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Black & White at RGB

1. andrebogaert12 April 2010, 16:15 GMT +02:00

I can't make up my mind if I should submit some Black & White photos I have taken recently to RGBStock..... Is there a need of B & W stock???
I have most of them on Flickr ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/andre-bogaert/ ) and I know the ones with people's faces in will not be usable, no MR's, but there are some that would be usable. So please give them a look and give me opinions on the suitability of B & W for stock.

2. Zela12 April 2010, 16:47 GMT +02:00

Personally I am a great fan of black and white photography and there certainly is use for it.
Some pay-stock artists have entire black an white portfolios and they make a living of them.

So do we want them? You bet!!! ;-)

3. crisderaud12 April 2010, 16:47 GMT +02:00

Many of your shots are galley quality. They are quite impressive.

I have compiled a list I think you might want to consider. They show the fine nature of your work and may be useful as stock. Remember that a lot of the images get used in elements of composites and montages so color may not always be a limiting factor.


4. andrebogaert12 April 2010, 20:09 GMT +02:00

Thanks for your replies. I have uploaded a few and they have been approved in the usual speedy way. I hope people find them useful. Don't you just love RGB....so friendly just not like.... well I don't need to say who do I............

5. Abyla12 April 2010, 20:11 GMT +02:00

Wow, the images are awesome ! I am sure they are very usable.

6. fishmonk12 April 2010, 20:38 GMT +02:00

Those are super new B&W shots in your gallery. I'm positive they will be useful.

7. saavem12 April 2010, 22:11 GMT +02:00

Great collection Adre, I added you to my flickr friends

8. andrebogaert12 April 2010, 23:42 GMT +02:00

Thanks to you all for the kind works and encouragement.

9. xymonau13 April 2010, 1:10 GMT +02:00

Andre, some of these belong in a gallery. They will be a fabulous addition to the site. I'd love to print some off and frame them. Beautiful work!

10. jonfletch13 April 2010, 1:38 GMT +02:00

Nice, Nice, Nice! They deserve a better word but it is late...

11. dragonariaes13 April 2010, 2:20 GMT +02:00

Really great work. I love black and white photography. You pictures are beautiful. : )

12. weirdvis13 April 2010, 9:04 GMT +02:00

Andre, if the rest of your B&Ws are like the ones you already have in your RGB gallery then what are you waiting for? Bring them on, Andre. Bring them on!


13. micromoth13 April 2010, 13:51 GMT +02:00

Stunning work Andre. I look forward to seeing more!

14. hapekla15 April 2010, 20:41 GMT +02:00

Hej, great work. It would be a pity if your photos didn't find the way in the gallery, even it might be possible, that many web-disigner search colour photos.
Go on!

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