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Double images?

1. ColinBrough13 September 2012, 22:59 GMT +02:00

Sorry to post about another possible bug.... I uploaded some new images today, happily had them accepted, but I'm seeing 2 copies of each of them, in my gallery, on my photo management page, and in the site-wide New Photos page. Screen grabs of what I'm seeing at:


2. ColinBrough13 September 2012, 23:05 GMT +02:00

Adding to that, the "extra" images are being counted in the total reported in my gallery - I've uploaded and had accepted 33 images in the last 24 hours, but the total number of images has gone up by 43 - there are 10 doubles in my gallery...

3. ColinBrough13 September 2012, 23:17 GMT +02:00

And digging deeper, the "doubles" both present with the same image URLs. The images appearing twice in my gallery are:


TouTouke has one - appears twice in the New Photos page, and in their gallery:


4. jazza13 September 2012, 23:50 GMT +02:00

We are looking into this problem

5. lennie14 September 2012, 0:09 GMT +02:00

We've even stopped approving for now not to cause more images to be doubled.


At least the double are gones, but the new-page still seems to contain less images than you'd expect.

And I've not looked for the real cause yet.

The doubles are gone and the http://www.rgbstock.com/new page now looks like it should.

There is still more to do though.

6. ColinBrough14 September 2012, 12:17 GMT +02:00

Thanks. If it helps track down what is going on, my photomanagement page looks a bit odd - some of the presumably deleted duplicates showing up, without thumbnail, as pending but on the approved page:


7. lennie14 September 2012, 14:56 GMT +02:00

You are correct. Those are the "deleted" duplicates. Those will be removed by me.

I just give them some status which prevents them to be shows on the public website.

Just leave them for now while I try to find the cause and fix that.

Or more likely we'll just add code which prevents something like this ever happening again, whatever the cause is.

Jay and I had a small discussion about how best to improve the code so it can't happen again, I'll implement it later today and so photos can be approved again.

8. lennie15 September 2012, 11:50 GMT +02:00

Just found the last photo that was still wrong in the database.

The fix is ready, I've let everyone know approving photos should now work again.

I still need to clean up the database, but at least people searching for photos won't see any problems.

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