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woohoo Im on the front page and the shock has sent me funny,,,,er!

1. happyture18 February 2011, 9:34 GMT +01:00

Thanks, could of warned me though, as the shock has made me go all Funny-er than normal... :o)

650. xymonau18 June 2011, 9:45 GMT +02:00

Like a feline likes a rat, I guess. So macromouth has shown his little weevilly face, has he? Keep your ears covered, Mikey. He's looking for somewhere to hide the prize he is claiming falsely to have won.

651. happyture18 June 2011, 9:50 GMT +02:00

You like me that much,,,Wow, what a lucky person i am, Kevin s a nice person, he said just how much he likes you,,,well in not so many words, henyway its give hail storms here in the UK and its meant to be flaming June one of the hottest months..

652. xymonau18 June 2011, 10:48 GMT +02:00

Really? I've just mentioned in my other post that it's going to be 1C here tomorrow. Frosts. That's really uncommon this far north. We are not set up for the cold. I have a tiny oil heater and a fan heater, and they're on full blast much of the time. I'm lucky, though - there are no draughts in this unit. I may expire from no oxygen, but I'll die warm. Although not tonight.

653. happyture18 June 2011, 17:05 GMT +02:00

Its never really hot here, rain and grey is the norm, and parts of wales are real rain magnets due to the mountains, Always leave a window open a little, i do, winter summer, my window is always open,,bit like my mouth really??

654. xymonau18 June 2011, 17:35 GMT +02:00

You have to have oxygen. I once stayed with someone who kept their house tightly closed all the time. You could hardly breath. They had a gas heater that sucked the little bit of oxygen out of the air. They lived in the middle of a major city and were afraid to leave their front door open. But they were living on asthma medication, when what they needed was fresh air. I have always kept doors and windows open through the day in winter, but I do keep draughts out through the night. People absolutely have to have as much fresh air as they can get.

655. happyture18 June 2011, 22:08 GMT +02:00

Yeah, its a habit ive got,,breathing, i like fresh air, i like crisp winter days when the air is fresh, a ilke summer days when the air is full of the smell of freshly mowed grass, mountain air, air of the welsh valleys, me breaths it all in up me snitcher!

656. xymonau19 June 2011, 3:08 GMT +02:00

Oh, I love the smell of mown grass!

You funny little foreigners. Antipodeans breathe through their noses. Although I can't really speak for the New Zealanders.

Can't you get arrested for airing your snitcher over there?

657. happyture19 June 2011, 11:18 GMT +02:00

Downt like them there NOOZEELANDERS, have you seen what they do to little lambs! oh no,,dunner like um...

658. xymonau19 June 2011, 11:25 GMT +02:00

Have you seen how beautiful their country is? It was almost another Australian state. Given that most of them are over here, it's a good thing we like them. Have you seen what Australians do to little lambs? We tear the flesh from around their genitals without anaesthetic, too. Brutal mongrel farmers.


659. happyture19 June 2011, 15:45 GMT +02:00

Yeah t'iz a lovely country bit like Wales but bigger, green, and loads of (ship, Kiwi For Sheep so im told) Its a peaceful Sunday afternoon, the church bells are ringing the birds are singing and most if not all the Sheepsy,s still have their dangley bit, we dont say genitals on a Sunday,,Nuts, but not genitals,,wouldn't be right would it!

660. xymonau20 June 2011, 10:39 GMT +02:00


661. happyture20 June 2011, 18:07 GMT +02:00

Thats Why, Y is a crooked letter, Jeebus would not say genitals on a sunday would he, NO, anyway, its munday now init so it dont matter!!

662. xymonau21 June 2011, 4:45 GMT +02:00

Well, I don't think Sunday is important, so there! An' genitals is the correct, tasteful word. We all gottem. Which is a flippin' shame, cause they should be only given out to those who appreciate 'em.

663. happyture21 June 2011, 8:19 GMT +02:00

I wouldn't go as far as saying Tasteful Dezzie, An yez it is the correct word if you iz a vet or a doctor, Lets look at it this way, Now, Lets say Barack Obama was doing a speach and all a sudden he got a itch,,,,Would he say, Excuse me ladies and gentlemen but i have a tick on my Genitals and i just gotta scratch it???? No coarse he would't he'd say, after dropping his pen and disappearing under the desk, Well folks if needs be, you have to scratch your privates,, privates is a tasteful word.....

