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Number of Downloads

1. mzacha16 March 2010, 23:34 GMT +01:00

Just a question to the rest of the comnmunity - do you think that the number of views is also important? Some of the web developers do not log in here or to sxc, they just download the thumbnail to use it on their sites. So, their activity is not measured...

2. Ayla8717 March 2010, 6:24 GMT +01:00

Yes, I would find that interesting, too :)

3. crisderaud17 March 2010, 9:58 GMT +01:00

ould be a good statistic to have, but i would be concerned about performance issues caching all that info.

4. fishmonk17 March 2010, 20:30 GMT +01:00

That would be useful. i've been surprised at the number of comments I've had on images that haven't been looked at in large version.

5. jazza17 March 2010, 22:44 GMT +01:00

Interesting thought Michal; lets see if I can do something with it.

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