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1. coolhewitt2326 June 2015, 17:02 GMT +02:00

I recently visited a couple of micro stock websites to enquire about selling some of my photography. I was very disappointed at the commission given to photographers considering the cost of professional equipment and software. I visited about 5 websites. The majority of them owned by Getty's. I will never upload to a Getty's website unless they change some of their policies such as pricing and commission. You would have to sell thousands of photo's before you actually earn a good chunk of money. I almost for got to mention that its very competitive. Anyway, I will continue to upload to RGB because the site is friendly and you can find useful advice from time to time. RGB might consider adding a vector section to help the website grow. take care everyone and have a good weekend.

2. xymonau26 June 2015, 18:23 GMT +02:00

Yes, the only money to be had in microstock is by the people who run the sites. There is almost no profit. I have sold several images on this site. What happens is I will only allow use within the licence for free. If people want to use them outside the licence, I generally charge. They will often change their mind, and that is fine by me. But the genuine ones will pay a reasonable price. I do undercut the prices for extended licences on some sites, etc - although it depends on the image/s. And I charge in the hundreds if they want the copyright, and I take it down off here. It's still about half the price of a copyright on any other site. I also convert images for print to 300ppi or more. And I'm happy to change colours, resize or alter them if that's required, without charging more. As I said, it's only very occasionally, but it's nice when it happens. As for Getty - some of us were treated so appallingly by the little upstarts - big fish in little ponds - who took control of sxc that I wouldn't ever go near them and I hope they go bankrupt.

3. coolhewitt2327 June 2015, 13:01 GMT +02:00

The owners of sxc could have said NO but they were greedy and selfish to sell a website without consulting without the local community. I've visited the website a couple of times. I'm surprised that the contributors didn't close and delete their accounts, I think in the future RGB could be a dominating website if functionality of the could be improved to accommodate vector artists.

4. richardimage30 June 2015, 10:34 GMT +02:00

I hope this so!

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