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Zela (Marja Flick-Buijs)

RGBStock administrator and photography addict.

If you like to use one of my files and need a larger version for your project please mail me and I will send it if available. Don't be shy!
I also love to see how my image is used in your design.
A credit or link to my gallery is much appreciated.

Most of my files are exclusives!

name: Marja Flick-Buijs
gender: female
city: Aalsmeer
country: Netherlands
website: go to website
camera: Nikon D80 - Nikon D7000
RGBstock since: November 2009
gallery go to the galleryrss feed
Photos on line: 1283
Downloads: 71176

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Wall background

Wall background

2431px * 1766px


Blue shiny warp

Blue shiny warp

5000px * 3750px


Pen on calendar

Pen on calendar

1048px * 1397px


Fruit mix

Fruit mix

2000px * 1339px


Blue wedding rings

Blue wedding rings

1032px * 772px


World care

World care

1046px * 673px


Rainbow abstract

Rainbow abstract

4541px * 2966px



comment from sprinklered to Zela on May 24, 2015


photo by Zela

comment written by sprinklered

comment from madidem to Zela on May 21, 2015

How neat ! Thanks :)

photo by Zela

comment written by madidem

comment from AIFC to Zela on May 08, 2015

Thanks Zela I will use this in a Meme for healthy hearts.

photo by Zela

comment written by AIFC

comment from xymonau to Zela on May 06, 2015


photo by Zela

comment written by xymonau

New photo from Zela on May 05, 2015

Plum blossom

photo by Zela

comment from Norfolk-Lady to Zela on Apr 30, 2015

Thank You Beautiful Photo

photo by Zela

comment written by Norfolk-Lady

comment from goniec01 to Zela on Apr 27, 2015

Thank you very much! it will be used in free newspaper 79/2015 to ilustrate an article, an probably on the website too for the same article in the future. Thanks again!

photo by Zela

comment written by goniec01



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