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mzacha (Michal Zacharzewski)

My name is Michal Zacharzewski and I reside in Warsaw, Poland. I take photos since 2004 and I contribute to all leading free stock photo sites on the internet. And I am happy seeing my work in so many websites, books, brochures, pamphlets and other media.

If you are using my pic, just give me a comment or send an e-mail. I would be extremely happy, being able to see your work. You do not have to credit me, but if you do - write just "Michal Zacharzewski / RGBstock". Thanks.

name: Michal Zacharzewski
gender: male
city: Warszawa
country: Poland
website: go to website
camera: 740UZ, C1100, C60D
RGBstock since: January 2010
gallery go to the galleryrss feed
Photos on line: 5033
Downloads: 75975

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Stone texture

Stone texture

1024px * 768px


White flower

White flower

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comment from Lisa_van_Gaalen to mzacha on Nov 20, 2014

Thank you! We will most likely use this image for our fourth book in the DrawYourMap-travel-do-books serie: London

photo by mzacha

comment written by Lisa_van_Gaalen

comment from VasilikiV to mzacha on Nov 20, 2014

nice, thank you

photo by mzacha

comment written by VasilikiV

comment from Zsofa to mzacha on Nov 05, 2014


photo by mzacha

comment written by Zsofa

comment from banecouch to mzacha on Oct 29, 2014

Awesome pic - thanks much!

photo by mzacha

comment written by banecouch

comment from SunSeaPromos to mzacha on Oct 29, 2014

Nice composition for graphic design use. Lots of sky allows for headlines and texts!

photo by mzacha

comment written by SunSeaPromos

comment from lunarmagpie to mzacha on Oct 27, 2014

Really pretty! :)

photo by mzacha

comment written by lunarmagpie

comment from edgey1966 to mzacha on Oct 24, 2014

nice photo

photo by mzacha

comment written by edgey1966


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