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Concealable Weapons

1. xymonau13 May 2012, 12:35 GMT +02:00

The language in this makes me cringe, but it is genuinely funny.


98. xymonau29 August 2012, 12:53 GMT +02:00

I've said it before an' I'll say it again - you're too good to that woman, Mikey. You has a heart of gold. Who ever heard of someone gettin' a whole tube of toothpaste to eat. You indulges her, that's what you do.

Speaking of X factor - well, you know I don't have a telly, but I have been looking at a few Oz ones online, and I really have to say there is one that I saw tonight who was just so good. Here's the link:


I think she's dying a bit in the later ones, though, which is a shame, because she has an amazing and unique voice.

99. happyture29 August 2012, 15:13 GMT +02:00

Struth She's not half bad for a Aussie Sheila :O), you'll have to stop watching tv through shop windows Dezzie, buy yourself a nice Smart tv and do your tinternet work on it too :O)

100. xymonau30 August 2012, 9:51 GMT +02:00

It all seems like too much trouble, Mikey. I see enough. Right now my nerves can't take telly and I'm happy to listen to a few things online.

When I was little, we lived in Townsville. TV hadn't made it that far north, and we did, indeed, watch telly in shop windows. The local electrical place ran cartoons through a TV and we'd go there, with other families, and stand outside and watch. We didn't get real telly until we moved to Toowoomba, which was 90 miles from Brisbane, the capital. Then we could watch from 11am to 10pm at night. And we flippin' did, too! LOL

101. happyture8 September 2012, 12:56 GMT +02:00

TV's Good for you,,,,It says so on the TV :O)

102. xymonau8 September 2012, 13:25 GMT +02:00

Pomgolian TV might be special. Ours has mind-melting properties. Mind you, that's sometimes a pleasant experience.

The main reason I don't have a TV is because in this rented unit, there is no television aerial, and I refuse to install one for the lousy landlord. There are also no curtain rods, so I have pinned up sheets. I don't care. If I left and the landlord didn't like the curtain rods I installed, I would have to take them down and fill in the little holes. Seriously, if it wasn't for the secure and privat location, I wouldn't stay. And the fact that it was new when I moved in, so no spiders! LOL

I was just thinking about that the other day. I really do hate spiders, and when you live in old places here or out in the country areas, there are heaps of them.

However, we do have a resident snake.

103. happyture8 September 2012, 18:17 GMT +02:00

Spiders,,,The Aussie ones are a bit naughty too aint they, they bite n things dont they, seen it on the TV, bugger the TV then Dezzie invest in a nice big tin of spider spray and zap the things :O)

104. xymonau8 September 2012, 23:03 GMT +02:00

Trouble is, lots of 'em jump. Usually they are trying to get away, but they make mistakes. I might pass out if one got on me. I have a dread fear of them. I'm better now and can kill them. Where I lived in the last town, the house had high exposed beams in the ceiling. The spiders there were as big as cats (okay, I exaggerate) and the spray wouldn't reach them. It was hideous! Plus the beams were dark brown, and guess what colour most of the spiders were? *shudder*

Most of the big ones won't kill you as their poison is mild. The Sydney funnel web spiders are deadly, and the darn things hide in your shoes.

105. happyture9 September 2012, 0:14 GMT +02:00

I am not scared of our weedy UK spiders as they can not hurt you, i can pick them up and put them outside, but its a different kettle of fish with your spiders, i spose you learn to live with them :O)

106. xymonau9 September 2012, 6:43 GMT +02:00

I hate them all, even yours. It's just a phobia, and I always feel sorry for them when I kill them, but my nerves won't take it! LOL

I think I've told you this before - my mother was bitten by brown snakes twice, and she had a very well ingrained phobia about snakes. She could be walking on perfectly groomed grass, and if she thought something touched her foot, she'd freak out.

Is there nothing you fear, Mikey?

107. happyture9 September 2012, 8:32 GMT +02:00

Angry women and flat beer that's about all I'm scared of Dezzie, Both of which have upset me in the past , nothing else cuz I'M a man :O(

108. xymonau9 September 2012, 10:57 GMT +02:00

Wow! You sure is! Although it's a tad wimpy to fear flat beer. Not that I'm castin' aspersions or anyfing. Cause if i woz an' you reacted, Heye might get hangry, an' I hate to see a growed man cower.

109. happyture9 September 2012, 18:18 GMT +02:00

I tell you now, I drunked a pint of flat beer once and had the squirts for a fortnight you could have boiled a kettle on my Arse, dont tell me its wimpy to fear flat beer Mrs , i had to sit on ice, it was scary :O(

110. xymonau9 September 2012, 23:24 GMT +02:00

I think you definitely missed your calling. Poetry, that was!

111. happyture9 September 2012, 23:42 GMT +02:00

I takes a bow, thanks Dezzie, I does try really hard to hexplane myself correctly :O)

112. xymonau10 September 2012, 10:15 GMT +02:00

And yet - honely about bodily functions. I sometimes wunders about your focus, my little friend.

113. happyture10 September 2012, 13:29 GMT +02:00

Its Auto Focus same as yours init Dezzie??

114. xymonau10 September 2012, 15:57 GMT +02:00

Is there any other kind?

115. happyture10 September 2012, 16:37 GMT +02:00

Might be before your time young lady but it was called,,,,,Manual Focus :O) ?

116. xymonau11 September 2012, 0:50 GMT +02:00

That Mexican bloke who runs the restaurant? I know him!

117. happyture11 September 2012, 13:06 GMT +02:00

Ha ha,,Yeah him :O)

118. xymonau11 September 2012, 14:36 GMT +02:00

He has a camera?

119. happyture11 September 2012, 16:21 GMT +02:00

Yes a BIG one, think it a Canon, its so big he can knock nails in with it :O)

120. xymonau12 September 2012, 4:13 GMT +02:00

Well, that's what I do with mine, so I'm not impressed.

121. happyture12 September 2012, 13:09 GMT +02:00

Oh,,,,I thought that would have really impressed you, but there again you are a women Which of course are notoriously hard to please :O(

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