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Amazing Iceland's Volcano pictures

1. decar6616 April 2010, 15:46 GMT +02:00

I am sorry for the thousands and thousands of people affected by the flights cancellations worldwide... but the pictures are amazing!


2. Abyla16 April 2010, 18:34 GMT +02:00

Thanks for the link. Nice photos.

3. Zela16 April 2010, 19:26 GMT +02:00

We had some nice red sunsets yesterday and today because if the dust cloud in the Netherlands. Very rare indeed.

4. decar6616 April 2010, 23:18 GMT +02:00

The volcanic cloud in real time...


5. krayker17 April 2010, 6:16 GMT +02:00

spectacular images!

6. weirdvis17 April 2010, 7:23 GMT +02:00

Thanks for those pics. I live in the UK and all we've had on the news is how the volcano is disrupting flights. It seems that one of nature's most spectacular shows, the cause of the mass grounding of aircraft, isn't interesting enough to report on. This is probably because our insane news media hasn't found a way to blame the eruption on global warming...


7. happyture17 April 2010, 8:47 GMT +02:00

Great pictures,,,, but its ruined my bloody washing...... :0)

8. xymonau17 April 2010, 11:04 GMT +02:00

Thanks, Salva! I say one on the news and, yes, nature is beautiful even in it's scariest moments. The world is being plagued by seismic activity in recent years. Far more than usual.

If I was a tourist, the last place you'd find me is looking at the pretty lava from right beside it, as in one of those photos. I think people are very unwise.

9. decar6617 April 2010, 15:11 GMT +02:00

Dez... call me unwise, maybe I am crazy, but I would love watching a volcano like this one in action, from a safe distance of course, the lava, the clouds, the scenery, the tremendous explosions.

I've been once in Iceland some 10 years ago and it's an extraordinary place, the road from the airport to Reijavik seemed like Mars, old dark lava, and the road on top of it, no trees no nothing. It's very unusual, different from the "normal" Earth sceneries. In my opinion... a must see.

10. ciscopa17 April 2010, 18:24 GMT +02:00

I say the same than Salva, I would love to be there from a safe distance watching it. I was in Iceland 19 years ago and it was an incredible two weeks travel around the island. Ice, fire, waterfalls, geysers, lava, volcanos, glaciers...

11. xymonau18 April 2010, 0:29 GMT +02:00

Oh, I would like to see it, but I think the things are so unpredictable that I wouldn't trust "safe"! LOL

12. crisderaud19 April 2010, 14:05 GMT +02:00

Check out this amazing shot of ash and lightning:

Explanation: Why did the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland create so much ash? Although the large ash plume was not unparalleled in its abundance, its location was particularly noticeable because it drifted across such well populated areas. The Eyjafjallajökull volcano in southern Iceland began erupting on March 20, with a second eruption starting under the center of small glacier on April 14. Neither eruption was unusually powerful. The second eruption, however, melted a large amount of glacial ice which then cooled and fragmented lava into gritty glass particles that were carried up with the rising volcanic plume. Pictured above two days ago, lightning bolts illuminate ash pouring out of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

13. greekgod20 April 2010, 13:38 GMT +02:00

nature is angry... yet, she remains beautiful in her anger... this is all ou fault...

14. lennie20 April 2010, 20:15 GMT +02:00

I think mother nature is just having a smoke, because if she really gets angry... you won't believe.

15. Stephen22 April 2010, 11:39 GMT +02:00

A few years ago I would have looked at the eruption with excitement. The omg aspect of it all. Now I think again. For sure we get to travel the world in real time. see things and bear witness like never before, I get that. Gaia says enough and we will listen, not much else to say. Homo sapien, homo evicted me thinks.

16. weirdvis23 April 2010, 8:28 GMT +02:00

This is the same Gaia that has been thumbing her nose at all the climate alarmists, yes?

Strange that when the Heimae volcano (Iceland) went up in 1973 aircraft didn't tumble out of the skies. Same with St Helens and Pinatubo (only localised groundings where ash was visibly falling out of the sky). I rather think this recent eruption brought on a knee-jerk response from ill-informed, rabbit in the headlights, precautionary principle politicians and government agencies who, rather than actually find out what was going on, decided to believe a computer model instead. Bit like the climate alarmists.

What next? Will they be telling us that plate tectonics and plumes, the major causes of volcanic eruptions, are caused by man made global warming? Oh wait...


17. Stephen24 April 2010, 12:22 GMT +02:00

You are probably right, those pesky execs at all those over reactive commo airlines working hand-in-hand with all their brainwash the world looney tunes screw the masses excuses for elected representatives just decided to lose a few million quid and ground all their booty producing planes. And you are probably right about global warming, I'm seeing a whole lot of 'them' fiddling with our thermometers.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. MLK Jr


18. weirdvis24 April 2010, 15:01 GMT +02:00

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

That sums of the LibLabCon artists with knobs on! LOL

Martin Luther King was a wise man.

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