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How to get a competition going?

1. debsch30 July 2013, 13:56 GMT +02:00

I've got an idea for a competition. I need some photos on a particular subject and I've found that there aren't many of this subject on RGB, and I also have a real physical prize I could offer.

Who do I talk to or is this all community driven?


2. xymonau30 July 2013, 15:29 GMT +02:00

Well, you're a part of the community. Someone will be in touch shortly. I'm a bit distracted with real life right now.

3. jazza30 July 2013, 20:37 GMT +02:00

What photos are you looking for debsch?

4. Zela30 July 2013, 20:54 GMT +02:00

This time of year isn't such a good time to start a contest. Perhaps next season?

5. lusi30 July 2013, 21:16 GMT +02:00

if we knew what subject you need perhaps some of us could help, even without a competition :)

6. Mike_Houston30 July 2013, 21:24 GMT +02:00

Hi Debsch... What is it you are looking for?? Perhaps as others have asked, we can help you?? Seems we are a friendly lot :-)

7. debsch31 July 2013, 0:55 GMT +02:00

I'm looking for baby portraits (head or head & torso) for a cloth book for babies. It's one of a series.

Zela, Lusi & Jazza, your photos are already in the books. Have you seen them? You have credits on the back page and I've left comments notifying you that I've used them. http://www.spoonflower.com/collections/58400

My original "Chewable book of babies" was for my baby boy and had photos JUST of him. Now that I have developed the idea/design, I want to re-do the book of babies with photos of other babies as well. But if you have a look at the series you will see what kind of photos I'm looking for.

The photos need to be isolated or isolate-able if that makes sense. And able to fit somewhere in the rainbow theme.

And prizes... I can send the fabric "fat quarter" to each of the winners and to the winner of the cover photo I can send the cloth book all sewn up, ready to go.
What do you think?

8. debsch2 August 2013, 14:08 GMT +02:00

Hi Cris,

Thanks for pointing that out to me. I was aware that selling the images alone was forbidden but didn't realise that an image as part of an artwork was forbidden as well. Yes the books are for sale but I haven't sold any yet - not even the fabric - I have made some books up though to give to friends and family with babies (that would be OK, yes/no?).

So, please let me know if the following would be OK... I will leave the fabric on display as an artwork but disable the selling function on the spoonflower website. I will then contact each person via RGB and seek permission (is email permission Ok?)

Lastly, I have to say I was a bit taken aback by the harshness of your email. I am a long time member of SXC/RGB and a contributor myself. I am a mum and an artist and enjoyed the process of hunting for, editing, and compiling the collection of photos that make up the books (and many are not used as-is, they have been edited). I have not intentionally ripped anyone off (or even unintentionally, as I haven't sold any books/fabric).

What I am trying to say in this last paragraph is, please could you be a little more sensitive if and when in the future some amateur artist stuffs up and mistakenly does the wrong thing.




> Subject: Message from a user : Rgbstock.com
> Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 18:13:53 +0200
> Dear debsch
> Hello Debsch,
> I am Cris DeRaud and I am representing the site responding to your forum post about the competition you proposed.
> The site is in no way prepared to enter into such a competition as you have outlined.
> Furthermore, we have examined your use of the images for the cloth baby books that you are selling.
> We have determined that you have violated the rgbstock license agreement producing such a product without first obtaining consent to use the images in this manner.
> The license agreement is posted at http://www.rgbstock.com/license
> The following two provisions are the ones we have determined you have violated because you did not obtain permission but chose to use the images and give a credit on one of the cloth pages.
> 2.c In printed materials such as magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, flyers, text books, wherein the image or images used are for the purpose of illustration and not the primary content for sale or redistribution of the printed materials.
> Your use of the images on the cloth books are the primary content of the printed materials and thus requires consent to use the images from the image owner before they are sold or distributed.
> We posted this rule in caps so as not to be missed by those reading the license agreement.
> Your request for a contest is so that you may obtain more images to make more cloth books.
> The contest is not going to happen and if you want to make more books you will be required to obtain permission from the images owner for each image you intend to use prior to making, selling or distributing your product.
> Best regards,
> Contact Support
> Cris DeRaud
> Regards
> crisderaud

9. lusi2 August 2013, 16:26 GMT +02:00

honestly, I thought that an image used in a cloth book doesn't need author's permission (I would say that the primary content are the cloth pages - perfect for little children - and the images just a complementary issue.) It seems I was wrong. In any case Debbie, you can use any of my images you want without asking for permission each time.

10. debsch3 August 2013, 5:59 GMT +02:00

Thank you Lusi!

and MZACHA and Zela and Jazza and TACLUDA !

And now Albion80 and Vierdrie!!

11. debsch3 August 2013, 6:13 GMT +02:00

Also need to add that Cris has said that he didn't mean to be harsh; he was just trying to be clear.
We're "all good".
(Dez, can you translate?)

12. xymonau3 August 2013, 12:03 GMT +02:00

For the Rest of the World? I'm not sure that's possible, Deb. :o) Shall we say, "There has been a positive resolution with no hard feelings"? Not Strine, but there you go.

And if you can use any of my images, feel free. I don't have much that would suit.

13. Mike_Houston3 August 2013, 14:44 GMT +02:00

Hi Debsch... I have watched this unfolding conversation with interest... I said before it seems we are a friendly lot contributing to RGB and I for one feel part of a large family of 'hopefully' like minded picture makers and picture takers!

I thought your "Chewable book of babies" was a fun idea... and I looked at your web site which is interesting and colourful. The first of my daughters was married a few weeks ago which made me the proud father of the bride!!! So her mum and I will perhaps in the future be proud grand parents as well... so baby books and all that stuff will be on our radar!!!

Bless you and I hope you find a healthy market for your venture. Don't give up!!!

Mike :-)

14. weirdvis3 August 2013, 17:26 GMT +02:00

I have one or two child friendly graphics and photos you can use, Debbie. Help yourself.

15. debsch4 August 2013, 13:48 GMT +02:00

Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Yes, you are a friendly lot, and fair as well, which is why I reckon a lot of you moved over originally from that other place.

The books have come from a combination of a love of reading, a firm belief that babies need to be exposed to books early, a love of our baby boy, and a new-found interest in cloth books after finding one in a second hand shop. Plus our boy has taken to EATING the cardboard spines on all of his board books.... mix that all together and you come up with chewable books for babies!!

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