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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


8474. Groningen27 July 2013, 22:16 GMT +02:00

"Dix Pains"
no wonder your soup is so aw(ful)esom ;-)
I like Dez better!

My niece is very good at all sorts of sports, she plays football and has judo lessons and she has more swimming certificates than me including one in rescue! We do a lot of swimming under water challenging each other with complicated parcours.
We "visit" our MyFreeZoo's, and we send mails and make telephone calls.

My sunburn is itching like crazy, really annoying and the skin is peeling just between my shoulder blades where I cannot reach (sigh grumble).
For now I'll stay out of the sun. Today was a day with a lot of rain and occasional thunderstorms but it's still (too) hot to be comfortable especially at night.
I hope Michael is all right, this heat and migraine attacks are a bad combo ;-(

I have made some photos of the birthday socks and the fingerless glove and I've put them in the FB Knitting album
the quality of the photo's is not good, sorry, but you'll get some idea of how and what I hope. I tried both camera's but the light was playing tricks on me :P
The glove is not hot, I am wearing it now, it's 100% cotton.
The socks are very warm, too warm to wear in this summer heat but I haven't forgotten the last winter which lasted on and on. And they are not for me but for my mother who hates cold weather LOL.


PS: I have an Intuos4 Wacom and I couldn't make those silhouettes without it. I have almost forgotten how to use a mouse. I use my tablet for everything like internet, mail, downloads, photo management etc

8475. xymonau28 July 2013, 5:15 GMT +02:00

I hope Michael is coping, too. Heat and humidity take their toll on everyone, let alone if you have a health issue.

All I could do when I had severe sunburn itch was to rub my back with a towel, and take some sleeping pills (my mother had them). They knocked me out for two days and the worst was over. That time I should have been in hospital. I passed out when I got home, couldn't wear a stitch of clothing for several days, my skin was one massive blister, and the itch was possibly the worst thing I have ever been through. I had my father spray my back with numbing spray with lignocaine and it did nothing. Knocking myself out was the only solution. I had walked around the beach in a pair of togs (swimmers) for at least 8 hours, and I didn't use sunblock. I deserved it, seriously. I was almost thirty then and still daft.

I commented on your excellent knitting on FB. Great work, and I wish I had your talent.

Christine, do you trace with the Wacom? I have tried to but without any success. It is always a mess. I long ago lost the instructions for how to set the thing up. I keep forgetting to use the pen instead of a mouse. That would help my hands a bit, too. Once I move, I'll try to get a return for this desk or an bigger one so I have somewhere to put the Wacom. I generally use it on my lap.

I think mine is a Sapphire which looks like this:

I don't remember ever using the Wacom mouse and I wouldn't know where it is now. It's very old.


8476. Groningen28 July 2013, 21:26 GMT +02:00

I use the Illustrator Pen Tool together with the Wacom, it let's you put down anchor points that you can manipulate with handles and the line stretches from point to point and when you handle the handles ;-) correctly you get a smooth flowing curvy line. It took me some time to get this far believe me :-D
I don't think I could do that with the Wacom on my lap though
does the Sapphire have a pen too or only a mouse?
the Intuos4 didn't come cheep but I never regretted spending the money; but then again I didn't buy a house (or a car) and I have the smallest model which comes at just under 400 euro
there is a less expensive version called Bamboo which is around 90 euro for the S model (small), but I don't have experience with it so I couldn't tell you if it works just as well, it does have a pen


8477. Ayla8729 July 2013, 9:54 GMT +02:00

I'm fine, Dez, thanks for worrying. There is just a lot of work at the moment, so I'm running a bit out of time. And sleeping is slightly difficult at 27 °C (at home at night, not in my office). We don't have aircondition and we don't even want to, we would catch a cold when we change too often between hot and cold environments. So we just have to wait for friendlier weather.

I hope things will go well tomorrow for you on settlement day without any bad surprises.


8478. xymonau29 July 2013, 12:00 GMT +02:00

Glad to see you back, Michael. I'm sorry it's so hot there. I would die without my air conditioner now. I manage to go from air con at work, to air con in the car to air con at home during summer. Not that I will be able to afford it any more!

Christine, that was an excellent Wacom. Mine was the cheap one - about $120 here - but not the small one. It's perhaps 10 to 12'' by the same (no centimetres register with me in smaller measurements, sorry! I was raised with feet and inches). It has some vague pressure differences, but nothing sophisticated. It has a clear panel under which you are supposed to place your image and trace. It has never worked for me. And I don't have Illustrator. You must have patience to do the silhouettes. I have never seen the Bamboo, although I have seen some of the older small ones.

