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woohoo Im on the front page and the shock has sent me funny,,,,er!

1. happyture18 February 2011, 9:34 GMT +01:00

Thanks, could of warned me though, as the shock has made me go all Funny-er than normal... :o)

962. happyture17 August 2011, 12:28 GMT +02:00

My grandsons father is a Accountant and he has something wrong with him ??

963. xymonau17 August 2011, 12:32 GMT +02:00

Absolutely. Take the child and flee with him before it's too late! He may follow suit!

964. happyture17 August 2011, 12:40 GMT +02:00

He also is a website designer, a degree in computing, Do you know what i think,,,,,,,,No, right i,ll tell you, I believe they is a weird bunch cuz they got too much brain pushed in-between their ears,,,thats what causes it :O)

965. xymonau17 August 2011, 12:46 GMT +02:00

No. Thay is just boring. An' so is geeks. An' I'm sorry, but yours is, too. If you wanna make hexcuses, well, he's your fambly...


966. happyture17 August 2011, 13:16 GMT +02:00

I,m not sayin there inner, but its knot his fult iz it, its in his genes to be a nerd..

967. xymonau17 August 2011, 13:25 GMT +02:00

An' natcherly, he's gunna be rich, 'cause he has sumfin' wrong in the best way. Now me - I yam jus about perfeck. An' look at me - poor as a church mouse, me. There hain't no justice.

968. happyture17 August 2011, 13:31 GMT +02:00

Ha, Well i still has some of me milyons left from sxc Whooops, champion,,champion,,sorry Dezzie,

969. xymonau17 August 2011, 13:33 GMT +02:00

You is beginnin' to look like that slimey what's 'is name from there. I might go to bed soon. Under me cold doona an' threadbare trackies. Sniff...

970. happyture17 August 2011, 13:39 GMT +02:00

Mr Slimes, from slimesville Canada? Well wrap up warm and leave your socks on, i feel so sorry for you dezzie, im a gonna start a raffle or sumfink off for you, juss two get yoo a nice nightie or scarf or both see how kind i ham :O)

971. happyture17 August 2011, 13:39 GMT +02:00

Why im so kind i suprise meselfs...

972. xymonau17 August 2011, 13:44 GMT +02:00

You c'n die from too many surprises, you know. If I hevva gets the nightie or scarf - an pertikilly bofe - I might die on the spot. Woman my age.

Yeah, slimesville. That's the place. Poor Canadadians...

973. happyture17 August 2011, 14:10 GMT +02:00

Well you canna do that dyin thing can ya, as it aint a sirprize iz it, b'cuz i told ya aint eye,

Oh you know Slimesville do yoo, its right next to Wankeridge :O)

974. xymonau17 August 2011, 14:21 GMT +02:00

Mr Slimes must be torn between where to live.

975. happyture17 August 2011, 14:28 GMT +02:00

Well i thinks he slides between the two meselfs like a slug

976. xymonau17 August 2011, 14:33 GMT +02:00

Oh, much slipperier than a slug. Slugs is nice in comparison.

977. happyture17 August 2011, 18:22 GMT +02:00

Yeah, i didn't mean two hupset any slugs reading this, slugs are nice, well snails are with a little champaign :O)

978. xymonau18 August 2011, 3:55 GMT +02:00

URRGH! Lips that touch creeping things will never touch mine! (Admit it, you're relieved, aincha?)

979. happyture18 August 2011, 7:53 GMT +02:00

Dezzie, calm yourself women, eye honly tried um once and it took me a hour an a half to get the bugger out his shell, i nearly starved to death, i complained and they swapped my meal for something else that didn't move when i tried to stick da fork init, think it was frogs legs in a basket...

980. xymonau18 August 2011, 10:41 GMT +02:00

It's the oddest thing, Mikey. I've gone right off you. Can't really tell why.

981. happyture18 August 2011, 21:43 GMT +02:00

Here, try these pickled lambs eyes mmmm, a borderland delicacy, healthy eating for you...@@ Baaaa! Baaaa!

982. xymonau20 August 2011, 11:21 GMT +02:00

Do you eat 'em?

983. happyture20 August 2011, 14:16 GMT +02:00

Yeah, chew um untill they pop ,,,mmmm!

984. xymonau20 August 2011, 14:21 GMT +02:00

You are digustipatin'.

985. happyture20 August 2011, 16:48 GMT +02:00

And i saved one four yoo two, well thats the last tyme eye do that :O(

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