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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

1466. krayker30 September 2010, 17:13 GMT +02:00

:D lols, that wasn't the last laugh!

1467. jimdaly9830 September 2010, 17:35 GMT +02:00

"Macromouth thinks you're sane" ?

I have a certificate to prove it! Not to mention the voices telling me that I am.

And they must be right, cos' they also tell me I'm the winner.

1468. crisderaud30 September 2010, 17:54 GMT +02:00

Have you tried putting the voices on your iPod?

1469. xymonau1 October 2010, 2:42 GMT +02:00

Those are MY voices, man-in-a-dress! Snooping again, hey?

1470. crisderaud1 October 2010, 4:20 GMT +02:00

You dare mock his smock?

1471. xymonau1 October 2010, 11:19 GMT +02:00

You dare knock my mock?

1472. gesinek1 October 2010, 11:44 GMT +02:00

@1467 I know that there are some colored pills to get the voices out of your head. But their are also pills which makes the voices in your head. May be you should't take the red ones. Try the green ones and the voices are gone or they are telling you the truth (if you take the yellow ones).

1473. micromoth1 October 2010, 12:05 GMT +02:00

The real trouble is the purple ones. They cause one to believe illusions, such as one's soup being delicious. Come to think of it, perhaps the main ingredient of the purple ones is soup?

1474. xymonau1 October 2010, 23:27 GMT +02:00

Or vice versa.

1475. pitabox9872 October 2010, 4:50 GMT +02:00

You want "vice versa"? You got "asrev eciv"! --- that ought to turn the trick!

*evil laff*

Now to make off with that "last to post" trophy!

1476. crisderaud2 October 2010, 4:53 GMT +02:00

The purple pill is Nexium for acid reflux. Entire bottle of double strength recommended as a condiment for the soup.

1477. xymonau2 October 2010, 8:45 GMT +02:00

Stop that munky! He's grabbed the cauldron - er - saucepan by mistake! He might hurt someone!

Everyone is an expert on my soup, but no-one has even tried it. It reminds me of the people who say the bible is rubbish, but they haven't read it. You're all heathens.

1478. crisderaud2 October 2010, 13:54 GMT +02:00

He's really an ape but he acts like a munky. He might have picked up some of his behavior from these alcoholic vervets.

Macromoth is not unique either. He has been spotted for years and known to reek havoc. http://goo.gl/9T9o
"The Mothman is a creature reportedly first seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia in the 60's. Animal Planet's series "Freak Encounters," profiles disasters where witnesses claim to have seen the Mothman."

1479. micromoth2 October 2010, 14:34 GMT +02:00

What??? I'm appalled! This creature is an IMPOSTER!!! Everyone knows I don't have red eyes.

1480. xymonau2 October 2010, 14:42 GMT +02:00

Well, only in the mornings because of your fluid intake every night, say no more.

1481. micromoth2 October 2010, 18:13 GMT +02:00

Nectar is great. Far better than what those ghastly sexton beetles eat.

1482. crisderaud2 October 2010, 20:25 GMT +02:00

Hmm, and I thought the African dung beetles were gross (although fascinating to see their life cycle on Animal Planet).

Animal Planet hasn't done one on moths. Neither has the BBC nor PBS. There must be a fascinating moth somewhere short of the fictional Mothra.

None have ever been credited for having won LOTP anywhere in the world.

1483. micromoth2 October 2010, 21:18 GMT +02:00

Looks like I'm going to be first on both counts then! :)

1484. xymonau3 October 2010, 1:43 GMT +02:00

Animal planet is doing your story? And you're fascinating? Drugs must be freely available in your neighbourhood, my good moth.

You clearly couldn't have meant that you would win this game. Everyone knows I am the champion.

I'm finding it very hard to resist the schoolyard riddle - What's brown and sounds like a bell? - since Cris used the magic word. Perhaps I'm senile.

1485. crisderaud3 October 2010, 4:23 GMT +02:00

A Hostess Ding Dong??

1486. xymonau3 October 2010, 7:36 GMT +02:00


1487. crisderaud3 October 2010, 14:53 GMT +02:00

That's a four letter word we haven't used. Maybe we did use it and I don't remember. It doesn't ring a bell. :>)

1488. xymonau3 October 2010, 14:57 GMT +02:00

Oh, my aching sides! A funny man. You losers are hilarious!

1489. micromoth3 October 2010, 19:21 GMT +02:00

@1484 Thanks for admitting that I'm fascinating! I'm also winning.

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