I spent all afternoon and half of the morning worrying about the darn house. Yesterday the solicitor sent me copies of the council searches. it turns out the issues are site drainage and the building slab not being high enough above the ground. I knew this from the report, but I was unaware that the council had a hand in it.

My solicitor said they would sort it out, and that it is the responsibility of the seller to satisfy the council demands. This morning I emailed my boss to let him know I had to take time off tomorrow. I emailed the work accountant to ask her to stop paying my rent. I phoned my agent to find out how far ahead my rent is paid (September, would you believe?) and to ask for the form required to give notice. A few minutes later the solicitor contacted me and advised me not to complete settlement because the sellers were flatly refusing to foot the bill for the work needed, denying they ever heard from the council.

Sooo I backtracked with everyone - except my agent. This afternoon the big boss at the solicitor's office phoned me and he was fuming about the solicitor for the sellers. He called her an ignorant fool amongst other things. he said she was quoting laws that had nothing to do with the issue at hand. He asked me to get a vague quote on the work needed, which I did. It's about three thousand dollars. When I called him back he said I might as well agree to settlement for two reasons. The first is that even though they refuse to pay, it would cost more than that to take them to court. The second is that if I refuse settlement now they can sue me. Rock and hard place. I had no choice.

I have been assured that the council is extremely unlikely to insist that the work be done in the short term. The original requisition was in 1996! LOL You can see how efficient they are, can't you? And this particular area (it's not a town or a suburb, really) has changed councils on a lot of occasions over the years. I may never have to do anything, but if I try to sell it, the next buyers will query this same issue.

I am obliged to continue, and I want to. I think I can manage to do some of the work on the cheap, but I need help with the drainage issue, so I'd pay someone - a landscaper or drain person - to do that. There are no council drains and the water will just go down to my neighbour's lawn. I hope they have good drainage. The joys of living in woop-woop.

( http://www.woopwoop.com.au/Woop_Woop/index.html )


8479. Ayla8729 July 2013, 12:25 GMT +02:00

So let them drain your account now and go on with the party. Don't worry too much, stick to the happy aspects of all the new opportunities you are getting now. Take one step after another and make the most out of it. It's a pity that the requests from the council aren't on record, too, so that those dumb sellers can claim they have never heard of anything. When the original requisition was in 1996 an they only owned the place for a few years now, maybe they didn't even lie to you, who knows?


8480. Groningen29 July 2013, 21:46 GMT +02:00

woop woop is far out ;-)

I'm afraid the sellers counted on this situation evolving and you being forced to accept it as it is :-(


BTW: glad you are managing Michael :-D

8481. xymonau30 July 2013, 15:30 GMT +02:00

Very tired. Own the house. Also had to fire someone today. Not pleasant at all, as I like them personally. I'm glad to sleep tonight. Hope all is well with everyone.


8482. Groningen30 July 2013, 18:47 GMT +02:00

sweet dreams Dez


8483. Mike_Houston30 July 2013, 21:29 GMT +02:00

Jumping in to join in :-)

file... (rgbstock has one or two)!

8484. xymonau30 July 2013, 22:45 GMT +02:00


Welcome, Mike!

8485. Ayla8731 July 2013, 7:07 GMT +02:00

Hi Mike, nice that you join in.

@Dez: First of all - congrats, Dez, don't forget the party. We always expected it would


like a lot of rollercoaster-riding, but now it's yours. I think that is what counts most. You have the keys to turn your life to happy living now. Try not to struggle too much.

8486. xymonau31 July 2013, 10:28 GMT +02:00

Thanks, Michael. Things are falling into place. I'm taking a couple of days off this weekend to begin packing, cleaning and on Monday, moving a lot of stuff with a friend from the Sunshine Coast, who is bringing his ute up for the day. Termites were thrashed today. Power connected. Two less things to do.\

I bumped into a lady I hardly know tonight in the supermarket, but she remembered me. We had a lovely chat and I think I might keep in touch with her.

The party will happen. Maybe virtually, but it will. At least that kind doesn't disturb the neighbours. :o)

I'm beginning to think all the males on RGB are called "Michael" or a variation of that!


