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Beauty & the Beast600px photo

Beauty & the Beast: no description

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no description

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Photo details
Dimensions: 1000px * 1282px
Camera: Canon
Date: 2007:02:25 09:15:08
Exposure: 1/800
Focal length: 72000/1000
Photo ID: mlNd0Fa

User: krayker | krayker's gallery

downloads: 19
views: 83
Date: March - 26 - 2010
keywords: African tulip tree, bells, Bignoniaceae, blue, crow, flame, Flame-of-the-forest, flower, forest flame, Nandi Flame, orange, pods, red, reddish-orange, Rugtoora, Spathodea, Spathodea campanulata license license. Downloading this photo means you accept the license.

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September 2, 2010 leocub

Love the colours!

May 20, 2010 xymonau

I have a huge one of these trees in my back yard. And crows as well! LOL What a great photo!

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