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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

3842. xymonau22 December 2011, 10:00 GMT +01:00

Only because I'm not.

3843. gesinek22 December 2011, 11:14 GMT +01:00

You could arrive as late as you want to. But you have to knock on the door cause the door bell is out of order. Or simple cry my name if get all hands busy with gifts for me ;-)

3844. xymonau22 December 2011, 11:37 GMT +01:00

Oh, I've sent yours by courier. They will arrive Christmas morning, accompanied by sixteen children dressed as angels sweetly singing carols.

I bought the moff a swatter. He has to come and pick it up.

3845. gesinek22 December 2011, 12:43 GMT +01:00

And you are the choirmaster? Please don't come too early, it could frighten the neighbours and I'm not at all back from work.

And for what the h... moff needs a swatter? I think a sweater is a better gift. Hmmm.. I ask my mother to knit one for him. I think she's able to fix such a little one before Christmas. We can subscribe both at the gift card :)

3846. micromoth22 December 2011, 22:08 GMT +01:00

Ooh, how kind! Fair Isle, please, it's very tasty.

Have a lovely Christmas, my favourite runner-ups!

3847. xymonau22 December 2011, 22:59 GMT +01:00

So when are you going to wish me - the winner - a lovely Christmas? Nose out of joint because you lost, hey?

Gesine, you heard him. He plans to eat the sweater, as all good moths do. I'm happy to write on the card, but don't expect him to be wearing it.

3848. micromoth22 December 2011, 23:25 GMT +01:00

Don't worry about a swatter, Gesine. I already have one, and I have a very good use for it.

3849. gesinek23 December 2011, 13:51 GMT +01:00

Yes, eatable clothes. Others go to special shops in red light districts to get eatable underwear - maybe it's a new business idea. Do you think there is a market for eatable clothes for moth? I think we start in the expensive segment and you moff must say which kinds of fabrics are at the In and Out list in mothland for don't make mistakes.

3850. micromoth23 December 2011, 14:08 GMT +01:00

Sounds intriguing... can you make them out of pizza?

3851. gesinek23 December 2011, 15:02 GMT +01:00

May be with the taste of pizza ;)

3852. micromoth23 December 2011, 16:05 GMT +01:00

You wait till the big retailers hear about this. What will it be next, Big Mac trousers? Colonel Sanders socks? Ronald Mc- [*shudders violently*]

3853. gesinek23 December 2011, 16:32 GMT +01:00

Very good ideas, but I think the shop will smell like dirt and nobody will enter to buy something.

3854. micromoth23 December 2011, 18:54 GMT +01:00

Hmm, you have a point. Think I'll stick to some nice wool Tweed.

3855. xymonau24 December 2011, 10:20 GMT +01:00


Best I could do at short notice. I charge for delivery.

3856. micromoth24 December 2011, 11:12 GMT +01:00

Oh, no, thanks. I love children, but I could never eat a whole one.

3857. xymonau24 December 2011, 11:26 GMT +01:00

That's not what you told me last year.

3858. micromoth24 December 2011, 18:25 GMT +01:00

Urp! Sorry.

3859. xymonau24 December 2011, 23:08 GMT +01:00

Well, I am about to make xmas breakfast of rockmelon, watermelon, lychees, banana, mango and whatever else I can find! The rain has stopped briefly and the sun is peeking through, the day is balmy, and I feel very lucky to have so many good things. Winning this game has been the highlight of my year. :0P

3860. gesinek25 December 2011, 13:04 GMT +01:00

Year is not over - and enjoy your meal (thinking:.....Pizza Children?? For Christmas meal???!! Don't you get Pizza children for carnival, at least in far away regions??!!)

Fruit salad for breakfast - Ok. And what do you get on Christmas eve?

I get a winner meal.

3861. xymonau25 December 2011, 13:22 GMT +01:00

We don't do Christmas eve here. It's just the day itself that's celebrated. I was just having fruit salad as that was in my fridge. I ended up on the phone with various relatives and friends until after lunch, so "breakfast" never happened, and I started with a toasted tomato sandwich! LOL Then I phoned my friend in Kentucky, in America, and we cried a lot. She has just buried her grandson from a drug overdose. So it was a sad day in some ways. I ended up eating some lemon wafers to celebrate, and cooked something nice. A bit of a washout of a day, but pleasant. My family will be here in two days time, so I'll feel like it's Christmas then!

I'm glad you had a winner meal. Sadly, it's not THIS game's winner meal. That belongs to me.

3862. micromoth27 December 2011, 7:06 GMT +01:00

I'm afraid not.

3863. xymonau27 December 2011, 12:34 GMT +01:00

Yes, I'd heard that about you.

3864. gesinek27 December 2011, 16:29 GMT +01:00


3865. micromoth27 December 2011, 20:02 GMT +01:00

@3863 Heard what about me?

@3864 You're right; I am!

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