8487. Ayla871 August 2013, 6:51 GMT +02:00

That sounds so good, things literally begin to move now. When do you think that you will sleep there for the first time?

A huge heap of work, but you know, a move is always such a great chance to leave ballast behind you and make a fresh start. I'm so happy for you that this house with all the land around provides so many opportunities for you to blossom.

How does that speedy highway exit feel, have you got used to it or do you still need a parachute to get off?


8488. gesinek1 August 2013, 16:24 GMT +02:00

Dez, I'm happy for you that things finally starts. Moving is always exhausting, but new surroundings are always existing.


Now my two weeks off at last starts. Time for everything :-)

8489. Groningen1 August 2013, 19:32 GMT +02:00

happy holidays gesine!
More hot weather to come, is this still Europe or have we secretly moved to the tropics?

and Dez: is there a septic tank or not??
And have you slept there yet?
and we want pictures!!
Moving pictures can be useful stock :-)


(I am sick and tired of this heat)

8490. Mike_Houston1 August 2013, 20:09 GMT +02:00

Thanks for your kind welcome... Dez, Michael & Christa...


I could'nt resist... Mathew, Mark, Luke and John!!! Bless you guys.

Toronto is having some very strange weather these last few weeks... just about everything you can imagine thrown at us... the lighting storms are really cool!!!

8491. xymonau2 August 2013, 0:42 GMT +02:00

Enjoy your holiday, Gesine. I hope you have a refreshing break.

No, Christine, I haven't slept in the septic yet. (LOL - The juxtaposition of your questions made me laugh.) It does exist, and I even spoke to the agents who rented the place for the owners. They said it hasn't been treated for over three years, but because of the size of the families in the place, it should last a couple more before I have to have it pumped out. One bit of advice they gave was that I have to empty the grey water tank constantly because it flows over to the septic when full, and that's when there are problems. I'm going to have to get a garden planted ASAP, but I guess my neighbours are going to have my bathwater flowing down through their back yard. I will be getting water from both neighbours beside me because of the shape of the land.

I'm not sure yet when I'll have the furniture moved. Living in woop-woop, it's hard to get anything dome professionally, and I've spent three days trying to communicate with someone who gave ma quote to mow the yard. I'm going to have to get someone else, as that really has to be done.

I had the termite prevention done and the inside of the house sprayed, I've connected the power and the phone will be connected on Wednesday.

Today I'm cleaning this house a bit and packing some things. I'll make my first trip over there as the owner. I'll take some stuff over today, then on Monday my friend will be here with his ute and we can move larger boxes and hopefully fill the rollers on the sliding doors, which are broken.

I'm trying to take as little time off work as I can, so I think I might pay someone to move the larger items, so itsa all done on the one day. My problem is the birds. I can't take them in their cages, as they are too big. I think I have only one cat cage, and I can't put them in that together. They have to go when I go, as they get really stressed out every time I move, and they get a bit sick. Sensitive little things, cockatiels.

My hands have been really bad. I'm having to sleep in the braces at night, and I had to stop knitting. That is definitely what made them deteriorate so quickly. I'm disappointed, as I was enjoying it, but since I stopped, they have improved a bit. I am definitely getting injections in both as soon as I can find the time, but it has to be after the move because you aren't supposed to lift things for a couple of weeks. They don't feel too bad today, thankfully.

The northern hemisphere is having very hot weather and I guess that means we are going to have the extreme heat and storms in our summer as well. Our winter has been one long dreary wet one. It's supposed to be dry at this time of year. I can only hope we have a dry summer, but that's our wet season. If I ever find a use for mildew I'll be a rich woman. And if we have more floods I'm definitely buying a dinghy!

Mike, I know Canada is a cold place, but have you had high temperatures there?

And Michael, so far I've only been there a couple of times, and the worst traffic is around roadworks. It has been easy to turn across the highway. When I start leaving at peak hours it may be different. My car is still missing top gear, so I find that daunting on the highway. I will have to get it fixed as soon as I can.


8492. Ayla872 August 2013, 9:18 GMT +02:00

Gesine, have a great time, relax and soothe your soul...

Christine, I don't like this heat as well. It's hard to sleep and the next days are going to be quite hot again. I would consider to move into our fridge, but I'm not athletic enough to fit in there.

Mike, such lighting storms must be a glorious sight. They happen at night here only and are not very spectacular. Our shutters are closed then, so I miss all the fun and prefer to try to sleep because I always have to get up early.

