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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

794. crisderaud28 May 2010, 17:54 GMT +02:00

I am the worst liar in the world but I spin some pretty good stories!

795. jimdaly9828 May 2010, 18:34 GMT +02:00

Don't sell yourself down, Chris - you're quite a good liar really, apart from when you are trying to claim my title. And pay no attention to these antipodean claims- they are all lacking in foundation.

796. crisderaud28 May 2010, 23:24 GMT +02:00

Never understood what quarrel the Aussies have with the Podeans to make them so antipodean. Perhaps they shake their pointy sticks at them and serve them soup??

797. xymonau29 May 2010, 12:59 GMT +02:00

Oh, no! Jimbo is well enough to give cheek! Come here and say that, Pomgolian! As for you, Cris - well, don't get me started on the Septics!

798. crisderaud29 May 2010, 20:27 GMT +02:00

I found where you got your original idea for that pointy stick.

This photo is from OZ! partner in crime all these years?

799. xymonau30 May 2010, 1:04 GMT +02:00

That's where I buy them. We all have them in the Antipodes. By the way, I'd remove that link after a few weeks.

800. xymonau30 May 2010, 1:05 GMT +02:00

And send them an invite.

801. crisderaud30 May 2010, 3:43 GMT +02:00

I found that link looking through Google Images for "Pointy Stick". Do you know how many walking sticks I had to look at to come up with this photo of pointy ones?

Besides, Berkeley is your supplier and fellow antipodean neighbor so just ask her to join. :)

802. micromoth30 May 2010, 5:30 GMT +02:00

This business about sharpening sticks... I don't see the point.

803. xymonau30 May 2010, 8:29 GMT +02:00

Ah, they never do, Friar Tuck...until it's too late. But they always GET the point.

I don't know where she is. And I am persona non gratis at the other place. I'm so sweet, I know you will all find that unbelievable. *shrugs shoulders resignedly, and jabs Cris under the ribs with her sharpened elbows*

804. crisderaud30 May 2010, 14:56 GMT +02:00

I'm not welcome there either. I invited too many already.

When you give someone a poke on Facebook, I'll bet they get the point!

805. crisderaud30 May 2010, 20:34 GMT +02:00

Dezzy's soup is an old family recipe handed down from anthropodes. Evidence is still being excavated.

806. xymonau30 May 2010, 22:57 GMT +02:00

My soup doesn't last long enough to be excavated.

807. GerbenVanErkelens31 May 2010, 9:49 GMT +02:00

again with the soup? I'm always getting so hungry when talking about dezzie's soup :D

808. xymonau31 May 2010, 9:59 GMT +02:00

I'm sorry, Gerben, but they love it, and I can't stop them talking about it. You and I know they should get out more.

809. crisderaud31 May 2010, 13:27 GMT +02:00

I would get out if there weren't the threat of stalkers with pointy sticks.It's not easy living the life of a celebrity.

810. GerbenVanErkelens31 May 2010, 21:13 GMT +02:00

the threat of pointy sticked stalkers worries me too. However I recently bought some nice add-ons to bleep myself to the other end of the world when encountering a pointy sticked person

811. xymonau31 May 2010, 23:38 GMT +02:00

Uh-oh! Another one couldn't take the stress of competition and has lapsed into la-la land.

812. crisderaud1 June 2010, 3:59 GMT +02:00

La-la-land sounds so antipodean.

813. micromoth1 June 2010, 6:27 GMT +02:00

It's all very well being antipodean, but I bet no-one can tell me where Podean is.

814. xymonau1 June 2010, 10:37 GMT +02:00

Well, the Podes are whatever is on the diametric line through the earth's core to the antipodes. In fact, Australia's antipodes is the Atlantic ocean, but the poor blind English are convinced it's them. Never mind, I guess it's the lack of sunshine. Affects the eyes. As for you, Captain America, you couldn't tell an antipodean from an Englishman. Except for the paleness! LOL

815. micromoth1 June 2010, 11:07 GMT +02:00

Dear me, I guess it's the Australian beer and all that heat... I don't know any English people who are convinced they are the Atlantic ocean. LOL

816. xymonau1 June 2010, 13:11 GMT +02:00

That's only because they are stubborn and won't be told. Unlike the retiring, shy flowers of the Pacific.

817. micromoth1 June 2010, 13:35 GMT +02:00

Knowing that the flowers of the Pacific are shy and retiring is most helpful - I can reclaim my title as last one to post!

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