@95 Michael - this is the same cheese - geitost is made from goat milk, and brunost is made from cow milk - that's only one difference.. about pills and smuggling them - I was closing my cat in the bathrom (limited space, no way out) - they two persons have to cooperate to give a pill to a cat and when it was in the cat's mouth we were happy - but not for a long... cat was still sick and vet said that cat can wait with a pill inside mouth quite long to split it.. and it was truth - our cat was just waiting for the moment when we turn our heads...

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