There now, we are discovering Dez' secrets, she is opening a brewery for her soup to bring that septic tank to a new use. But the size of it should be good for a lot of soup. What a party... Will be the talk of the town for a long time ;-)

Wouldn't it be helpful to use the bathwater to flush the toilet instead of the neighbours, to save some water? When you are dependant on tank water, do you try to collect rain water somehow to water the plants in the garden? I remember when I was a child in the garden of my mum we had several large metal barrels standing around, like these:


With the rain water collected in there I filled several watering cans which saved a lot of water.

With your warm winter you are lucky enough to be able to plant your garden whenever you want. We have many frosty months when nothing would grow and when every garden work would have to wait (everything covered by snow).

I wonder that you start cleaning the house already, Moving out will throw up a lot of dust again all the time. You will be amazed what you can find behind all your furniture...

Perhaps you can find a neighbour with a cat - or even some vet - to borrow you another cat cage for the bird transport? There are certainly a lot of cat owners around, that shouldn't be too difficult.

I could have told you that knitting wouldn't work with your hands. Christa has made the exact same experience some years ago, so she had to give up using that


too. So we made that one last photo and then we put the stuff on the litter box for the neighbours to collect and have their fun.

It's good to hear that the highway experiences haven't been too bad. I hope it will not cost a fortune to get your fourth gear back on line, and I hope that repair doesn't take very long. If they would take a lot of time to fix it I suppose they would have to give you a replacement car to keep you mobile.


8493. xymonau2 August 2013, 14:08 GMT +02:00

Comparing my soup and the septic is a bit rich. My soup is much more toxic.

All the grey water - from the sink, shower, handbasin and laundry - is collected in the greywater tank. This means I can use things like bleach, which eventually evaporates and changes. If it was to go into flushing the toilet, it would go to the septic tank and kill all the bacteria, which make the whole system work. It's true that it would save water, and perhaps if we have a drought I may top up the toilet cistern with grey water, but at present we have had so much rain that I am not going to make much of a dent in the tankwater for a while. There are so amny places that I have seen now that water is running off, and I would like to put guttering around them all and send that water to another tank. I just don't have that much financial flexibility any more, so I'm going to have to look at my options. There is a large container that was collecting rainwater from broken guttering, but it was full and growing algae when I saw it. I didn't look for it today. I really need a full sized tank. I think in the recent rain a very large tank could have been filled easily. Still, If I had to pay for a load of water, I wouldn't mind, since they stopped putting fluoride in it in the local area.

I took some things over today. The yard is nicely mowed now, and I'll get the fellow to get rid of some weeds next time. They are growing in a sort of covered thingy - like a mini greenhouse, but with shade cloth. Great snake habitat.

There were three galahs on my lawn today when I was there. They didn't freak out when I approached. They were picking where the grass had been cut. I'm looking forward to seeing all the birdlife there. I can't have them doing their droppings on my roof if I can help it, but I still want them to visit.

http://members.iinet.net.au/~jgowland/birds/Pink Galah1.JPG

A photo of galahs so you know what I mean. Australian birds are often called different names overseas.

I'm sorry Christa has had the same problems. Are her hands better now, or does she have a chronic condition?

I did laugh when you mentioned a replacement car. In this town there is no such thing. If you had a brand new car and it required a major service at the dealer, then possibly. Or if it was being repaired under insurance, then it would be more likely. Otherwise, you're on your own. And because this requires major work, it would take several days. I can ask my staff to pick me up (with permission from my boss) in the work vehicle. I think that's all I can do since I will be living so far out of town. Cab fares would be very high. There is a bus that leaves about 8am. If I could get my tail into gear I could catch it one way - at least most of the way to work. We'll see.

And I found the second cage. My memory is shot lately. I was sure I had another, but I was thinking of a broken one that I had thrown away. It was staring at me in my "junk" room (the second bedroom) today.

I need to get a set of drawers or shelves really soon. I thought I had seen a top shelf in the wardrobes, but there isn't one. All the loose clothing I took over has been piled on the wardrobe floor for now. So I might look for some things on Sunday or Monday after we move everything that can go for now. There is no linen closet, so I'll look for something to put in the laundry, I think.

I saw some cheap shovels advertised online (second hand) and I emailed the advertiser, who lives in this town. They would be really handy, and there is a garden fork as well.

