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Ansel Adams Garage sale photos

1. decar6628 July 2010, 11:14 GMT +02:00

Hey Cris, the guy is from Fresno!!!


2. decar6628 July 2010, 11:15 GMT +02:00

More shots of the negatives found in Fresno...


3. weirdvis28 July 2010, 12:03 GMT +02:00

What a find! Lucky guy. :0)

4. krayker28 July 2010, 13:40 GMT +02:00

never miss a garage sale, buy all the junk possible :P
you never know when yu'll strike it rich!

5. decar6629 July 2010, 13:07 GMT +02:00

Holy cow! More photos captured in Amercia in years 1930-1943, not Ansel Adams but woth a look for sure.


6. slonecker29 July 2010, 21:03 GMT +02:00

Problem here is that while this individual may "own" the negatives, that does give him the right to use them to print and sell photos made from the negatives.

If anybody has an inclination to try and make money from this situation, he and the heirs will have to sit down and strike some kind of a deal.

7. crisderaud3 August 2010, 17:18 GMT +02:00

I completely overlooked this post although the story has been all over the news recently. The grandson is the head of the Ansel Adams museums and he is hesitant to agree that the negatives are from Ansel although experts have spent the last ten years researching their authenticity.

The amount of money they are worth was blown out of proportion too.

Fresno claims to be the heart of all things about Ansel Adams as we are where the main highway into Yosemite Valley begins.

8. crisderaud3 August 2010, 17:26 GMT +02:00

On a side note for old images and video

Check out Critical Past http://www.criticalpast.com/
They have video going back as far as 1889!

View more than 57,000 historic videos and 7 million photos for free in one of the world's largest collections of royalty-free archival stock footage.

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