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RGBStock site maintenance.

1. snorlax26 March 2010, 21:19 GMT +01:00

Saturday evening 27 March from 19.00 GMT + 1 (that is middle European time) the site will be locked for database maintenance.

Users wont be able to upload, import or edit photos. The admin section of the site will be closed too. We hope to unlock the site at Sunday 28 march.

The Admin team

2. xymonau27 March 2010, 10:17 GMT +01:00


3. mzacha27 March 2010, 14:12 GMT +01:00

Pretty scary, huh!

4. lennie27 March 2010, 14:25 GMT +01:00

A bit yes. :-)

A lot of rewritten code will be enabled instead of the older more proven code.

5. greekgod27 March 2010, 17:32 GMT +01:00

err.... everything's backed up, right?

6. lennie27 March 2010, 18:05 GMT +01:00

Yes :-)


7. Zela27 March 2010, 19:58 GMT +01:00


8. crisderaud27 March 2010, 22:13 GMT +01:00

Hard to believe the site has only 71 GB in the data base. I have a thumb drive which could hold the data plus the shadow copy.

9. snorlax27 March 2010, 23:14 GMT +01:00

We are done with our changes.

All services have been resumed.

10. krayker28 March 2010, 10:29 GMT +02:00

great! 71 GB is a LOT! so SXC should be in the region of 10 TB ? what about paid stock image sites with say 5 million images (who most likely have larger images).

wow. that's an awful lot of data!

11. lennie28 March 2010, 10:41 GMT +02:00

By my calculations, SXC doesn't reach 1TB.

It might be a lot of data (at work I deal with more) but I wouldn't mind storing it, because that would mean this site got really populair. :-)

12. krayker28 March 2010, 10:49 GMT +02:00

ooops, my bad. I forgot how much a TB is :P

Taking care of digital images is quite a challenge these days, unless you have a good backup system, adequate redundancy. I lost quite a lot of images thanks to a new hard disk going kaput. The only time I was overconfident of not losing images and had not backup for a few months (because it was a reasonably new hard disk). I lost about 6 months of work and images/ videos.

1 TB hard disk is cheap these days and building a raid 1 isn't too difficult too.

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