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Random photos

1. Stephen11 August 2011, 18:13 GMT +02:00

I may be wrong but I suspect not. How 'random' are random photos that appear in the random section? Whenever I look though contributor's images (mine included), I see a range of qualities. When I look through random images there is a discernible difference in 'quality', or is it just my imagination?

2. Abyla11 August 2011, 20:08 GMT +02:00

I'm not an admin but....I think that photos appear in the random section in accordance with a certain minimun number of downloads. The number of images with that amount of downloads is every day bigger so from time to time admins increase that minimun number of downloads.

3. Stephen11 August 2011, 20:40 GMT +02:00

Thanks for that thought Javier. I tried to find some info on this but failed. What makes you think you are right?

4. Abyla11 August 2011, 22:08 GMT +02:00

I read something about that in the forum time ago but I can't find it now. I'm sorry.

5. Abyla11 August 2011, 22:14 GMT +02:00

I found it.

6. Stephen12 August 2011, 3:19 GMT +02:00

Thanks Javier, got it. Random is a great way to introduce people to the site, I couldn't figure it.

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