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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

2426. gesinek14 March 2011, 16:59 GMT +01:00

@2425: Then everything is all right.
@2423: The mammals are not longer belligerent. I simple showed them my shopping bag with my little yellow squeaky duck inside. And the loved it.

While that prize comes out of his jail and then we walked away.

2427. micromoth14 March 2011, 21:09 GMT +01:00

I have captured the squeaky yellow duck. And the prize has followed! Much better than a covey of partridges or even a murmuration of starlings.

2428. Groningen14 March 2011, 22:23 GMT +01:00

@2427 not to mention a parade of peacocks

my duckwhistle worked fine
Prize has followed it home

2429. crisderaud15 March 2011, 0:01 GMT +01:00

A descent of woodpeckers will rain on that parade and scatter those murmuring starlings. The only thing capable of stopping them would be a flock of kookaburra which is not likely to happen any time soon.

2430. xymonau15 March 2011, 0:21 GMT +01:00

A dag end of no-hopers appears to have flitted through this topic, murmuring balderdash, and causing a declension of sane persons to leave with the prize. Namely, me.

2431. crisderaud15 March 2011, 4:52 GMT +01:00

You refer to yourself in the plural. The prize understands the murmuring but is confused by your duality. I think the prize prefers to come with me and help get the flock out. :)

2432. xymonau15 March 2011, 5:25 GMT +01:00

You've not heard of the royal We?

2433. krayker15 March 2011, 5:50 GMT +01:00

Weee! I win!

2434. xymonau15 March 2011, 6:07 GMT +01:00

Peasant. We look down upon thee.

2435. gesinek15 March 2011, 10:53 GMT +01:00

Majesty, in your position you need someone to look after the prize. I'll do the job!

2436. xymonau15 March 2011, 12:19 GMT +01:00

But how do We know We can trust thee?

2437. crisderaud15 March 2011, 13:49 GMT +01:00

I have heard the term royal wee.

2438. micromoth15 March 2011, 13:59 GMT +01:00

Yes, it's in the royal chamber pot!

The prize is far too daunted to stay among such supersillyus circles and has retreated to me. Anarchy is much to be preferred - provided it's properly regulated, of course.

2439. crisderaud15 March 2011, 18:42 GMT +01:00

Funny how just a little bit of potty talk is enough to win the prize!

2440. micromoth15 March 2011, 20:03 GMT +01:00

That's because it has such pot-ential.

Come to me prizey!

2441. krayker15 March 2011, 20:13 GMT +01:00

Winning is just so 'pleasant'
@2434, you forgot the letter L :)

2442. micromoth15 March 2011, 21:27 GMT +01:00

No, no, the letter "L" wasn't forgotten. It clearly says "We look down on thee" and not "We ook down on thee". Only apes go "ook" - ask Terry Pratchett.


2443. xymonau15 March 2011, 22:45 GMT +01:00

Actually, it's librarians, but it's so hard to tell the difference.

You're absolutely correct, Kray. But "peaslant" didn't make a lot of sense to me.

We are taking the prize, swishing our skirts, and we're outa here.

2444. gesinek15 March 2011, 23:23 GMT +01:00

Come back and give the prize to me. It freezes outside.

2445. crisderaud16 March 2011, 0:07 GMT +01:00

You (plural) can take the royal wee with you.

The prize stays, not hiding behind skirts.

2446. xymonau16 March 2011, 0:18 GMT +01:00

Thems fightin' words.

Gesine, on the other hand, is a well-mannered young woman. It's just a shame she is a loser. We winners pity you losers.

2447. gesinek16 March 2011, 9:18 GMT +01:00

Thanks for your pity, it warm me. But I try to be strong and to live with the circumstance that I'm the winner.

2448. xymonau16 March 2011, 9:29 GMT +01:00

Such a brave, foolish soul. I will let her believe for now...

2449. micromoth16 March 2011, 13:19 GMT +01:00

Fine words, my feisty friend. But the prize belongs to me.

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