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sxc - locked debates deleted??

1. johnnyberg6 March 2010, 21:31 GMT +01:00

I got a chock right now. Was at sxc and noticed that all the threads that has been locked is gone..... like in "deleted".

It's really a sad sad day, when the word meets not only a padlock but now also censorship of the worst kind.

Boy, I really hope that I am wrong, that the threads come back again, when I blink my eyes......


2. GerbenVanErkelens6 March 2010, 21:53 GMT +01:00

Probably not, they will probably think that it gives sxc a bad reputation all those discussions in the forums ;)

3. xymonau6 March 2010, 22:08 GMT +01:00

No, rsylvan said he was going to delete them.

4. johnnyberg6 March 2010, 23:19 GMT +01:00

I was just told that the deleting is due to a number of sxc-members who have asked to be free'ed from the past.

It must be a hard job serving all those interests so faithfully.

5. xymonau7 March 2010, 1:05 GMT +01:00

Well, the number would be quite low. straymuse is the only real complainer. The games and nonsense only took over due to lack of interest by others. Instead of stating that, we were blamed. I am fascinated to watch the twisting of facts that has gone on there. Large corporations train their staff well. Ignore anything normal, praise that which will divide people. Do something dramatic and unannounced and then everyone will assume you must have been acting in the best interests of everyone, and the need must have been urgent. I can't imagine anyone who really believes what he is doing is correct as in the case at sxc, can possibly have happy and normal relationships.

6. weirdvis7 March 2010, 8:17 GMT +01:00

It couldn't possibly be related the fact that most of the people posting on those threads were also RGBers. Or that the last over the line crowd were mavericks.

Could it?


7. xymonau7 March 2010, 9:35 GMT +01:00

Excuse me? Maverick? I yam no such thing.

8. saavem7 March 2010, 10:10 GMT +01:00

Wow, Rsylvan, Lobot, Bosela......I'm trying to forgot the nightmare!

9. crisderaud7 March 2010, 22:52 GMT +01:00

No activity in their forum today. Maybe it's just the weekend or maybe nobody has anything to say.

10. GerbenVanErkelens7 March 2010, 23:23 GMT +01:00

probably the second thingie. Discussions are fainting there

11. Abyla8 March 2010, 0:20 GMT +01:00

Discussions? You can only say there: Yes, sir!

12. johnnyberg8 March 2010, 0:50 GMT +01:00

I think you are quite right Abyla: nobody dares to say anything - its really not that hard to get the boot from the site :-)

13. Abyla8 March 2010, 1:21 GMT +01:00

Well, we'll forget them soon, I hope.

14. jonfletch8 March 2010, 2:19 GMT +01:00

It seems I'm one of the few people left with an account at SXC. Makes me feel like a double agent! I always wanted to be a spy!

15. xymonau8 March 2010, 5:44 GMT +01:00

So they're paying you, too? :oP

16. Gramps8 March 2010, 8:40 GMT +01:00

@2 is probably right, and to put my head on the chopping block, I'd have done exactly the same thing if I was in that situation (which I wouldn't be).

By clearing out the locked areas they have effectivly removed part of the past that was giving the site an uncomfotable feeling. Anyone new entering the forum will see a clean slate and not be put off by a mass of locked topics with content that, at best, puts the site in a bad light, it was a logical thing to do.

17. dragonariaes8 March 2010, 23:37 GMT +01:00

They still haven't cleaned out the general feedback. Considering how certain topics seem to be heading, it won't be long.
OMG. Those snarky responses piss me off. I wasn't even talking to him.

18. crisderaud9 March 2010, 2:07 GMT +01:00

You made the only comment today that he could respond to.The effects of his self imposed censorship has driven him to desperation.

19. johnnyberg9 March 2010, 9:37 GMT +01:00

hehe - yeah, it seems like it could be the lonely ride, he has been looking for :-)

20. crisderaud9 March 2010, 15:48 GMT +01:00

He was prepared for this. He has his riding boots on already!

21. Abyla9 March 2010, 22:50 GMT +01:00

Yes, but I think he only rides on :


22. Zela10 March 2010, 9:53 GMT +01:00

@21 very funny ;-)

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