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andrebogaert (Andre Bogaert)

I am finding it hard to add work here as my current style of photography is not in keeping with this site. That is too many people in the photos and no MR' stock photography is almost out of the question....
I have removed all the old photos as they don't represent my style of work any more.
I have left a couple of photos on the site as it would be too "final" to remove all my work.
Please look at my website,, for my latest work......

name: Andre Bogaert
gender: male
city: London
country: United Kingdom
camera: Leica M9 + 4 lenses, 21, 35,50 & 90mm
RGBstock since: November 2009
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Photos on line: 2
Downloads: 432

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Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow

3000px * 2000px


One Above The Others

One Above The Others

4000px * 1600px




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