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HELP! My Nikon is Kaput.

1. jimdaly9821 February 2010, 17:47 GMT +01:00

My D40 won't talk to me. All it will show is a message on the rear LCD saying "Error. Press shutter release button again."

Anyone got any (sensible) advice?

2. dlritter21 February 2010, 20:35 GMT +01:00

Here's a couple of pages I found on this problem



3. crisderaud22 February 2010, 14:59 GMT +01:00

Aggh! That one sounds bad Jim.

4. xymonau23 February 2010, 3:25 GMT +01:00

Is it under warranty?

5. jimdaly9823 February 2010, 16:57 GMT +01:00

If it was under warranty, it probably wouldn't have broken. (Assuming it is broken) This is one of the well known manifestations of Sod's Law.

6. lennie24 February 2010, 0:52 GMT +01:00

You do know this is partly by design don't you ?:


7. crisderaud24 February 2010, 6:20 GMT +01:00

Hopefully it is not a victim of planned obsolescence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_obsolescence

Nikon has a better reputation for quality than made to fail after the warranty is up.

8. dragonariaes27 February 2010, 18:19 GMT +01:00

Had this happen with both of the D40's I've had. Sucks. I got the first one fixed under warranty. The other on is sitting on my shelf right now still giving that message.

9. Columbine12 March 2010, 5:41 GMT +01:00

Yep, my with Cannon the zoom lense won't go out all the way, it stops part way out and then you have to turn it off and on and off and on over and over to get rid of the error message on the screen. I'm thinking of getting a new one.... a camera with less noise would be nice for sure!

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