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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

1418. micromoth26 September 2010, 17:10 GMT +02:00

@1417 I'm fascinated to think that there was poetry about soup at the other site. After due deliberation, might I offer my own humble contribution to this profound topic:

A lady gave my friend some soup
Saying it would cure his croop.
Now he claims he's well enough -
Provided he avoids the stuff.
What a wondrous potent brew!
Can it be too good to be true?

1419. krayker27 September 2010, 5:18 GMT +02:00

well, no poetry here, but I win :)

1420. xymonau27 September 2010, 11:30 GMT +02:00

Gesine, we need more good women in this game, so please keep returning. These tragic men are very poor company.

Lord Byron had best not give up his day job, and Mr Spikey is still suffering delusions of grandeur. I managed to ruin Cris's computer, so he can't play any more. I'm dangerous, I tells ya!

1421. micromoth27 September 2010, 11:43 GMT +02:00

Sour grapes will not spoil my dinner
Because, you know, I'm still the winner!


1422. xymonau27 September 2010, 13:46 GMT +02:00

Please keep it up. I have finally found something more poisonous than my soop.

1423. xymonau27 September 2010, 13:51 GMT +02:00

A certain despicable moth, with the name of a man of the cloth, looked a bit like a dog, but smelled like a bog once he had several bowls of my broth.

1424. micromoth27 September 2010, 14:23 GMT +02:00

@1423 What remarkably singular poetry! You're not related to William McGonagall are you? :)

1425. pitabox98727 September 2010, 15:26 GMT +02:00

Munkey joins the race!!!

1426. krayker27 September 2010, 15:46 GMT +02:00

....only to be left behind ;)

1427. crisderaud27 September 2010, 16:11 GMT +02:00

Careful, the monkey is armed and known to be dangerous.

1428. krayker27 September 2010, 16:28 GMT +02:00

err, isnt the soop the most dangerous thing we know in this thread ?

1429. micromoth27 September 2010, 17:53 GMT +02:00

Hmm... That leads me to wonder what would happen if the monkey should accidentally fall into the soup?

1430. gesinek27 September 2010, 18:10 GMT +02:00

@1420: If I could help you Dez - I'm your woman.

@1429: Have you seen the tin of the soup...!!???!! Be careful monkey...

And ...from now on there is another player in this game.
Dez, when I win I'll share the fabulous prize with you :-)

1431. crisderaud27 September 2010, 18:52 GMT +02:00

I'm not sure whether tin is strong enough to hold the soup! (or the monkey)

You needing the help Dez is just a sign of the times.

Won't be much to share as the fabulous prize for second doesn't amount to anything.

1432. micromoth27 September 2010, 19:45 GMT +02:00


1433. xymonau27 September 2010, 22:51 GMT +02:00

Ah, but Gesine and I will be first. And a millyun dollers is nothing to sniff at.

I'm sure i already put that munky in the soup. I know there is wildlife - whole ecologies, in fact - in there.

1434. crisderaud28 September 2010, 0:04 GMT +02:00

The Thai make a dish called "Monkey Ball Soup".

This is a splendid opportunity to do the same :)


1435. xymonau28 September 2010, 2:43 GMT +02:00

Well, I'm not harvesting them, mate!

1436. micromoth28 September 2010, 6:52 GMT +02:00

This reminds me of when I was on holiday in Hainan, China. The hotel restaurant had a menu that can only be described as, erm, exotic. One of the first items I noticed was tortoise soup. Came in its own bowl... Yuk.

1437. xymonau28 September 2010, 11:43 GMT +02:00

Anyone that can eat oysters, octopus legs, sheep's brains or liver should never criticise other diets.

1438. micromoth28 September 2010, 13:13 GMT +02:00

That's me in the clear, then, as I don't touch any of those.
A good diet for a great winner!

1439. xymonau28 September 2010, 13:31 GMT +02:00

But what about for yourself?

1440. micromoth28 September 2010, 14:51 GMT +02:00

As I said, a good diet for a great winner. But I'll share a few crumbs and winnings leftovers with you, my friend.

1441. crisderaud28 September 2010, 14:59 GMT +02:00

The New Zealand green lipped mussels is a special treat for us winners.

Oh, why did I mention that? You will never get to try them. :)

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