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Guideline for keywords: languages

1. Cyanocorax15 September 2012, 21:30 GMT +02:00

Hi people. I was wondering if the keywords may be submitted in a language other than English. Is there a specific guideline or preferred practice regarding this?

I'm asking because recently I've uploaded a bunch of photos from my SXC gallery here, and copied their original keywords in the process... and these were in English and Spanish.

2. crisderaud16 September 2012, 4:37 GMT +02:00

I don't think we have a problem with that.

We prefer English but sometimes there is no good translation or the subject is commonly known by the native language.

3. xymonau16 September 2012, 6:31 GMT +02:00

Given that the site is in English, then that is the language of the keywords, so if they can be translated, it is better. Very few searches are in other languages, and keywords are the only way your images will be seen once they leave the recently uploaded pages.

It's very nice to have you here, and I look forward to seeing more of your images. You have some really nice ones.

4. micromoth16 September 2012, 9:50 GMT +02:00

Unfortunately I can't speak Spanish, so my keywords are generally only in English, but I think it's important to recognise the need for words in other languages. English even borrows them occasionally, such as discotheque, zeitgeist, and so on. It's also useful to include American spelling variants of English words, such as "color" for colour and "gray" for grey.

5. Cyanocorax17 September 2012, 21:09 GMT +02:00

That's great. :) I normally start adding keywords in English, and afterwards add some in Spanish (and would add some in other languages too if I were fluent in them). It's good to know that we may add keywords in multiple languages.

And Dez, thanks for your kind words. I think I left some pics over at SXC because they looked a little over-saturated. Eventually I'll fix them and upload them here too.

6. ColinBrough17 August 2014, 14:25 GMT +02:00

Resurrecting this old thread, I wonder whether it would be worth the reviewers messaging the uploaders of images with no English keywords a note suggesting ways they could translate or generate them into English? Leaving responsibility with the uploader, but drawing attention to the issue...

For instance, I really like this recently uploaded image (http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/oN61g6A/zeehond), but if I hadn't happened to spot it on the New Images page I'd never find it...

Is it OK to post a comment suggesting some English keywords?

And out of interest, do the Dutch/German/Polish language variants of the site say anything about this?

7. crisderaud17 August 2014, 15:52 GMT +02:00

The Dutch, German and Polish language sites are relatively new and we have the Spanish site coming soon. They need to be fine tuned and integrated possibly with search translations.

A solution to the problem has not been decided upon yet. There are many options.

The number of images with descriptions and keywords in nl/de/pl are few.

I use a Google Translator browser extension where I can highlight lines of text on the page or image and it will auto detect the language and replace the text with English translation. Bing also has a pretty slick translator that you see on Facebook with a popup translate button on some posts.

We will have to work with what we have until a solution can be incorporated into the site.

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