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What equipment do you use?

1. mzacha9 April 2010, 13:00 GMT +02:00

I have something pitiful... Olympus 740UZ (my old shots), Canon 1100IS and Canon 40D with EF-S 18-200mm IS (shared, so rarely used). I am planning to buy two cameras more... Somewhere in the future.

2. crisderaud9 April 2010, 15:44 GMT +02:00

I chose Canon in 2007 when I decided to invest in a dslr. I got the 30D which does most everything I want to do except I don't have live view so I have to peek through the viewfinder even when it's on a tripod.

I get the cleanest shots through three prime lens: 50mm, 85mm and 100mm macro. The 28-135mm that came with the camera is the best walk around lens I have, while in the home studio on the tripod I prefer the 28-105mm lens which is lighter and smaller than the 28-135mm but doesn't have image stabilization which needs to be off on a tripod anyhow. The 28-105mm is inexpensive and has less barrel distortion than the kit lens.

I have a Lumix FZ-50 but getting it to auto focus in even slightly low light conditions is difficult and it produces noisy shots even in well lit environments.

I have a Manfrotto ball head tripod and I use the remote shutter switch when taking shots from the tripod.

3. krayker9 April 2010, 21:20 GMT +02:00

its Canon Sx10, 1000D here. mostly SX10 though.
my earlier images are from canon A70/ a530/ 540, Panasonic FZ5 and canon S3.

4. andrebogaert10 April 2010, 10:56 GMT +02:00

Leica M9 and 4 prime lenses. I love the small size of this camera and lenses. When I first bought this kit I missed the zoom capability I had with SLR's but now I am used to using my legs in place of the zoom.

5. krayker10 April 2010, 15:17 GMT +02:00

Although, I wouldn't buy a Leica , I sure like their retro design!

6. ciscopa16 April 2010, 7:34 GMT +02:00

My first images here were made with an Ixus 400, some of them later with my son's Ixus 70, and since february, I'm taking them with my new Eos 450D (Rebel xsi) and a Tamron 18-200 lens without stabilization.

7. Ayla8716 April 2010, 8:56 GMT +02:00

We use a Canon Digital Ixus 500, which is a tiny P&S with a 5 MP-resolution. When we bought it some years ago the race for more and more MPs on the P&S market has not been as furious as nowadays. It was a very lucky choice with distortionfree and not too noisy picture quality. Much better quality than on a lot of newer models. Hopefully it will work for quite some time. It has no image stabilization, but the shutter delay timer helps with shots from our little tripod.


8. ciscopa16 April 2010, 9:00 GMT +02:00

My Ixus 400 (4 MP) died :( so I used my son's cam till I got the new one. But i liked my old one, too.

9. johnnyberg16 April 2010, 11:18 GMT +02:00

I use Olympus. I have had an E-520 for a couple of years now.

My main concern is not for the house, but for the lens's. I think that it's the lenses that makes the all the difference. Upgrading there is more than good.

Lately I have started buying old, manual lenses with M42, OM or Tamron Adaptall fittings. That really funny - and some of the old lenses really deliver a quality woth looking for. These old lenses are to be found on eBay; but take care: some of them are really expensive (and even more of them are overpriced).

10. jazza5 May 2010, 21:43 GMT +02:00

I use Olympus E-510. With the normal kit-lens. I am totally inexperienced with lenses. i would like to learn, but where do I find the time? ( and money)

11. johnnyberg7 May 2010, 17:02 GMT +02:00

@jazza: the time is for you to find; bt you can keep the costs down by trying old OM and M42 lenses. There are a number of very good lenses for next to no money for sale at eBay. Here is a number of inexpensive and good lenses:

Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2,8
Helios 44-2 (or -3 or -4), 58mm
Jupiter 11A, 135mm
Jupiter 37A, 135mm
Pentacon 135mm, f/3,5

Zuiko 50mm f/1.8
Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.8
Carl Zeiss 70-210mm f/4.5-5.6 (beercan)

You need a converterring too. But they can also be bought at eBay.

12. jazza27 May 2010, 21:03 GMT +02:00

@11: sounds interesting, John. I will look into it soon. Thanks.

13. certifiable27 October 2010, 20:25 GMT +02:00

I'm shooting with a Nikon D90, with various lenses:
Nikon 50mm prime(f1.8)
Nikon Fisheye 10.5mm(f2.8)
Sigma 24-135mm(F2.8)
Sigma 70-300mm APO

A Leica R3 MOT electronic with a Leica Elmarit 135mm(F2.8) lens(Buying a 50 of a 35mm lens this weekend(or both)) with expired color film of new black and white film.

