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1. jonrumley2 March 2017, 22:05 GMT +01:00

I am a pastor and want to be sure I am in conformity with expectations for using images. I have two specific usages in mind. The first is for PowerPoint where I superimpose a verse of Scripture over an image that illustrates it for use in our service. These are general displayed twice only (2 services per Sunday) and created new for each Sunday. Does this conform? Second, I would like to take those image+Scripture combinations and post them like memes on Facebook. Would that be going to far?

2. ColinBrough3 March 2017, 14:09 GMT +01:00

I'm also a minister/pastor/whatever your local phrase is! And a contributor. The first instance is definitely fine, unless someone has added a specific request that their image not be used for religious purposes. (Can't find any specific examples, but there are one or two contributors who ask that their images don't be used in such contexts.) The second use is probably fine, as you are modifying the image and not distributing the original. It would be even more clearly fine if the image + Scripture combination was at a lower resolution than the original.

So this is (part of) one of mine, used in a Youtube video; no idea what the text says! But this is a fine use of such an image:


3. jonrumley5 March 2017, 21:06 GMT +01:00

Thanks for the input. I have come across one image where the request was that there be no religious use and honored it. I don't want to abuse the resource!

4. xymonau6 March 2017, 7:58 GMT +01:00

I think if you are putting the verses on the image, you need to post them in a small size on FB as these can be downloaded. It is good manners to contact the owner of the gallery to ask about this use, and also to inform them. A link to where it is posted and a credit is always appreciated since people uploading are not paid. The one payment they get is to see where the images are used.

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