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Dowloading Images for use in magazines/newsletters

1. prhpco23 February 2011, 21:06 GMT +01:00


Are all the images on this website downloadable and not requiring credit? I dont really understand the terms of use, but i work for a newsletter (which is for sale) and im looking for images to use within each article. It is not possible for me to credit the photographers due to the sheer volume of images we use, is this ok?

Please do let me know if i can use these images without crediting the photographer?


2. xymonau24 February 2011, 10:21 GMT +01:00

It is okay not to credit. However, when you can, or when you can leave a link or comment, it is greatly appreciated, as that is the only reward for the image owners.

3. Groningen24 February 2011, 20:58 GMT +01:00

maybe prhpco can leave a link to that newsletter in this topic?

4. jay9er1 August 2013, 10:43 GMT +02:00

Hi there I also have a book that needs pictures for illustration. Can I really just use these pictures for free?.......or is there something I need to know

5. xymonau1 August 2013, 12:14 GMT +02:00

You can use these pictures for free if they are illustrating text. If the book is made mostly of pictures - for example, photos with poems or sayings on them - then you must ask the owners of the pictures. This is because the only reason for buying the book would be the pictures. And if you want to use one of these images on the cover, you must also ask, as the cover is one of the reasons people buy a book.

If you are just putting in an occasional photo, or the photo is for decoration or illustration, but not the reason a person would buy the book, then it is fine.

If you tell us the type of book and how the pictures will be used, then we can give you a clear answer.

Please let the owners of the pictures know how you are using them. This is the only reward they receive.

6. jay9er2 August 2013, 19:19 GMT +02:00

Thanks a lot for the response.
The book is a devotional. with inspiring write ups on each page.
The photos are going to be used to illustrate what is written and will be
altered and embellished (some more than others) to fit the theme of the book.
I have already begun to tell the owners of the pictures about this.
Also I just thought I'd add that I'll be using some of my personal photos as well.
I hope this is explanatory enough.

7. xymonau3 August 2013, 2:31 GMT +02:00

That is a bit of a fine line. I have seen many devotional books and the illustrations are definitely the selling point. I don't object to you using my images in this way, and I think if they are illustrating the texts then it is okay. When you have images on every page or if the texts are printed on the image, then I would suggest it is safer to ask first, particularly if you are selling the book. And if you are selling it, it is best to credit the photographers / artists.

Good luck with your project.

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