Did your mother have a garden, Michael? Food plants, flowers or both? I have never really been a gardener, but I would like to try my hand.


8494. Groningen4 August 2013, 22:13 GMT +02:00

sorry to hear that the knitting made your hands feel worse Dez
and it's a shame Christa had to stop knitting
I have read somewhere that a different shaped knitting needle might help in case of artrose; they are wooden square knitting needles (with round points of course)
erfahrungen german forum:

KnitPro Cubics on YouTube (En)

I am still knitting along merrily
right now I'm knitting a very simple cap (Mütze)
I got a free pattern if I bought the wool the wool came with a 20% discount
and I just couldn't resist

I am becoming a bit of a yarn-horder
I have even read on Ravelry that some knitters are on a yarn-diet LOL
anyway the pattern is so simple that I keep making mistakes and have to start all over again, three times so far!!!
and since the cap is for my mother it has to be finished August 7th
remember ;-)

oh and I knitted a fingerless glove for my niece and forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to her (sorry)
it's blue with white stripes and I've decorated it with white letters: PEC that is the local football club of Zwolle (the team is not very successful but my niece is a fan).
taking up knitting means less time for other things
it's been so long since I have read a


8495. Ayla875 August 2013, 8:51 GMT +02:00

Now, Dez, how did the weekend work out for you? I hope everything went fine with the help of your friend and his ute? Not that I would expect you to look nearly as relaxed as Mimi on her RGB debut photo (thanks for all the nice comments @Dez & Christine, we are happy to have her online here now).

It is interesting to see that we all have to think more about water if the resources aren't endless (in your case because of tank capacities) and it does make a difference where it all ends up and if the bacteria can cope with it. Good that they stopped fluoridizing you.

What kind of snakes are you growing, are some of them poisonous? No wonder your soup is more toxic.

The galahs are really beautiful. They are also nicely colourful. The most common birds in Berlin are these ones
They are commonly called "Spatz" in German. Not so colourful, but very trusting. When you are sitting in front of a Café they will come and pick pieces of bread from your table.

Christas Hands are better now, this has helped a lot
It contains Diclofenac against the pain. I use it, too, whenever my mousearm begins to bother me once in a while.

Christine, we will look into the needles you suggested, but I'm afraid it is not so much a question of the material used, but more of the way you hold it and the always recurring movements which are the problem for the muscles. Probably stretching them a little bit too much in an unnatural pose.

It really sounds as if the car repair will be a hard time now with that long distance to work. Good that you have such helpful colleagues.

Yes, my mother had a 400 m² garden for many years, which was half an hour's drive away in another part of Berlin than where we lived at that time. Community gardens were always cluttered around (loud) railway tracks and areas like that. Changing during the seasons of the year we grew apples there, sour cherries, asparagus, black currant, gooseberry, tomatoes, cucumber, walnuts, and all kinds of different flowers, especially lots of dahlia.



after all the things you have planted yourself (and fight against the weed) means a lot of joy and work at the same time. It will take some time to find out what grows best at your place, but you are in no hurry. This is also a very fruitful subject to talk about to your new neighbours. Those of my colleagues who live in an own house with a garden around tell me that they enjoy the garden work a lot. Seems to be a great hobby and source of inspiration, especially when you only need to step out to enjoy it (without such a long drive as we had it way back then).

8496. xymonau6 August 2013, 14:37 GMT +02:00

I hope your mother's cap is finished, Christine. You are like a production line with your knitting. I think it's fabulous. That hat is going to look excellent. I love the colours in the wool.

I don't think the square needles would help me. It's the use of my thumbs that seems to make it all worse. While it might take a little less effort, it wouldn't be enough, and it would still be repetitive movement. Even typing hurts my hands these days. If I rest them they get a bit better, I've found.

Knitting is more productive than reading (which is why I wanted to do some for a while), but reading is something I used to do a lot. These days I prefer factual stories. I don't like feeling emotional about a fictional story. Maybe I hear too much in my work. I prefer comedy - Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett for example - or good quality science fiction if I must read fiction. Since my eyes have deteriorated, I read most things online. I like reading widely for general knowledge, but as I get older my focus has changed somewhat. I don't have the energy to read up on things that don't interest me or that aren't beneficial.

Michael, I use Voltaren gel all the time. It is very effective. When I was younger I was taking Voltaren tablets for tenosynovitis in my shoulders, and they gave me gastric ulcers. Very nasty. The gel works well locally and is the most effective of all I have tried. It is also absorbed better.