And I also have a Canon AV-1, A chrome Olympus OM10, a Black Olympus OM10(all with 50mm prime lenses), but they are hardly used after the arrival of the Leica and a I also have Ricoh 35ZF on the way... bought it because it's so small, just so I can put it in my work bag.

14. micromoth4 November 2010, 5:41 GMT +01:00

I have a Canon 400D with the standard lens and a 85-200mm telephoto with image stabilisation. Because my principal interest is natural history photography I prefer to travel light, so I don't generally use a tripod. However, I've just bought one of these new Gorillapod thingies and am itching to try it out as soon as the weather improves!

15. hisks8 November 2010, 10:51 GMT +01:00

for vacation travels: - Mamiya 6
for portraits in studio:- Mamiya RB67 Pro SD
for outdoor portraits and lanscapes: - Mamiya M645
for events and landscapes: - Nikon F4
for architecture, portraits, landscapes: - Tachihara 4x5
for wet plates: - FKD 18x24 cm
for macro and all hurry works: - Nikon D80
always in my pocket: - Olympus XA

16. hisks8 November 2010, 10:52 GMT +01:00

And few lenses:

- Schneider-Kreuznach S-A 90 mm f/8
- Schneider-Kreuznach Claron 210 mm f/9
- Tessar 300 mm f/4,5
- Tessar 240 mm f/4,5
- Industar I-37 300 mm f/4.5
- Cyclop Nightvision lens 85 mm f/1,5
- Mamiya G 50 mm f/4 L
- Mamiya G 75 mm f/3.5 L
- Mamiya G 150 mm f/4.5 L
- Mamiya Sekor C 45 mm f/2,8
- Mamiya Sekor C 80 mm f/2,8
- Mamiya Sekor C 110 mm f/2,8
- Mamiya Sekor C 150 mm f/3,5
- Mamiya Sekor C 210 mm f/4
- Mamiya Sekor C 90 mm f/3.5 L
- Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 D AF
- Nikkor 60 mm f/2.8 D AF Micro
- Nikkor 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 IF-ED AF-S VR

17. fishmonk8 November 2010, 19:13 GMT +01:00

I have

18. decar6629 November 2010, 18:15 GMT +01:00

Currently shoting a Canon G10....... wishing for a new DSLR........... maybe Canon 550D

19. boogy_man26 July 2011, 13:32 GMT +02:00

Hisks lend me the 18-200mm lens xD
I got a Nikon D3000 with kit lens (18-55mm VR ones). Occasionally using a friend’s 10x hand made macro lens, images look surprisingly sharp but focus distance is limited somewhere between 3-7cm (on 55mm).Hoping to buy a 55-200mm soon, if not a +10 macro lens would do.

20. Stephen9 August 2011, 20:04 GMT +02:00

I have a Nikon F4 and a swag of lenses and a whole darkroom full of good gear, cold light heads, besseler etc if anyone is interested??? I also have a Nikon D200 and D300 if you want a good price?? All said and done, for all the limitations etc etc I'll happily settle for my Leica Dlux 4. Small.lightweight, doesn't break the bank. great controls, big screen, solid build. Ok so a few limitations like some noise at high ISO, long exp and etc but it's a pretty easy snapshot friend. Can't go past the little red dot.

21. gesinek29 October 2011, 13:56 GMT +02:00

I'm photographing with my little Lumix TZ5 and a Fuji Finepix. I want to buy a new DSLR but they are very expensive and I couldn't decide which to take.

My main criterion is that the camera has to take much pictures per second without loosing size of the photos (which happens with the Finepix ) for taking photos at sport events.
At the moment I fancy with a canon 50D cause canon can be used with Tamron lenses which are cheaper the that from canon.

I would be happy if someone has a hint for me.

22. gesinek30 October 2011, 16:17 GMT +01:00

I bid on ebay for this camera I mentiond above 2 hours to go....

23. gesinek30 October 2011, 18:48 GMT +01:00

I win the race..!!!
If the deal is good I 'm a proud owner of a canon 50 d Yeeaaeeeeahhh!

24. johnnyberg1 November 2011, 2:34 GMT +01:00

Congrats - it is always nice to move on :-) I hope you will enjoy the new camera :-)

25. micromoth1 November 2011, 7:03 GMT +01:00

Congrats Gesine! I look forward to seeing lots more great shots of yours.
I've recently just upgraded from an Eos 400D to a 600D and am very pleased with it.

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