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Competition 2 - "Funny Business"

1. xymonau18 October 2010, 10:45 GMT +02:00

Okay, guys – here it is:

RGBStock announces it’s second competition. The winning entries will be chosen by our members, and this will lead up to and overlap our Christmas competition. You’re going to be busy!

This competition will have a winning photo and a winning graphic, so you could win both!
Opening date : Friday October 22 2010
Closing date : Friday November 26 2010

1. The theme – Funny Business. You may interpret this in any way you wish, but remember that we are a stock site, and proper business images are in high demand. Be creative, use your imagination, and if you really are stuck, contact me on the contact form on my profile and I can give you some ideas.

2. Minimum image size – the shortest side of your image should be no less than 1200 pixels. Maximum image size is our standard limit of 30mb.

3. Your entries are to be uploaded as normal images, but they must contain one of the following keywords:
for photographs – comphot02
for graphics - comgrap02

4. You may enter as many images as you wish. They can be all photos, all graphics, or a mix of both. Please note – all images must be new. You may not enter any images that are already posted here.

5. The Prize – display of the winning entries on our front page.

6. Voting – Every member of RGBstock (uploader or downloader) is allowed three votes. We want to ensure this is done fairly, so if you cast more votes, none of your votes will be counted. The first vote is worth one point, second, two points, third, three points. Wait until after the last day of the competition before you vote, as once they are cast, you can’t change them. You have one week after the closing date to make your decision.

To vote, type the keyword, “comphot02” or comgrap02” into the search box. The images that are found are the entries. Look through them all, make your decision, then type this into the comment box on the image:
Xymonau (naturally, use your tag) – 1 point Funny Business Competition (or 2 points, or three). Then when you have finished voting on the images themselves, come back to the topic which will be named, “Funny Business Comp – Vote Here”, and make a post with links to the images you have chosen, and the number of points next to each link. This gives us two ways to confirm the accuracy of our counting. Be careful do both for your vote to count.

On the closing date, several people will check the tally for accuracy. The winner will be announced soon after in the General Chat Forum. In the event of a tie, you are allowed to adopt a foetal position and sulk, but we will post both images.

One person could win both categories.

Get busy! We can't wait to see the entries start pouring in on Friday. Thank you for joining in. Your participation will make this exciting and a lot of fun!

26. fangol5 November 2010, 10:27 GMT +01:00

I'am sorry, but I did not understand exactly what's going on ;)
Maybe I can even prepare some other work. Thanks for the explanation :)

27. tinneketin5 November 2010, 10:45 GMT +01:00

Oh, thought it was just only "business" and didn't not know what to do with this
in a funny way ! :o)

28. fishmonk5 November 2010, 21:43 GMT +01:00

Think of it this way:

Upload good 'funny' stock images.
Upload good 'business' stock images.
You can't lose, even if you don't win!

Good luck!

29. crisderaud9 November 2010, 17:01 GMT +01:00

I would love to enter this picture I made, but it's not stock :)


30. lusi9 November 2010, 17:19 GMT +01:00

It made me laugh aloud... Funny it is, no doubt!

31. crisderaud15 November 2010, 5:00 GMT +01:00

The rest of my family via cameroid.com


32. lusi15 November 2010, 15:20 GMT +01:00

dont know why, but they remaind me of the Addams family...

33. xymonau19 November 2010, 13:04 GMT +01:00

3-4 more days left for this competition, folks. Why not rack your brains for something to enter? Google the competition title and you might find some inspiration. :)

34. xymonau22 November 2010, 11:08 GMT +01:00

The 22nd is almost over here. But we'll wait for the Americans and Fijians to catch up, then we can start voting. You'll have a week. I'll start the voting post tomorrow. Nor many entries, so there is a better chance of winning!

35. micromoth22 November 2010, 23:38 GMT +01:00

Um...I thought the closing date for entries was 26th November? Shouldn't voting wait till then?

36. xymonau23 November 2010, 3:39 GMT +01:00

OOPS! You're right. I changed the original date and was looking at the old blurb on my computer. Sorry, people. I have an excuse. I'm really busy right now. My second excuse is that I'm silly, but you all knew that! :)

37. fishmonk23 November 2010, 19:13 GMT +01:00

ok I got my camera back today.

Not tested it yet....

I'm so very busy but might just b able to get something in!

38. xymonau24 November 2010, 9:40 GMT +01:00

Oh, that's great!

39. fishmonk25 November 2010, 19:48 GMT +01:00

Thanks -

It would have been, except it has come back with the same fault it went in with, on October 5th i.e. it doesn't work & shows "Err" on the screen. What are they playing at?????

The company - just so everyone in UK is aware:


(who send it direct to):


It has taken both these companies around 6 weeks to do absolutely nothing.

40. xymonau26 November 2010, 22:24 GMT +01:00

Dan, that's disgusting. I'm so sorry this has happened. I ope you give them a blast and get some action.

41. xymonau26 November 2010, 22:33 GMT +01:00

double post, sorry

42. fishmonk27 November 2010, 14:13 GMT +01:00

Yes - really fed up. Have contacted JESSOPS in cross mode.

43. xymonau4 December 2010, 7:29 GMT +01:00

Last day to vote. When I get up tomorrow, it's all over. Please check whether you have voted, in case you only think you have. There are a lot of prominent names missing.

44. xymonau5 December 2010, 12:12 GMT +01:00

This competition is now closed. The winners are announced elsewhere in General chat.

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