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Another Time Waster, but addictive

1. xymonau19 November 2010, 12:52 GMT +01:00


2. crisderaud19 November 2010, 14:29 GMT +01:00

This is a good one. It takes me more than 8 seconds to find the dot I'm looking for, but I will send it on to my relatives who can see.

3. Zela19 November 2010, 16:20 GMT +01:00

Oooops, I was miles and miles off ;-)

4. Abyla20 November 2010, 23:30 GMT +01:00

Really addictive !

5. lusi2 December 2010, 19:27 GMT +01:00

yes, the past half hour I was trying (in vain) to reach 29.000 points. :(

6. Groningen21 January 2011, 22:10 GMT +01:00

(after about thirty trials) I scored 29141 points :-)

7. xymonau22 January 2011, 10:47 GMT +01:00

I am resisting temptation, but I forgot my score. I may have to try again.

8. Groningen22 January 2011, 19:57 GMT +01:00

29488 points

this game is very addictive

is there a version flying from Europe to the US?

9. krayker22 January 2011, 20:09 GMT +01:00

nice one!

10. xymonau23 January 2011, 1:30 GMT +01:00

I can only get to 20,000 or thereabouts. And it's mostly guesswork! LOL

11. Groningen24 January 2011, 0:22 GMT +01:00

since I live in Europe I have an (unfair) advantage over you

what is really odd about that map is
that Belgium is no longer one country but is split up in Vlaanderen en Wallonië

at the moment the Belgians are having trouble forming a new government but they are still united; LOL

12. Groningen25 January 2011, 17:37 GMT +01:00

I keep making mistakes in Germany (Frankfurt-Hanover or Berlin-Dresden)

13. xymonau26 January 2011, 6:30 GMT +01:00

When I went to school we had to learn all the capital cities of the world, including Europe. In those days I detested geography, so I'm not sure if we ever were shown just where all those cities were!

14. gesinek26 January 2011, 12:27 GMT +01:00

@11 and Sealand, the big danish island where Koebenhavn is located, isn't there. I landed the plane in the Baltic sea where the danish Capitol City should be - LH is transferring to the mainland.

But really a nice timewaster

15. Groningen27 February 2011, 18:04 GMT +01:00

29545 points

16. krayker14 March 2011, 3:24 GMT +01:00


one more time waster!

17. xymonau14 March 2011, 3:31 GMT +01:00

That's really different! It's a bit small for me to see properly, but I'm always fascinated by how people come up with these things! Thanks, Kray!

18. Groningen14 March 2011, 22:27 GMT +01:00

which key do you press when you want to play again?

"press20%to playagain" is not a clear message LOL

and you can only catch one a

it's original though

19. krayker15 March 2011, 5:51 GMT +01:00

yeah, i was impressed by the ingenuity more than the game itself. not that its addictive or something, but another time waster nevertheless!

20. krayker15 March 2011, 9:51 GMT +01:00


one more to the list :)

how about consolidating this thread as a time waster thread ? :)

21. xymonau15 March 2011, 12:23 GMT +01:00

A bit too hard for this old duck's nerves.

We could consolidate it, yes.

22. krayker15 March 2011, 14:59 GMT +01:00

its fun with a bit of practice, i played the first one a few times, and got a hang of it - after that it was smooth sailing. but i liked it though.

the best one by far is the lufthansa one, cos it helps improve our geography we forgot from school days!

23. krayker16 March 2011, 6:26 GMT +01:00


24. xymonau16 March 2011, 8:30 GMT +01:00

Oh, that's horrid! I can't stop watching it! LOL

25. Groningen17 March 2011, 21:40 GMT +01:00

@23: hypnotic

certainly a timewaster


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