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waiting for publication

1. krayker28 March 2010, 12:14 GMT +02:00

"waiting for publication"
new status message ? there used to be the pending/ rejected. whats the reason for the new waiting to be published status ?

2. mzacha28 March 2010, 12:18 GMT +02:00

I just wanted to ask that ;). You are really quick!

BTW. Now all my previously pending images are waiting for publications. They cannot be seen in New Photos area. So... they will be visible in some kind of time, isn't it?

It is like on SXC, when all accepted images are "released" simultaneously?

3. lennie28 March 2010, 13:50 GMT +02:00

Yes, we do updates in 'batches' now. All at ones. The time at the moment it is set to a minimum of 1 hour after approval. Usually you'll have to wait up to a maximum of one hour and 15 minutes. We'll have to see if that works for us or if we'll change it later on.

4. krayker28 March 2010, 15:21 GMT +02:00

thanks... was curious, not that it would make any difference if it were delayed!

5. lennie28 March 2010, 15:26 GMT +02:00

One of the reasons is it gives the admins time to correct any mistakes.

Others are all technical.

6. xymonau18 April 2010, 10:50 GMT +02:00

A shocking delay. There ought to be a law against it! LOL ;o)

7. lennie18 April 2010, 22:12 GMT +02:00

I've not been very productive, feeling a bit under the weather. Not sick, sick, but not productive either. :-/

Today was a bit better, finished the biggest parts of what I was working on. Actually expected to finish those before Jay had it ready, but failed to do so.

Hopefully I can start on the next part the next couple of days, no promises, just hopes.

8. xymonau19 April 2010, 1:20 GMT +02:00

Lennie, you and Jay do so much work, and the site is incredible. You're allowed to have a break. I know exactly what you mean about not being sick. You're probably mentally tired.

9. lennie19 April 2010, 9:32 GMT +02:00

I expected this to be the thread about the 'jump-to-page'-widget-thingie.

Anyway, I finished the hard part of a rewrite of a small part of the backend I had to do to accomplish, the search-in-a-users-gallery of which parts I need for other things as well.

Now that I look at the changes Jay made, I think he didn't make what I needed for 'jump-to-page'.

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