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What are you celebrating today?

1. weirdvis5 March 2011, 9:46 GMT +01:00

Always a popular thread at the other place.

I'll kick this one off.

It was my birthday the other day. I was expecting a bottle of my favourite perfume (I've been dropping hints I was running low) and woke up to a Land Rover Freelander on the drive. I've always wanted a 4x4 and now I've finally got one courtesy of my Mum and my Significant Other Half.

Okay, so it's not a new one and it's not an all singing, all dancing model, but that doesn't bother me. It's a freaking Freelander, dudes!


Mine's a white soft top like the one in the foreground.

Downside - I'll have to fund my own bottle of smellies. Oh hold on - there's Mother's Day coming up...

194. micromoth29 August 2011, 18:06 GMT +02:00

@193 Sorry Stephen, you've completely lost me. Can you explain please?

195. gesinek30 August 2011, 12:16 GMT +02:00

Sorry, what are celebrating???

196. lennie3 September 2011, 22:40 GMT +02:00

@193 Stephen, what would you like me to explain ?

197. Stephen4 September 2011, 9:25 GMT +02:00

Lennie, I can't imagine it's wise to tell the world that you just loaded up an illegal version of CS5 - "I downloaded an illegal version of Photoshop CS5 and installed it "

198. Gramps9 September 2011, 12:24 GMT +02:00

Hit my 3000 downloads today, WHOOPEEE!

199. Ayla879 September 2011, 13:23 GMT +02:00

Hey Phil, 3000 DLs are a fine achievement - and I'm sure there is much more to come :)

200. gesinek9 September 2011, 17:32 GMT +02:00

Gratulation Phil, go for the next 3000

201. xymonau10 September 2011, 10:29 GMT +02:00

Well done, Phill. Your images are getting so good, I don't think it will take long to reach the next milestone.

202. Gramps10 September 2011, 11:16 GMT +02:00

Thank you.

203. weirdvis10 September 2011, 11:59 GMT +02:00

Told ya, Phil! Didn't I tell ya?

Evil laff.

204. debsch3 December 2011, 2:50 GMT +01:00

Getting married!

Except not today, a couple months ago. One of the reasons why I disappeared off the face of the internet. It's nice to see all the old familiar names & faces. And (if we're allowed to discuss that other site) what happened to the old sxc forum? Killed off I see...

Anyway, just popping in to say hello!
: )

205. xymonau3 December 2011, 9:49 GMT +01:00

Oh, congratulations, Deb! Well done. I wish you and your husband a happy life together. Yes, I had noticed you missing, but your pics were still here, so I thought you'd come back eventually. Lovely to see you.

The other place is not warm and inviting any more, is it?

206. Abyla3 December 2011, 9:55 GMT +01:00

Hello debsch, and congratulations..

207. weirdvis5 December 2011, 11:10 GMT +01:00

Congrats on tying the knot, Debsch. I hope you both have a long and happy marriage. :D

208. fangol5 December 2011, 21:13 GMT +01:00

Congratulations debsch. All the best for you :)
I am getting married in 5 months ;P

Today I celebrate my first 10000 downloads :D

209. tinneketin6 December 2011, 7:13 GMT +01:00

@ Debs congrats, whish you all the best ! ;o)

@Fangol Also congrats ! ;-)

210. Abyla6 December 2011, 14:13 GMT +01:00

Double congratulations fangol !

211. xymonau16 December 2011, 9:11 GMT +01:00

Robert - Congratulations!! I hope both you and Deb show us some photos of the big day. Congratulations on reaching that number of downloads, too. You will soon be up there pushing us all further down the list!

212. weirdvis16 December 2011, 10:24 GMT +01:00

Love - it's all around us! Congrats fangol!

213. Ayla872 January 2012, 8:45 GMT +01:00

Just spotted this nice article on cats and dogs (with a photo of our cat)

214. xymonau2 January 2012, 9:23 GMT +01:00

A famous dog! Can I have his paw print? ;oP Looks great.

215. scottsnyde10 January 2012, 18:17 GMT +01:00

I'm celebrating that my school district is no longer blocking RGBstock and I can now log in and see the forums like I did in the old days.

Hi, old friends.

PS... I think we have some Canadian friends here. I'm taking my wife to Vancover in April... any suggestions of places or activities?

216. lennie10 January 2012, 20:54 GMT +01:00

Scott, why would they block RGBStock ? ;-)

Also I've only been to Toronto.

So I asked someone who lives there he said:
- Stanley park
- Grouse mountain
- Tofino (Vancouver Island)
- obviously a lot of places where you can go hiking
- (killer) whale watching in Victoria

Have fun :-)

217. fishmonk10 January 2012, 22:59 GMT +01:00

Many schools in UK will block any site with forums to protect pupils from contact with the outside world.

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