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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

2450. crisderaud16 March 2011, 14:52 GMT +01:00

Perhaps you take possession of the second place prize because I am first to be last.

2451. gesinek16 March 2011, 18:20 GMT +01:00

Second is the first place to loose. And be the way, I don't think Prizey has a little brother..

2452. Groningen16 March 2011, 22:35 GMT +01:00

watch that killer tomatoe!!

while you are all looking away
I'm off with the prize

2453. xymonau17 March 2011, 1:59 GMT +01:00

No piece of fruit can scare me. Well, possibly a giant watermelon, but only if it chased me through unlit streets at night. *shudder*

2454. micromoth17 March 2011, 13:51 GMT +01:00

Durian fruit is so abominably awful that it is banned from flights and many hotels. The smell is like a cross between onion, citrus fruit and raw sewage. There is no middle ground - you either love it or hate it; I'm definitely in the latter category. I've tried it three times and decided that's enough for a lifetime!

Oh, and by the way, the prize is with me, safely in a No Durian zone.

2455. gesinek17 March 2011, 16:37 GMT +01:00

@2452: Thank you for the link. It's a killer tomato from Netherlands. I think you know them. ;) I sent it to rgbstock cause prize is afraid of it. But now it is with me.

@2453: Thank you for your comment.

@2454: I never smelled or taste Durian fruit. But I heard that it should be a delicacy for real gourmets like restaurant testers from guide michelin. But in german it's called Stinkfrucht. May be pong fruit is the right translation.

2456. Groningen17 March 2011, 21:33 GMT +01:00

@2455 aha eine Wasserbombe!

that explains everything

I love those little "tros" tomatoes, they are much tastier

2457. xymonau17 March 2011, 23:37 GMT +01:00

My understanding was that durians stink, but they taste nice. I've never tried it. Perhaps it's like coriander, which to me tastes like rotting food. It disgusts me, and even the smell makes me nauseated.

2458. micromoth18 March 2011, 13:58 GMT +01:00

I once went past a little Malaysian village, and on a bendy road on the outskirts I honestly thought I was going past the local sewage farm. But it was just three small roadside durian stalls.

2459. xymonau18 March 2011, 14:51 GMT +01:00

So do they taste like they smell?

2460. micromoth18 March 2011, 15:54 GMT +01:00

No, they taste like a cross between apricot, citrus and onion, and they look soft, sickly creamy-white and slightly oozing. I find the smell of the strong Malay ones unendurable. True, there are some mild Thai ones, but even so there are other fruit far ahead in my priorities list!

2461. xymonau18 March 2011, 16:16 GMT +01:00

Although they don't smell bad, rembutans are pretty ordinary, in my opinion. Nothing like the wonderful lychee.

2462. Groningen18 March 2011, 16:52 GMT +01:00

vegetables have no brains

I'm taken care of Prizey
he feels neglected

2463. micromoth18 March 2011, 17:10 GMT +01:00

@2461 You've evidently not had a fresh rambutan from Genting Sempah then! They are wonderful - very like lychees in flavour, but easier to peel. And while we're at it, what about mangosteen? They might look like beetroot on the outside, but the white flesh on the inside is fantastic - and also rather like lychee.

@2462 Prizey is highly offended at being likened to a vegetable. He wishes you to know that he has left you forever and is happily living with me.

2464. crisderaud18 March 2011, 18:06 GMT +01:00

Coriander helps cut down the smell of the durian fruits. Helps make them much more palatable. :)

2465. micromoth18 March 2011, 18:18 GMT +01:00

Oh yuk, yuk, yuk! That has to be just about the worst combination of "foods" in the world. Even allowing for mashed giant belostomatid bugs and fluffy catfish (both of which I saw on the menus of restaurants in Thailand). No, I like my food edible, thank you!

And so does the Prize. That's why he has recoiled in shock at your suggestion and is firmly committed to staying with me.


2466. gesinek18 March 2011, 20:17 GMT +01:00

Thank you that you payed attention to Prize. I was so tired from working so I can't play with it. But now it belongs to me again.

2467. micromoth18 March 2011, 20:20 GMT +01:00

Sorry, you were saying...?

2468. gesinek18 March 2011, 20:40 GMT +01:00

Thank you, thank you, thaaank you!

2469. micromoth18 March 2011, 22:38 GMT +01:00

You're welcome. But I'm the winner!

2470. gesinek18 March 2011, 23:07 GMT +01:00

Not yet, good night

2471. Groningen18 March 2011, 23:48 GMT +01:00

2463 I did NOT likened Prize to a vegetable

I was referring to the 2 spammers whatshername and youknowwhoimeanbyyou

so you got it all wring
and Prize is staying with me


2472. micromoth19 March 2011, 7:45 GMT +01:00

@2471 No, I've wringed the Prize back.

@2470 Good morning!

2473. xymonau19 March 2011, 10:19 GMT +01:00

And good evening to one and all. Here, in the balmy - that was an "l" - Antipodes, life goes on, time flies, and the winner takes it all. What. ABBA was incredibly popular here.

Some folk don't know a fruit from a vegetable or their whatever from their elbow. It's a good thing I'm here to inform, delight and win. And, macromouth, the prize tells me you wringed his neck and left him for dead. He has reported you to the authorities.

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