664. xymonau21 June 2011, 8:23 GMT +02:00

They are organs of generation. However, we are travelling down a very strange path here, Mikey. Discussing the American President scratching his nether regions is possibly as far as we ought to go. Next it will be her Majesty, and off wif your head! Perhaps we should turn at the next intersection.

665. happyture21 June 2011, 8:32 GMT +02:00

Ahh yes our betty, bet you didn't know that she takes medication before a speech to tame her wind down, No,No, not a lot of people know that!! Instead of a bang its more of a tire puncture hiss, not that ive ever stood that close while this is happening as she gives her friends the nod just before....

666. xymonau21 June 2011, 8:40 GMT +02:00

And the weather here is just lovely today. I'm home sick with the first head cold I've had since I gave up dairy - probably about two years ago, but I can't remember. I'm pretty sick. but I haven't had any asthma, and I don't think I will. I used to get a chest infection with every sniffle, on the cortisone puffers constantly, antibiotics, everything. Thank goodness it's just the one thing. But it has been unpleasant, and I have to go to work tomorrow, even if I'm worse. They're doing renovations, and I need to be there in case they want to ask questions. Otherwise, who knows what might greet me when I walk in?

The surgeon wouldn't take out all my stitches yesterday - again - so I'm back there next week. And another snip at me in July. I'm starting to get a feeling of dread of the stinging rotten needles. Still haven't decided about the toenails. I think I'm too sooky. At least my mouth has stopped hurting all the time and my gum is beginning to heal properly.

How is your ear?

667. happyture21 June 2011, 9:03 GMT +02:00

Nothing like changing the subject ,,,,,,But, My ear is still causing me discomfort, i am still partly deaf in it, but i am following doc's instructions with sadly up to now no effect, I have been told i may need a grommet fitted..

668. xymonau21 June 2011, 9:38 GMT +02:00

How much dairy - cheese and milk - do you eat? Try doing without it until your ear clears up. A lot of grommets are only needed because we're full of mucous from dairy products. It's worth a try to avoid surgery.

669. happyture21 June 2011, 10:02 GMT +02:00

I dont like dairy products, maybe butter, but thats about it, dont like cheese, cream, yoghurt, or anything like that, dont like milk very much either. I would live on paella if i could, seafood diet does me tidy :O)

670. happyture21 June 2011, 10:10 GMT +02:00

O00oooh that Lorikeet is such a pretty boy, i do love my birds, use to keep them once Upon a time..

671. xymonau21 June 2011, 10:21 GMT +02:00

What kind did you have? I have two little cockatiels - poor miserable caged things. They are so smart, too. They hate each other, though. Two males, in separate cages.

Thank you for your nice comments, Mike.

Yes, I love the lorikeets. they're like little flying jewels. Hundreds fly over here at night. They become pests, nesting in trees near supermarkets - hundreds of them together - but it's because they have nowhere to eat or live any more. Poor things. I love to watch them argue at sunset, and crowd out a tree. Fascinating. There are a lot of parrots in this area. Galahs, sulphur crested cockatoos, some really loud ones, whose identity I haven't found, and lots of others.

672. happyture21 June 2011, 11:29 GMT +02:00

Kept a few sorts, Kakariki's from your next door neighbours New Zealand, cockatiels, Rosella, canaries, racing pigeons, African greys, timneh african grey, yellow crowned parrot, wonderful little friends they were too, all gone know, the canaries where the last to go about 5 years ago, i miss their happy little song, maybe one day i may get a pair back again. I always tried to keep in pairs as they are happier that way i think, if you are caring for them right housing, feeding etc they will breed, to me this proves they where happy!!

673. xymonau21 June 2011, 12:03 GMT +02:00

African greys are one of the most intelligent birds. I'd be scared of them biting. The tiny cockatiels can take a piece out of you. So was there a reason you got rid of them, Mike?

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