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What do you look like

1. Gramps25 May 2010, 13:49 GMT +02:00

Well, I reached the grand age of 57 today so I thought I'd initiate something we did in the past on 'another' site. For one week only. if you can stand it, this is the real me. It's not an avatar honest, I wouldn't choose one that bad :0)

So come on, what do you really look like ?

2. Ayla8725 May 2010, 13:59 GMT +02:00

Nice idea, Phil, and Happy Birthday to you :-)

If you are brave enough to bear it, you may see here what I really look like:

3. jonfletch25 May 2010, 14:16 GMT +02:00

And here is what I look like, on my honeymoon in Australia. Gramps, this could be useful in case we walk by each other in Yeovil!

4. happyture25 May 2010, 15:15 GMT +02:00

Cor blimey, put the avatars back on quick.....

5. jonfletch25 May 2010, 16:39 GMT +02:00

Yeah, we'd all prefer to see someone performing on the toilet!

6. lusi25 May 2010, 17:02 GMT +02:00

Hmm, I really dont have many photos of myself because I am the one with the camera. Well , this one took my sister (I cut off the cigarette in my hand ... dont want to be a bad example to youngster)

7. Gramps25 May 2010, 17:13 GMT +02:00

Good ones ! I thought that was Happy's face ???

8. Gramps25 May 2010, 17:17 GMT +02:00

C'mon weirdvis, you know you want to our lass !

9. jazza25 May 2010, 21:44 GMT +02:00

Congrats Phil!
This is an old photo I found. It seems to be me.

10. ervinbacik25 May 2010, 23:52 GMT +02:00

Well, this was me a year ago. Didn't change much since then.

11. Gramps25 May 2010, 23:58 GMT +02:00

Great photo Jay! Who's the kindly old gent with you? :0)

C'mom guys, are you really all that shy? It's not as if you have to pose nude (Those shots in plain brown envolopes please, addressed to 10 Downing Street. They really need cheering up)

12. iikozen26 May 2010, 1:47 GMT +02:00

Ok. Here's one from 10 days ago! :)

13. crisderaud26 May 2010, 4:55 GMT +02:00

I been using this avatar for a while and a new one would look about the same. We're almost the same age Phil. I could be a Gramps too but around the house I am Uncle Cris.

14. Gramps26 May 2010, 7:49 GMT +02:00

Looks like apart from an elegant Sanja the rest of our ladies are a bit camera shy.

15. weirdvis26 May 2010, 7:54 GMT +02:00

@9 Seriously, I AM a blue wolf. I mean, how can you doubt an honest snarl like that...

Evil laff.

16. jonfletch26 May 2010, 10:55 GMT +02:00

Lynne, you've got lovely eyes ; )

17. Gramps26 May 2010, 12:34 GMT +02:00

And such a cute wet nose ...........
Oh! do I see just a tinge of yellow in that fur? Nope, must be the sun reflecting off it. :0)

18. happyture26 May 2010, 13:20 GMT +02:00

This iz me, 10 minutes ago, and not on the lavy!!! :0)

19. Gramps26 May 2010, 13:55 GMT +02:00

Nice to see you Michael, are those paintings behind you or photo's? We did see some of your photographs, can we see your paintings? Have you a website up with them on?

You could always make us all happy and put your photos up by the way. :0)

20. edenmeiman26 May 2010, 16:09 GMT +02:00

Mmm... guess I'm the youngest here...


Enjoy :)

21. greekgod26 May 2010, 18:03 GMT +02:00

i am the green fellow in my old avatar...
hey... the others should join in!

22. Zela26 May 2010, 20:17 GMT +02:00

Hiding behind the camera - a picture taken 4 years ago or was it 40.... can't remember ;-)

23. fishmonk26 May 2010, 21:54 GMT +02:00

hmm, there you go... 'though I'm replacing it with my pussy again by the end of the week.

24. jimdaly9828 May 2010, 18:22 GMT +02:00


Yep, that's me with the fish!

25. scottmliddell28 May 2010, 22:55 GMT +02:00

this is one of me I did for my daily photo on BlipFoto for a bit of fun:


me as Sith Lord :-)

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