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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


7466. Ayla8722 August 2012, 7:44 GMT +02:00

fish is always a welcome


for our cat. I think she would stay away from the luggage for it...

7467. xymonau22 August 2012, 8:59 GMT +02:00

as long as she doesn't


all over your luggage as well, then she may have fish.

7468. micromoth22 August 2012, 13:21 GMT +02:00

But you know how independent cats are. Will she


the advice?

7469. Ayla8722 August 2012, 15:22 GMT +02:00

she looks sooo innocent...
but you are right, cats have their own


or mind (not too much mind, though, I suppose)

7470. micromoth22 August 2012, 17:30 GMT +02:00

It's said that dogs have masters, but cats have staff... a



7471. xymonau22 August 2012, 23:23 GMT +02:00

she's beautiful! don't you


read too much into a cat's attitude. They love people just as much as dogs, but they have a different way of expressing it.

7472. Ayla8723 August 2012, 6:15 GMT +02:00

oh yes, and the know to twist so. around one's finger. No wonder we


so much about her in spite of quite silly manners

7473. xymonau23 August 2012, 10:31 GMT +02:00

I love cats. I can't have one now because I have birds. The last one was blind, so he wasn't a real threat to the birds - well, he would have been if he could have cornered one, as he was a killer. His best efforts were lizards, which he could hear in the grass, and he could pounce really accurately!

I used to have dogs, but they need


attention all the time, and I don't have that energy any more.

7474. Ayla8723 August 2012, 12:12 GMT +02:00

I have observed that most people are either more biased towards cats or towards dogs. dogs really need lots of attention at every wheather, it isn't sufficient to care for their


and their litter only. And I like about cats that they can't be trained to do things as we wish them to to...

7475. xymonau23 August 2012, 22:20 GMT +02:00

They can't be trined like dogs, but if you understand cat behaviour, you can get them to do a lot. It takes patience and tasty treats. My son has had two cats that fetch. You throw the toy and they chase after it and bring it back for more. I've never had a cat that does that in a


7476. Ayla8724 August 2012, 6:23 GMT +02:00

ours was quite good at playing ball games with us, but now she is too old and lazy and too


her greatest hobby is to sleep long hours, only interrupted by a good meal...

7477. xymonau25 August 2012, 9:42 GMT +02:00

well, that's enough of a claim to


when you're old

7478. Ayla8725 August 2012, 10:03 GMT +02:00



it, it comes down to what is important for you in your life.

7479. xymonau25 August 2012, 11:42 GMT +02:00



to sleep long hours and get up to eat when I'm old, too.

7480. Ayla8726 August 2012, 8:36 GMT +02:00

you can keep that in mind for a happy future which is still


years away. Our creative hobbies here keep us young, after all...

7481. xymonau26 August 2012, 10:56 GMT +02:00


but I wish it would work better for me! LOL

7482. Ayla8726 August 2012, 15:27 GMT +02:00

life is like a


and I think it is better not to know how long the game lasts and who wins. It's the little surprises which help to keep things interesting, after all...

7483. xymonau26 August 2012, 21:43 GMT +02:00

little surprises are fine. it's the hidden bear traps in the


that I object to!

7484. Ayla8727 August 2012, 6:11 GMT +02:00

I'm sure they are not meant for you. They are


for bears, aren't they?

7485. xymonau27 August 2012, 7:04 GMT +02:00



is as big as any bear, I promise!

7486. Ayla8727 August 2012, 8:21 GMT +02:00

actually I never had a


with a koala but I find them rather cute...

7487. xymonau27 August 2012, 10:53 GMT +02:00

ah, the innocence of those who don't know! if you ever try to pick up a wild koala, you'll be lucky to escape with your flesh intact. those claws can rip you to shreds. if you ever come here, I


you to cuddle a wild koala! (They do look lovable, though, and their fur is the softest. I paid to hold a koala and have my photo taken once, and it was the softest little thing.)

7488. Ayla8728 August 2012, 6:59 GMT +02:00

because koalas are too


over here I will die innocent. But I have enough respect even as far as cats claws are concerned, so you are right, it is wise not to be lured by those cute eyes...

7489. xymonau28 August 2012, 8:35 GMT +02:00

And yet, in the


where all the bushfires happened years ago, a koala came up to humans to get water and hung about, drinking from a bottle. It must have been desperate.

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