Yes, I am growing poisonous snakes. None of your wimpy little pythons or tree snakes. It's hard to keep them planted though...

My friend came up on Monday and we moved a whole heap of things to the house. Several boxes have not been touched for three years. This time I will be more motivated to unpack and sort through them and get rid of anything I don't need. My friend's vehicle could hold a lot more than I thought, so I was madly shoving things in bags and boxes to complete the load. Later, I bought a new mattress and a washing machine. It was a bit of a bargain, too, so I was really pleased. I bought the shovels, etc, that I mentioned previously, too.

I have to be at the house early tomorrow for the delivery and to have the phone connected. On Thursday my friend will come up again and pick up the mattress for me. We'll take as much to the house as we can, and he will remove the old rusted tank and other rubbish for me. He has a chainsaw and has offered to chop down a couple of trees that I don't want to kill, but which need to be controlled. I think one is a Poinciana, but I don't know what the other is. I appear to have a palm tree as well. He was such a help to me. he carried most of the heaviest things - although we had to share the weight of the heaviest. And I bought some flat pack pantries which weighed a ton, and that nearly killed usboth! I couldn't get them much further than the front door. I'm hoping my sone and partner will put them together for me. They will be here on Monday.

I have taken a week off work as of tomorrow. It is too big a job to do in bits and pieces. If I can find anyone to move me, I'll get the large items moved on Monday, which means I'll be living in the new place from then. That means I'll be off the air for a while. I will have access at work sometimes. I don't have a television, so I'll be having early nights for a while! LOL My son will return to Brisbane on Wednesday, so I hope they're prepared to work hard for two days. I won't get to see my granddaughters, sadly, but I hope they will come up during the next school holidays.

You did tell me about your mother's garden before, Michael, but my memory is bad. Tomatoes and cucumbers are about the only things from that list that I'm likely to be able to grow. I would love to plant some established fruit trees - avocado, custard apple, lychee and possibly a mango tree - but I would have to keep it well pruned as they grow too big and are very messy things in a yard. Avocadoes need two varieties to pollinate, so that may be unrealistic unless my neighbours have some. Definitely passionfruit. I will plant the pawpaw seeds I've saved, as well as some pumpkins, but I will have to find the right spots for all of these. Getting out and getting my unit cleaned up to get my bond money back is the only focus right now.

It was nice to have a couple of meals with my friend. We wnt to a bakery and had pies for breakfast (very greasy but delicious), and later, before he returned home, we had donner kebabs - to die for. I don't go anywhere much, so even though we were grubby and sweaty and completely exhausted, it was a nice change. My back and hands were in so much pain that night, but they weren't so bad today, considering everything I did. I went to work and at a staff meeting found out we have basically been merged into the larger national company. Big changes ahead, and it will be interesting to see how the other place absorbs our much smaller company. It's also a bit exciting as we are involved with a major player now. They provide housing options Australia wide, in India, Timor and in Chile as well, so there are opportunities that never existed before. Not that I want to go anywhere. But we do have a Spanish speaker who flies helicopters who just might end up heading off to exotic places if he plays his cards right.

My boss very kindly offered our work vehicle to help with the move, and also for when I have the car repaired. That lifts a burden off my shoulders and has made things so much easier to plan. I can now take the bird cages over to the house myself rather than have a removalist take them. It's always important to have them immaculate if someone else is taking them, but if I can't get them done in time, it won't matter.

The sun has been shining here for several days, and it's wonderful. This bright and crisp weather is just beautiful, and it has lifted my spirits. I hope the heat has eased a bit for you all. Not long until the change of seasons.

8497. Groningen6 August 2013, 19:50 GMT +02:00

thanks for the thorough update Dez
now we know that if you are not around rgb for a couple of days we don't have to worry too much
I'm glad that you have several people helping you move house; it is so much work I don't envy you

I had to frog (unravel) my knitting for a fourth time (Farina Ursula Catherine Knoll)
last Sunday I had already knitted some 6 inches (that is some 70 rounds) when I found out that I had cast on 134 instead of 144 stitches and I had to start all over again no no noooooooooooooo...
so on Monday I knitted from 00.00 to 03.00 and from 11.00 to 17.00 and from 20.00 until 03.00 Tuesday morning
and I can now proudly exclaim....
The Cap is Finished yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
photo's on FB tomorrow promise


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