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1. xymonau18 March 2011, 15:16 GMT +01:00

On Saturday, March 19, the moon will will be just 356,577 kilometers from the Earth, its closest in 18 years. Astronomers say an event like this has happened 15 times in the last 400 years.

Get those cameras clicking!

2. crisderaud26 March 2011, 16:14 GMT +01:00

We missed it completely. Solid overcast skies. This is the coldest, wettest Spring season I can remember. Well, 1969 was pretty bad too. We didn't have global warming back then though. No computers, calculators, digital watches either and only 4 TV channels with lousy color and no remote.

3. lennie27 March 2011, 0:49 GMT +01:00

I'm young enough to have never seen a TV without a remote. I don't think I would use one without it. ;-) It just is a difference of night and day.

I guess it very much depends on the quality of the content and the channels you can choose from.

4. xymonau27 March 2011, 3:59 GMT +02:00

I never saw an operating television until I was about 6. As a child, I remember my parents taking my sisters and me to look through a shop window at a TV which had cartoons or something running on it, but they were projected, I think. There was no television station or signal for almost a thousand miles. Then we moved, and could get TV from Brisbane. It ran from 11am to about 10pm at night, and we were glued to it. Three channels only until the 70s, then a fourth was added. We had no colour TV in this country until the 1970s. I didn't have a colour TV until 1990 (and with it my first remote!). I currently have no aerial, and I refuse to have one installed at my own cost on these rented premises, but there is enough entertainment on the internet. I do miss out on news, and it was a problem during the flooding, but generally, it's so much better not having it blaring away mindlessly.

As for global warming, while I believe we are damaging the planet to the point of no return, I'll believe in global warming when the temperature goes up everywhere. So far, it hasn't.

5. Groningen29 March 2011, 12:24 GMT +02:00

black&white TV with only two channels
no TV until I was 5 years old
no color until I was 12
and I was 21 years old when I got cable

and as of last year
I don't owe a TV any more
I have better things to do than watching the 30th re-run of Little House on the Prairy

6. lennie30 March 2011, 14:31 GMT +02:00

Reminds me of a story I recently read where a man gave his watch to his elderly mother after she lost her watch and said "this watch does not need winding" (it uses batteries). She thought it was brilliant and told him she had never known that such a thing existed. So the man told his dauther about it, how his elderly mother newer knew about that. All the daughter said was: "winding ? What is that ?"

Well I think it's funny :-)

7. Gramps30 March 2011, 16:33 GMT +02:00

Ah. Spangles, blackjacks,marbles and conkers. My first computer - zx 80; My first PC - IBM ITT Extra with 5.25 floppy disk, 3 color screen,520K mem and a 10 Mb (yep 10) hard card.

As a kid, No computers, games machines, ipods,mobiles or colour TV's. Only carts (Orange box with 4 wheels and a bit of string to steer with), catapults and footballs.

So I've lived through Radio - BW TV - colour - 3d digital tv. Loved every minute of it and wouldn't deny any child the new technology. I loved my childhood but wouldn't force it on the new generation.

Ay, It were grand :0)

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