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1. Zela20 February 2010, 17:28 GMT +01:00

My cloud picture was used in a contest: http://www.pxleyes.com/photoshop-picture/4b798cf74ce62/Games-People-Play.htm

There is a credit but the url was forgotten and could not be added anymore since the contest was closed. There is however a source link to the file on the bottom of the page to RGBStock.com. Every little bit helps ;-)

If you have files used or work to show please drop them here. I would love to see it!

602. xymonau18 March 2014, 9:35 GMT +01:00

Thanks, Kevin. Another here today, and again, it was really nice of the downloader to tell me.


603. micromoth18 March 2014, 13:38 GMT +01:00

@602 Very nice Dez! I think this user has used one of my images in the past too.

604. xymonau19 March 2014, 9:51 GMT +01:00

There are several bloggers who use quite a lot of ours. It's nice that they are coming here instead of ELSEWHERE. Lovely people, all of them! :o)

605. xymonau19 March 2014, 13:41 GMT +01:00

And another - also from a site that uses a lot of RGB images:


606. coolhewitt2319 March 2014, 14:49 GMT +01:00

Its always nice to see photo's and artwork being used on the web.

607. Zela23 March 2014, 17:13 GMT +01:00


My coffee cup on a great sound track! Thanks for the credit and the link.

608. xymonau23 March 2014, 22:11 GMT +01:00

Fabulous use, Marja! Looks great.

609. jazza23 March 2014, 22:57 GMT +01:00


610. micromoth24 March 2014, 13:38 GMT +01:00

@607 Great usage, Marja. Daniel Nering is an excellent composer, so to have him using RGB Stock as his source of images is creditworthy indeed!

611. jazza25 March 2014, 10:26 GMT +01:00

A typical Dutch site about windmills:

They use one of my photos:

No credits whatsoever. Just discovered it by coincidence .

612. xymonau25 March 2014, 12:07 GMT +01:00

It makes a perfect header, Jay. I am so jealous of you living in such a beautiful country.

613. crisderaud13 April 2014, 19:35 GMT +02:00

The top part of this picture I made for comparison.

The bottom half is a composite/manipulation that is appearing all over the internet.


614. xymonau14 April 2014, 9:09 GMT +02:00

Does the owner know it's being used? It's pretty clever.

615. crisderaud14 April 2014, 15:08 GMT +02:00

i didn't contact him so I don't know. Great use of the picture.

I found it in a list of funny pictures and memes. I wondered if that pose was popular with models. Then I decided I would compare the picture with the only one I have seen doing that pose and sure enough it is Misska by Pat Kisha flipped horizontally.

616. xymonau14 April 2014, 23:49 GMT +02:00

It looks like something from Worth 1000.

617. crisderaud15 April 2014, 1:04 GMT +02:00

I can't find the origin but i have seen it posted in Aug 2013. It's making the rounds on the internet. Here's an example:


618. xymonau24 April 2014, 16:02 GMT +02:00

One of mine here: http://desktopmag.com.au/features/the-missing-argument-in-the-crowdsourced-design-debate/#.U1j_CHmKA5s

619. micromoth28 April 2014, 20:05 GMT +02:00

Nice usage and credit on a Facebook page here:

620. xymonau30 April 2014, 10:57 GMT +02:00

I like the comments underneath, too, Kevin. Well done.

621. gesinek3 May 2014, 19:28 GMT +02:00

I use a lot of pictures here: http://buffen04.de/scripts/spiele.php

Just klick on start and play it. It's like Memory®

Links are included in "Impressum" (http://buffen04.de/scripts/impress.php)

It's a game for FIFA World championship 2014

P.S.: Not everything is finished yet ;-)

622. xymonau4 May 2014, 17:13 GMT +02:00

I saw two of mine. Excellent! I even played the game. I'd be ashamed to tell you how long it took! LOL Great site, Gesine.

Is my name really "December" in German??

623. gesinek4 May 2014, 19:23 GMT +02:00

Did I wrote that? How do you get it?

Dez is the short cut for December in german, cause the month is called "Dezember" here. It is used in calendars e.g.

But pronuntiation is completely different. I think your name is spoken with a smooth "s" at the end. When we read DEZ in a calendar we call it December

But it's true I think of you :-)

624. xymonau5 May 2014, 2:24 GMT +02:00

LOL - Actually, Gesine, it's a hard "z" sound as in "buzz". Unless there is a different German sound for the letter? The translator called me "December Pain". It made me laugh, but it also made me think I could use "December" as a tag somewhere. I have always been a loser in the name stakes. My full name is unique and no-one can pronounce it, and my surname has French origins, meaning "bread", and in English, means "agony". The biggest pain I know of in December is Christmas shopping!

Is the "s" in your name a soft one? That's how I think of you. And what about the "G"? Is it hard or soft as in "j"? I use the hard one.

625. gesinek5 May 2014, 15:55 GMT +02:00

It's like the "g" and the "s" in goose. Wenn a "z" is at the end of a word it is it is really the same as "buzz". In the middle of a word it is more like the "ts" in "fits".

But your surname is spoken like the french or like the english version?

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