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using images for business facebook posts-quotes

1. Trudy197410 August 2015, 14:34 GMT +02:00


Before I ask my question..I apologise if it is already answered. I have been through the FAQ section and Licence terms and many previous posts. Still not clear. :-(
I'm looking to use images to create poster quotes for my business facebook page (eg insert a quote on an image/photo and add my website details at the base of the image)
How do I do this without infringing on copyright- or perhaps this is better asked as.. Can I do this without infringing on copyright? I want to do the right thing and have previously paid for images however this is cost prohibitive for producing simple quotes on a regular basis. I'm happy to credit the photographer in the post itself? Is that the best way to do it?

many thanks,


2. xymonau11 August 2015, 15:27 GMT +02:00

Trudy, it's best to ask the owners of the images you wish to use. That way there is no issue. There is a contact to click on in their profiles and also a "contact user" link beside each large thumbnail. The use you describe is allowed as long as the image is not to be redistributed or sold, or claimed as your own. You can't mark it copyrighted by you, but you should mark it copyrighted by the owner. Use their real names if they are found in their profile page. None of the images are owned by RGBStock. Even if you make changes to the image, because they are not originally public domain images, you can't claim them. If your end result meant the original image could not be recognised, then you could claim it as your own copyright. The images here are free for you to use in that way, but asking and informing the gallery owner and including a link to the finished product is not just good manners, but exciting for them when they see their pics being used. Please be sure to download the large image and not just save the large thumbnail. When people do that, the person who has gone to all the trouble of creating and uploading an image doesn't get a download recorded.

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